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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Forgotten Test Chambers
Collection by WolftheKeybearer
These are tests that I made in the BEE2 and TSPENS ADDONS MOD. Each of them with the overgrown textures. Theres 7 tests in all progessivly getting harder as it goes. The tests 1 and 2 are both blue portals. Tests 3 and 7 are blue and orange portals. ...
Portal 2
Collection by xXI.WUV.ICECWEAMXx
Portal 2 labs and stuff
Uncooperative Co-Op Madness
Collection by Alistair
Collection by 昇る太陽の王
Collection de map courtes mais compliquées .
LemONS laboratories (WIP)
Collection by twitch.tv/WaterLemon0
LemONS laboratories is a laboratory controlled by LemONS (rip off GLaDOS) Which stand for Luxiourious.emotional.machine.Oparating.National.System (again, rip off GLaDOS) The maps will still continue to go on until I say "fuck it!" or Portal 2 will say ...
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by nioSetya
Maps from community
Random Elements
Collection by Shinval
Using various methods... I create "Portal Machines" driven by the random bouncing of balls (or cubes, or whathaveyou). These are fairly fun to just sit back and watch working, but... I hope you will play the "games" that they create too and enjoy the ...
Aperture Back Labs
Collection by 7890doom123456
During your adventure,you go by unused tests.We gathered the best that didnt get smashed by Wheatly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (CHAPTER 1) MAPS: Aper...
workshop games
Collection by cleeds
Portal 2 Coop Maps
Collection by Mr_Graim
Sucht euch einen Freund und Rockt die Maps :D All zu einfach sollte es nicht sein, also viel Spaß beim nachdenken.
The Series.
Collection by Santa's Little Pyro
Get yourself acquainted to the style of the test chambers in 'The First', then take a friend with you as you navigate your way through the several chambers, break your partner out of hiding and escape the chambers. Good luck.
Wheatly's Test Chambers
Collection by Wheatley
Wheatly: Hahah Welcome Back We Have New Tests Today. Glados: You Monster Ediot Chell Kill Him! Wheatly: No Oh Hahah Thats How You Want To Play.
Portal 2 - Converge Series
Collection by Mike
This testroom series will make you learn a mechanic that is not used in the actual game! The whole set is based on this little trick, with a complexity that increases at each level. Your objective is to activate all the targets simultaneously, and ent...
Cámaras de pruebas cooperativas/My coop
Collection by vilaruben70
Esta colección reúne las cámaras de pruebas cooperativas que hago. This collection has my coop tests chambers.
Ninja Test Chamber,s.
Collection by Ninja
This collection Includes three test chamber.
Prison Break
Collection by SenorFrekle
A map colection
Omar's Items
Collection by xXx_Ab00DY_KSA_JOKER_HUMUS_xXx
John's Collection
Collection by john9beaver
What If....
Collection by РуСсКиЙ ПаПоЧкА
Forget the story of the original! You play sister Caroline and your hands will survive it or not!
Portal 1 Maps
Collection by HashtagMC
A collection of Portal-1-Themed maps.
Collection by CriticalRenegade
You've awoken in an elevator. You have a wierd gun. What comes next? An escape...
Amazing Maps
Collection by RockBiter
Unique Maps I've found.
portal 2 stuffs
Collection by awesomekiller884
this is stuff that i like to do with portal.
Collection by ErmacWinz
The Story of Frenkencube
Collection by Tactical Mickey Mouse ™
The Frenkencube has started making test. Most of them are seemingly broken. But somewhere there is a way to win!
forsatan din bjørn
Collection by [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
forsatan din bjørn
Port 2 Mods
Collection by campboykill
Phase 1l: Sleepy Hallow themed mod
Collection by ErmacWinz
Phase 1l: Sleepy Hallow themed mod
Collection by ErmacWinz
Collection by OscarRecio
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