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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Freedom finder
Collection by: [GmT][DFS]trollbreeder
In this series: you explore: you find freedom Chapers: 5 levels: chapter 1: 1, chapter 2: 5, chapter 3: 2, chapter 4: 3, chapter 5: 4
Leos Portal 2 Workshop
Collection by: Leo210
Eine Sammlung von Leos Portal 2 Testkammern
Scallop's Portal Puzzle Pack
Collection by: ☾» SuperVieiraGaming «☽
This is just a collection of all my custom Portal 2 Test Chambers. It currently features: • More than Meets the Eye (Singleplayer) • Beams, Bridges, & Walls (Singleplayer) • Facility Station 21 (Singleplayer) • Let there be Light Bridges (C...
Collection by: bonesiii
It only takes one turret in a strategic position to make deadly your easy routes to victory.
Aperture Science Innovators
Collection by: KillaBitGaming
"Hello and welcome to Aperture Science. I'm Cave Johnson, the person that runs this place and you may be wondering when you will get paid? After the tests." "You'll need to complete: 1. The Alpha Test Track, 2. The Beta Test Track and 3. The Omega Test...
Hakuna Matata
Collection by: Mr. Brownstone
Hakuna Matata co-op maps
Awesome Portal 2 Chambers
Collection by: Wheatley Laboratories
A collection of Portal 2 Chambers
Portal Add On's
Collection by: zpalma
Stuff for Portal
Portal Mods - Those I have yet to play
Collection by: 5ilvara
Mods que je n'ai pas encore testés. List of the Portal Mods I plan on testing
Tiny series
Collection by: SWZYC
tiny。。。 small size most2x2x2
Portal 2.5
Collection by: Tasty_Pizza
Новая серия карт Portal 2, которая даст ключ к информации о Portal 3, а так же дате выхода. The new series of maps of Portal 2 , which will give the key to information about Portal 3 , as well as t...
Collection by: SWZYC
Blue,do you trust orange?
Aperture innovator
Collection by: SWZYC
Cave Johnson here.............................Thats test these tests
Collection by: Я не играю в Дотку
All my Omega tests there!
The Dark Chambers
Collection by: [MONGO] LightningKiller™
All Dark Chambers
Collection by: SmokE
y esta mamada para que es???
Boxed In
Collection by: bonesiii
Trapped in a narrow cage, in a giant featureless cube, with no way to get out. Yet, you CAN finish the level. How? Play and find out!
Portal 2 Map Creations (COOP)
Collection by: ☼ Saika »»
The Portal 2 maps I've created for multiplayer.
For Mauler
Collection by: Zsoki
Maps for collab
Scientific Laboratory: S.A.A.T
Collection by: ПеЧеНюШкА
Scientific laboratory explores the nature of portals and logic of the human mind. In this folder will be collected calibration tests. Soon the group of scientific companies.
Collection by: 死基佬BK.Zhang
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: King Websters
Portal 2 maps for playing.
Collection by: [EE]Noob
Testing Initiative: Alpha Overdrive
Collection by: BaneSheep
Begin Evaluation: This is a series of 5 tests that are perfect for someone who is trying to get back into portal, or just a casual gamer. The tests invcrease with difficulty, and follows a loose storyline of start -> finish. A test will be published ...
Collection by: [EWIS] Bender
Collection by: Ovipa_Apivo
This is the Story about what happen to Bendy before Creating Portals, Good Times with Cave. 1950 is back, and you need to escape (Again??). Yes again. Good luck :)
COOP [Hard] #MyMapsHatsuneMiku
Collection by: Hatsune Miku
All of my maps, in one collection. Only Portal 2 COOP maps. !> Only for peolpe, who love complicate riddles. <! Have fun > w < .. i like feedback :3 .. either you liked the maps or not .. please don't downvote the maps because you couldn't so...
XD labs
Collection by: Captain foxy
XD tests.
dctc collection
Collection by: DomCie
Collection by: Mushroomluver456
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