Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Камеры для двоих
Collection by: kuzЯ
Мой первый опыт в создании камер для двух игроков.
Alex & Sam's Test's
Collection by: samuellott
Tests that me & Alex made.
Portal 2 Maps: Singleplayer
Collection by: EnjoyablePerson
These are downloaded Portal 2 maps.
GLaDOS' Abandoned Testing Track
Collection by: SpyroCoolLP
The Original Chambers from Portal 1, made with help from the mod 'BEEMod'
Mega's leichte Testkammern
Collection by: Megablackhand
Eine Kollektion die einige Testkammern für Anfänger enthält! Der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt dabei immer ein bisschen! Von leichten Rätseln, über Läserpuzzels bishin zum einsatz der Gele ist alles vorhanden! ---------------------------------------...
Exceptionnal quality
Collection by: Ha3
Puzzles that do not constitute a series of 1+1=2 little chambers. Puzzles elements must be reused over and over within the same chamber, and make sense.
Thought Chambers
Collection by: MrKirby
The first four maps in this collection are very long and difficult puzzles. If you would like to be challenged and learn new tricks in the game then try these out! After the fourth chamber, the difficulty rises and the rooms get much smaller!
Collection by: Aidanasha
Peter Testing-Co op
Collection by: Petercov
All PTesting Co-op chambers
Portal 2: Escape
Collection by: Player2wo
5 years ago you were caught stealing technology from Aperture Laboratories to present as your companies own, Black Mesa. It's time that you escape...
Collection by: mrbojie
Portal 2
Collection by: AysuDrakon
What I want to play.
a changed view with portals
Collection by: matthew
in this collection i am trying to do things slightly different and sometimes faster paced playing.
My Subscribed Levels
Collection by: Ütsi
These are all the Co-Op maps I have subscribed to so far.
King Cubey Maps
Collection by: - iAmAhri -
mi coleccion
Collection by: bigcuyote2
Ghetto Labs
Collection by: shitassm
Nothing much to it. This is just a collection of little maps.
I Looked Down
Collection by: Vormison
Da bist Du
Collection by: micky_schwarz
Ich wünsche allen Testern viel Spass in meinen Singleplayer Kammern
Cool Tests
Collection by: [SG] Riperzz
My Test Chamber Collection that I made with peti Maps Singleplayer Only - Cool Simple Test (v2) - Cool Simple Test 2 (v2) - Cool Simple Test 3 (v1) - Four Rooms (v1) - Locked In (v1) - Two Cubes (v1) - Water Chamber (v1)
ASARF/AlphaCo Series
Collection by: ToxicGamingUK
This is the AlphaCo Enrichment Series :D
Collection by: |D-Mann| #Cut4Miku
DAPAQ is a portal 2 chamber serie made for you who want random stuff, a challange, and go crazy. As you play through the maps you may uncover the mystery of DAPAQ... or is the mystery just a legend? No one knows.... But maybe you will find out? Try it ...
Last Test's
Collection by: ΘπeΞχz
Hörnchen nest
Collection by: Das Obihörnchen
Versuch lebend anzukommen
Aperure plumbing - Multiplayer -
Collection by: P-Body
*BZZZT* I just got the fright o-of my l-life. S-someone was with my human test subjects! Yes, I f-found them. But I n-need you to do a different job. Don't mess this up! *BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT* "MWAHAHAHAHA!" *Tshhsss*
The Mall
Collection by: omerchen923
Welcome to the mall. Your the only one that stay alive and you want to get out of here. Good luck!!!
Continue Testing
Collection by: Ditters von Dittersdorf
Some extra tests for your enjoyment.
Fuer Einsteiger
Collection by: automoeller
Dies ist kein "Intelligenztest" sondern zu therapeutischen Zwecken. Oder als Einstieg ohne Ballast.
Test Chambers (Temp)
Collection by: blueyosh64
Collection by: BloatedMonkey
A series of tests, starting easy and becoming progressively harder.
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