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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: USIN
My Test Chambers
Collection by: [R*G]martinkors
Ver easy room collection
Collection by: OFF YOU BRAIN
This is "Ver easy room colection"
Collection by: DOMINATOR
Poitun's Puzzle
Collection by: Poitun
This is my Collection about my Portal 2 Maps HAVE FUN
csalrin SP -- Simple Pack
Collection by: csalrin
Although not many of you have heard of me on Steam, I have almost 100 levels uploaded to the Steam Workshop in Portal 2 now. I made this collection and several others to make it easier to download and play chunks of maps at a time. This first pack of maps...
Portal 2 map
Collection by: Sashi
P2 coopas
Collection by: PedofileJesus169
Coop Testchambers The First
Collection by: Yamchu
Different Coop levels with a medium difficult.
John's Collection
Collection by: john9beaver
Hard maps from Russia (Part 2)
Collection by: Mozgoed
Collection of hard maps from russian players.
Coop Test Pack
Collection by: Aperture Laboratories
Coop Test
Testing Track 01: Learning the Ropes
Collection by: ParLee692
These test chambers have been built for the express purpose of familiarizing newer test subjects with the mechanics of Portal 2. Each test chamber introduces one or two new test elements, and continues to use the mechanics of previous test chambers (eg: ...
(TGM's) Portal 2 singleplayer Test Chambers
Collection by: The ginger monster
This is (so far!) all my TEST Chambers i have made and i really think you will like them :D
Collection by: rboughner
Matt's Test Chambers
Collection by: ANDEMAT2
A series of testchambers I created in my spare time. See if you can solve them all.
My maps
Collection by: buiv311291
Just sopme maps
.BASiC Collection
Collection by: SamXt
A series of small chambers going from Basic to Extream (more maps will be made in the future)
Collection by: noonah
JJ Interprices test!!!!
Collection by: [PLS] Festive Mr.Frie Frie
JJ Interprices tests in a bundle :D
E-Squad Co-Op Portal Labs
Collection by: Fast And Führerious 6
The E-Squad Co-Op Labs
Mark's Favorite P2 (Portal 2) Stuff
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Britorsk Test Chambers
Collection by: Britorsk
This is the test chambers i made.
Portal 2
Collection by: SuslikGT
The Series.
Collection by: Santa's Little Pyro
Get yourself acquainted to the style of the test chambers in 'The First', then take a friend with you as you navigate your way through the several chambers, break your partner out of hiding and escape the chambers. Good luck.
P2 Collection
Collection by: thewildhaggis
Maps I Like
Collection by: Tyler
Caleb's TestChambers
Collection by: kingcalebzzz
I have created these maps
void cantina
Collection by: slashpizza
thejoshwolfe's experimental puzzles
Collection by: thejoshwolfe
I like to push the limit of this physics engine. These puzzles might not be fun... at all... they might be interesting though.
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