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Ten Tragic tests
Collection by dannyconnors100
Jus some tests can be hard easy simple or medeium but require some logical thinking.
My Portal 2 Subs
Collection by DaveKap
For me and my friends. Go away.
Portal 2 Files
Collection by miva23
Multisonic's collection
Collection by 4W3S0M25
Here you can see all portal levels made by me
SEED School Summer Enrichment
Collection by justin.d.eames
A very basic collection of puzzles for the beginner.
My Portal 2 Collection
Collection by [TUF] markemark UK
Petit Puzzles
Collection by Nyawi
This collection is a series of chambers that are either small, fast to solve, or easy. If possible, this series will be continued indefinitely. They will contain every single test element available in the Puzzlemaker. Each chamber has a different test ...
Small chambers
Collection by Gob
Collection of small chambers that I have been finding. The claustrophobic feeling is guaranteed. - Thanks to all authors for their work.
JJ Interprices test!!!!
Collection by [PLS] Mr.Frie Frie
JJ Interprices tests in a bundle :D
Mark's Favorite P2 (Portal 2) Stuff
Collection by Crichton Sheep
E-Squad Co-Op Portal Labs
Collection by Frank The Tank E-Guy [ESG]
The E-Squad Co-Op Labs
Britorsk Test Chambers
Collection by Britorsk
This is the test chambers i made.
Portal 2
Collection by SuslikGT
Testing Track 01: Learning the Ropes
Collection by ParLee692
These test chambers have been built for the express purpose of familiarizing newer test subjects with the mechanics of Portal 2. Each test chamber introduces one or two new test elements, and continues to use the mechanics of previous test chambers (eg: ...
OzChamps 2 Cubes and a Ball Series
Collection by ozchamp.wgt
None of the rooms are large and you have to use 2 cubes and a ball to navigate your way to exit, have fun and enjoy the series
No OzChamp brand in Name
Collection by ozchamp.wgt
These are not big rooms so little running required, all have great puzzles and some visual effects I think you will like.
Adventures of Me & You
Collection by Repentance97
Robot test subjects Me & You find themselves in an odd scenario. They wake upand find themselves stranded outside of the Aperture Science Testing Complex! Me & You must navigate through intense security and several deadly tests to find their home and thei...
team spartan
Collection by LolNG
Coop Test Pack
Collection by Aperture Laboratories
Coop Test
Portal 2:Andy's story
Collection by gwreiss
you will first start in a relaxation room in the relaxation vault.you will go through 29 tests.test 5,you will get a blue portal gun. test 15, you will get a dual portal gun update to your portal gun.at the end,you will go in a room and stand on a button....
Carns mega collection
Collection by Carnage
stuff and things
Hard maps from Russia (Part 2)
Collection by Mozgoed
Collection of hard maps from russian players.
Portal: Reborn (Demo)
Collection by (Wolf)The 13th Kyle (Timelord)
Tous les tests de Reborn
(TGM's) Portal 2 singleplayer Test Chambers
Collection by The ginger monster
This is (so far!) all my TEST Chambers i have made and i really think you will like them :D
HmmmQuestionPack I
Collection by HQM
The first collection of cool maps created by HQM.
The Adventures of Baron Crandall
Collection by Doctor Bog
A collection of new adventures of Crandall. Hope peeps enjoy!
The Adventures of Baron Crandall 2
Collection by Doctor Bog
The adventures of Crandall continue...
John's Collection
Collection by john9beaver
Collection by USIN
My Test Chambers
Unknown Chambers
Collection by The Duck Dealer
One day, when GLaDOS was cleaning out some old test chambers, she noticed a slight crack in one of the chamber's wall panels. She repositioned some aerial faith plates in the test, and hurled some cubes at it. It broke open, revealing a whole new series o...
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