Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal 2 Co-op Maps
Collection by: The Secret Imbecile
Some Co-op Maps for Portal 2.
Team 1396 Pt. IV
Collection by: Jake_From_StateFarm
Imagine HairyHagrid trying to play this collection, cause ya know, he cant even speak a sentence without screaming like a girl or shitting on James.
Grandpa Testing
Collection by: WaterLemon
In Stupid Laboratiories they use Grandpas as test subjects and you are one of them. Complete all the test chambers and die because you are too old. I will make more maps if people play and rate them (P-body and Atlas are not grandpas. They come to ...
Camera Portal 2
Collection by: Кексик
Camera Portal 2 - Very interesting and attractive. Play =)
Collection by: Ruo
Collection by: ryuza
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Collection by: Foxtrot_CZ
Kolekce Foxtrot 1
Aperture Sewers
Collection by: JJD
Escape Aperture Sewers
Nightmare Labs Test Chambers
Collection by: Digitalsleep
Welcome to Nightmare Laboratory, a test chamber contractor for Aperture Science.
My chambers and playgrounds.
Collection by: 101errorsmore
I make VERY strange co-op and singleplayer maps. This is a Sort-Of-good map collection made by me. al the maps are made by me too. not very good but might like it.
Minecraft Portal :D
Collection by: EdibleGazelleLabs
Aperture Testing 2.0
Collection by: Code Lyoko Fan Yumi
GLaDos has been upgraded, now she can produce tests at a rapid pace....
Collection by: bassgrid
Collection by: Poke-Artist
A mixed range of difficulties In order of created (Not Difficulty) Please provide feedback on all Chambers played, as It will help me improve for future creations. NOTE: I will update this Description at a later date.
Collection by: Zer0n888 [B@T]
Hard chambers
Collection by: Cave Johnson
Have fun and post your feedback! If you find those chambers too hard to solve I can always upload gameplay video.
darkwings1123's Test series A
Collection by: darkwings1123
Some free-form designed puzzle rooms. Starts with a basics refresher, then the second has some more complicated rooms. Nothing too complicated. the third starts and ends with a Rube Goldberg machine like room. (Tested for completability, and to ensure...
Soure Engine Glitch Series
Collection by: Sye
Break the system. Fight the machine. Rawr! A series of singleplayer Portal 2 maps built around glitches and quirks in Valve's Source Engine. Climb on walls! Defy gravity! All this and more inside! Every map has a solution video with my audio comm...
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
Collection by: darkwings1123
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
CJ's Maps
Collection by: The_CJ
Only a little collektion of my maps
Collection by: HRNSHN
4 Parcour Maps.
Portal 2
Collection by: kirst412
Portal 2 Custom maps
Collection by: woodguy95
Chambers Of Self-Awareness
Collection by: K40S
This collection consists of my most challenging testing chambers.
Source Engine Glitches
Collection by: Not Mr Flibble
Apparent bugs, causing unintended behaviour with interesting consequences.
Aven's Tests Chamber Spectacular Season 1!
Collection by: Aven.
It's a gicantic sum of a bunch of unrelated test chambers.The Mirror's edge picture is temporary.
The Remembered Chambers (Co-Op)
Collection by: ka_boom_bomb
Portal 2 Co-operative chambers... back from the dead!!! (or maybe I just forgot to publish them)
Purtal 2
Collection by: CorruptComputer
Aperture Tag
Collection by: TheCMaxGuy
Aperture Tag Stuff
Minisculosity City
Collection by: Gun Tech.
"By completing this course of tiny puzzles you earn the coveted Dwarvish Hobo Contortionist Diploma. It is a very small diploma. You should not be very proud of yourself in the likely event that you should complete all the maps." (c) Cave Johnson
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