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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Laser Works Testing
Collection by: PancakeSexual
All of the tests used on all of the test subjects at Laser Works, a sub-corporation of Aperture Labratories.
Collection by: Dikray
¡Laberintos 2D y 3D con peligros y pruebas!
Chel's High Flying Adventures
Collection by: Shinobi juan kenubi
This is a collection specifically made for fast paced portal shooting. THIS COLLECTION IS NOT FOR SCRUBS. I created these maps because I was sick of the slow paced puzzle solving levels that only involved lasers and cubes. You are being watched. The...
Circuits for You to Build
Collection by: Cykelero
A collection of maps that show off cool circuits that you can use to make your own maps more complex and interesting. Mostly: lasers everywhere!
New Testing Initiative
Collection by: Ichinii-san
I'm trying to make something that's a little challenging as far as a new way of thinking, but easy if your comfortable with portals. May require a few technicalities, and a way to two to make things easier, but nothing terribly difficult. For those that a...
Rise of Ragnarok
Collection by: Doctor Ragnarok
Series of 3 maps following the attempted rescue of Doctor Ragnarok; an Aperture Science employee who went missing during the first neurotoxin incident caused by the activation of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.
Portal Again Collection
Collection by: SlingShot
My maps. Nice and ceative maps. really great maps, you got to play. you will not rigret. ENJOY!!!
For Science!
Collection by: Hobbes2424
Just a collection of maps I've made/working on.
Tests Volume 1
Collection by: Bob the Weeping Angel
Don't expect anything hard. All were made by me.
YDono Facilities - TEst Chambers
Collection by: franck_lautard
Une petite collection que j'espère pouvoir faire grandir si j'ai le temps
MLPG's Maps for Tards
Collection by: Mortron
Poni should poni science.
First Trial
Collection by: Matthew
Not much to describe.
Turtle's Trials
Collection by: Jonny | Heroic Turtle™
Random branding image disregard at your peri- er safety. You should totally try these out, I heard they're the best ever.
Collection by: Andy
Test with deception.
Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery
Collection by: Crichton
Ayoto Corporation is proud to present, Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery. Deep in the confines of the Secret Division of Advanced Engineering lab, Ayoto Scientist have been working on what they call the evolution of Japanse televisio...
[Portal 2] Salles de test de Ptilait.
Collection by: Ptilait
Collection by: Stickburner
The One Cube
Collection by: The Cig Smokin' Sniper
You must use the only one Wighted Storage Cube that is in the tests in this collection. Its difficult to pass these tests! (possible ragequit) THE TESTS --------------- One Cube = Published One Cube 2 = Published One Cube 3 = Published One Cub...
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