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Prove yourself
Collection by Rush
Try to beat these tests, and I'll try to get you some cake...
IDC Industries test maps
Collection by chocogamba tropical
Here is my first job: 5 simple maps where I test the mechanics of the mapmaker. I hope you enjoy them. I'm working on something more complex and fun.
Branching Chambers.
Collection by BetterBettors Popo
A series of Branching Chambers with many solutions. Great replayability.
[HARD] Trigger's Chamber Collection
Collection by SuckOn
Not for the faint of heart. When I say hard I mean hard, These will keep you guessing, drive you insain and just plain piss you off. Some of these require hard tasks for advanced test subjects. These are all possible I have tested them myself. More...
Collection by Fevideos
I am here to present my first collection of test chambers, Marc, every week, a new test! Hope you enjoy and join me, next week a ... more
Collection by Qbyte 1800
A series of test chambers with the intetion of varying dificulty release on a regular schedual - at least one new chamber per week - with a specific basic structure to all the chambers: large "boxhead" rooms.
Bjoern9414´s Portal 2 levels (Hard and big)
Collection by CyberBjørn
This is the hardest and bigest tests i ever will make, will add 1 level every week!
christmas collection
Collection by Trogdor the Burninator
all my christmas maps
13 Big Ones
Collection by RedneckTexan
A collection of my first thirteen chambers. I tended to rub up against the entity limit in each of them.
My Puzzles
Collection by ChuckleNuts?
All the levels I have made so far. Dont forget to rate and tell your freinds, it would be most appreciated.
Rise of Ragnarok
Collection by Doctor Ragnarok
Series of 3 maps following the attempted rescue of Doctor Ragnarok; an Aperture Science employee who went missing during the first neurotoxin incident caused by the activation of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.
Damn Dark Test
Collection by Master_Grid
The official package of the Damn Dark Tests, part 1 and 2 now, but more to come!
The Chosen One's Quest.
Collection by Lacerda
My collection of episodes from "The Chosen One's Quest", Hope u like it :D
The Tower
Collection by oliver.lenaghan
Based on a heist sneaking in through the sewers to get to a vault and out again... I know corny eh? :) Still was very fun to make my first few maps! Hope you enjoy
Collection by Longor1996
Welcome to the L19-Test Chambers! From Hard to Easy and ten times back, everything inside!
Random Chambers
Collection by adigladi
A collection of my first maps. They do not need to be solved in a certain order, they are just named 01, 02...
The Cube Removal Series
Collection by Clanless.False
Multiple tests with variations on the same goal: get the cubes out of the way of whatever opens the door. Only two levels so far, but more on the way.
Collection by shark
You're not alone in these chambers. Collaborate with your lovely friend to complete the collection.
basic, easy, and fun chambers
Collection by Moneyman56
just a couple basic, easy, and fun test chambers
Laser Works Testing
Collection by PancakeSexual
All of the tests used on all of the test subjects at Laser Works, a sub-corporation of Aperture Labratories.
Fast reaction
Collection by FrozenStriker
Be fast, don't stop
Dreamcore's Revenge
Collection by Tyrone Schwarzneger
20 Years after you escaped from the Aperture Laboratories, you started to dream of the facility. Every Night a new test chamber. To wake up, you have to Complete the room to escape the dream. Is it Wheatly's Revenge, just a dream or is it even more? __...
wheatley thorugh all of portal 2
Collection by Spodermen
gman tests
Collection by xXT.A.W. IsraelXx
Zigatron's Maps
Collection by Zigatron
Several interesting and challanging maps with cubes, lasers, bridges, and more.
Russian Aperture Laboratories Tests
Collection by MultySerey
Извращённый разум
Collection by makcc666
Random Collection
Collection by InsanityImpact
This is the one and only collection of my Portal Maps. Unfortunatly, they have no story, but am i caretcaret ? :D I think i will add some more stuff the next days / weeks.
"Next" Series, By FruitJews
Collection by Chrysto
This series happens in a parallel universe, where you are one the countless test subjects that are headed right into complete annihilation. But i suppose you are a bit better than the rest, aren't you? Created by FruitJews (The Room is only as tough a...
Tr4nquil (Singleplayer)
Collection by ExciteWalk
The puzzles are themed to be more like galleries/demonstrations rather than tests that require precise timing and accurate jumps. They are mostly clean and almost minimalistic looking with thoughtful light placements. It's pretty much about being relaxe...
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