Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Tested and Liked
Collection by: spongejr
Other people's stuff that I've tested and liked
Co-op test chambers
Collection by: norlwinder
Portal 2 Coop
Collection by: Maddinar
Collection by: lfnalley
This collection has 3 chambers with the gels and 1 chamber using gravity and volocity
The One in Control
Collection by: Nero The Lime
These next tests require the collaboration of an overseer to confirm your victory, it's a shame GLaDOS killed everyone...
The lost tests
Collection by: ScrubKing -SB-
In the back of Apeture, many tests were forgotten, never solved. Until now.
Aperture Journey Part 1 [Also a Tutorial Collection] (Latest Release: Level 4)
Collection by: Daigo Tantibus
You're known as the best test subject in the entire multiverse. A cut above the rest. Master of testing. But what happens when a deranged Aperture CEO brings you to his universe? A lot of things. Meet John Tantibus, a man whose quest for science has no li...
Jumping Puzzle Tests galore
Collection by: Technoprism-01 [Lazynieer]
Has all the tests of simple parkor, and may become harder along the way and also with a little story to it! Tests are uploaded every Saterday
my collection
Collection by: lepestok1987
Water Temple
Collection by: {---[]٠} Malik
Water Temple maps
Top Rated Co-Op Maps
Collection by: Colt
Top rated Portal 2 Co-Op maps
tacos stuff
Collection by: thetacotaster
super cool stuff inside
Gomarian Frustrations
Collection by: Numerical Analysis
My single player chambers, with varying difficilty
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: nioSetya
Maps from community
Cámaras de pruebas cooperativas/My coop
Collection by: vilaruben70
Esta colección reúne las cámaras de pruebas cooperativas que hago. This collection has my coop tests chambers.
Portal 2
Collection by: HADD1
Ninja Test Chamber,s.
Collection by: Ninja
This collection Includes three test chamber.
Prison Break
Collection by: SenorFrekle
A map colection
Portal 2 - Converge Series
Collection by: Mike
This testroom series will make you learn a mechanic that is not used in the actual game! The whole set is based on this little trick, with a complexity that increases at each level. Your objective is to activate all the targets simultaneously, and ent...
Omar's Items
Collection by: nintendomar
The Series.
Collection by: Santa's Little Pyro
Get yourself acquainted to the style of the test chambers in 'The First', then take a friend with you as you navigate your way through the several chambers, break your partner out of hiding and escape the chambers. Good luck.
The Super Average Test Chamber Series
Collection by: VectorSky
Just my collection of single plater test chambers.
Collection by: SpikeR7788
Oafrat Science department
Collection by: Oaf Rat
Cave Johnson's forgoten tests
Collection by: FD|Evil_Guy
Forgoten, founded and rebuilded tests maded by Cave Johnson! Oh, you don't know him? He is a Aperture CEO. Well... was. And he was last human in lead of Aperure. Anyway! Enjoy ironicly easy tests or some harder ones which make you jump from nearest window...
LB Testreihe
Collection by: [LB] Lars (DE)
LB-Projekt Eintrag Nr. 1 Die versuchs Roboter haben in den vorherigen Tests gut abgeschnitten, daher wird es Zeit fuer den naechsten Schritt. Ich habe die LB Versuchsreihe Eroeffnet, ich kann es kaum erwarte die Resultate zu sehen. Ich hoffe d...
i made a level with portalz in it
Collection by: Teh Browniemixx
this is my first workshop item so i think it would b fair if it was just a simple portal test chambper
happy yay
Collection by: Inventor147
Aperture Testing Initiative (ATI)
Collection by: Jacomo223
A load of tests that will be played on my youtube channel, Jacomo223.
The Eight Super Puzzles
Collection by: supersam710
This is a collection of 8 test chambers, each of which focus on a specific testing aspect. I will be releasing them as soon as I am finished with each of them. Once they are all uploaded, I will make them even better with Hammer. Please subscribe and rate...
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