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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The best work
Collection by: jokmaster
Stay into for life
Collection by: jokmaster
Chambers which still waiting THE test subject !
Double Duty
Collection by: jokmaster
Do it 1 time... do it 2 times ! Without gun then with gun. It's my concept :)
Awesome Weegee Co-ops
Collection by: Awesome Weegee
A collection of Test Chambers (created by me) that had the best reception.
Collection by: xenoid1
My items
DCS Series
Collection by: Discussor
DCS (short for Discussor, my nickname) is just a collection of levels of all kinds and styles. Difficulty: -Easy; -Medium; -Advanced; -Hardcore.
tiny volume 1
Collection by: costellonicole
the tiny chambers in a collection! these chambers are the smallest space you can fit in a level!!! I AM NOT A DOFUS I KNOW YOU CAN MAKE SMALLER BUT THIS THE SMALLEST YOU CAN MAKE WITH OUT CUTING OFF THE OBSERVATION ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Collection by: pastamaniac
Tests ranging from diffuculties 0-5
Portal 2 workshop
Collection by: vFrosty
Coop Maps High rated
Collection by: HugλЯk™ der Schreckliche
Some High rated Coop Maps
Collection by: jamie-mcbrien
TURRET LABYRINTH VOLUME 1 A collection of labyrinths that I made for fun Great fun to try and think of new ways to KILL TURRETS! Ninja Mode: Don't get hit once Super Ninja Mode: Don't kill a single turret
Drsniper10000's Portal 2 Map Collection
Collection by: Drsniper1000
Lautaro Maps (Coop and single player)
Collection by: Lautaro
Here is a selection of my best designed maps waiting to be played:
Aperture Basement (Parts 1 - 8)
Collection by: 5donuts
NOTE: Not made by me, I just noticed there was no collection for these.
Before Chell
Collection by: WoofBoi
You can play as a person who was "tested" before Chell. Your name is Kate, but you can't remember any other info. This is the first time you have ever tested. As you progress you start to worry, you are afraid of the computer, you also fear new tests as s...
Breaking Hard
Collection by: p0kens
STORY: When Wheatley got be the chief of Aperture, he found a tv serie when he was looking for test subjects in ebay using internet, the serie was ''Breaking bad''. Wheatley was obsessed with Walter White because Caroline always made jokes about his inte...
Collection by: daenerakeiran
Stuff for portal
Collection by: Mushroomluver456
Collection by: Mushroomluver456
coop maps
Collection by: inffi
Collection by: sonic101
fun map
Portal Test Chambers
Collection by: [DRAGON] AlexBel
My Collection of Portal maps to Portal 2. Please vote and subscribe :) . . . "Stand back. The portal will open in three, two, one" - GLaDOS Portal is the original game of the Portal series. It is a single-player puzzle-based video game devel...
Bis-K Portal 2
Collection by: Triforce
Col·lecció Portal 2 per al clan Bis-K
glados tests
Collection by: slm2.mes
Glados Aperture.
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
Portal 2 maps by the Douche!!
Collection by: DavidDouchecovny
Portal 2 maps I made long ago!! Now I can't solve some... Can you?
Collection by: StormCraftGS
My Creations Of Fun And Death (MCOFAD)
Collection by: ((TPG)) Rory_The_Fish
I like cake and shoes (I eat shoes and put cake on my feet)
Payday In Portal Collection
Collection by: TheRealDannyyy
Description: Hello and welcome to my map collection. These maps were made with "PETI", "BEEMOD2" and a bit of Valve's "Hammer Editor". If you like challenging maps and use your fantasy to build an imaginary story inside your mind, you are just right h...
Portal2 Level - Pack01
Collection by: jonnypp2000
Noch mehr Level und Testkammern zu Portal2 folgen bald...
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