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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: luk szein
this is new colecion from polish
Collection by: skywalker-10
this collection wil just be a random string-together of my testing chambers
PVP ARENAS for portal
Collection by: NotALolHater42
Rosa Laboratory
Collection by: Willhelm Elanor Gustavus
Rosa Laboratory, die neue Forschungseinrichtung von Willhelm Gustavus. Hier warten schwere und gefährliche Teststrecken auf Sie.
El Panda (Portal 2)
Collection by: =DT.EL PANDA PR
Pneumatic Diversity Vent Puzzles
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Lost potential that fans found other uses for! Good maps, not just any map that features them.
Collection by: Minique
Cube Drop
Collection by: AirBone
Collection #1
Collection by: Yogscastheros
Focus Project
Collection by: тнe мad ĸιng ツ
The "Focus" Project was created when some of our Aperature employees felt that there weren't enough testing chambers that caused test subjects to go insane, so we called to our top engineers to build these chambers and this is what they came up with. Aper...
224 Test from the mad scientist
Collection by: (☜☆☞) LIKTOR 224
[ЗАПИСЬ] - Работа идет? Сколько камер осталось? Уточните наличие камер 22.4 42.2 и т.д. Не забудте, скоро они придут. - ... - Эм. запись, что, уже идет...
Collection by: solid__state
My Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: Bitch Pudding
This is my personal collection of test chambers i have created.
Escape From Aperture
Collection by: space928
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run, Think, and Hide; wilst you are escaping Aperture Laboritories. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made b...
Collection by: ronald.huygen
portal community maps
Frat's Creative Testing Chambers
Collection by: Venom Snake (MGSV)
Mr Frat wanted innovation...
My Creations
Collection by: PigeonWhispers
This just a collection of the maps that I've created. Please comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
My chambers of awesomness!! + others
Collection by: tyrowland65
Hello and welcome to Ty's test chambers there will be more soon be free to comment, follow, and give feedback about your exp. with my chambers If there are any prombles about anyting comment on that chamber page and I will edit it or help any way i can al...
Portal 2 Testing Chambers made by myself
Collection by: Josh Scallyswag
Testing Chambers created by josh99912 (Hey,that's me!) for you!
Portal 2 Trial
Collection by: Dr. Ariner
Jumping Test's
Collection by: HeyImAddy (RUS)
Просто тесты...
Co-Op Map
Collection by: SightZz``
Co-Op Maps
Collection by: YouProImNoob [CZ]
This collection is light and small zone from the reason that it is my first map I've done and I 'll take it as a nature zone . There are eight maps where , as usual, trying to get to your destination with portals, lasers , cubes , etc. .. In the first ...
Thinking With Brains Complete Collection
Collection by: DMWP - Very Tired
This Collection Holds all Thinking With Brains Test Chambers/Parts. These Test Chambers Use: BEEMOD, Normal Portal2Editor. Will be adding: Hammer, BEEMOD 2, and more. Enjoy these Test Chambers. Mostly: - Easy - Big - Advertureous - Updated. ect...
DDDAAAZZZ's Collections
Collection by: dddaaazzz
AAA Battery tests
Collection by: Spaceman_05
This collection is my AAA Battery tests. It wolud be much appreciated if you colud play and comment on these maps. Thanks!
Collection by: heinzvladimir
Troublefull Tests
Collection by: Kinas10
Can you make it trough everything?
Collection by: lfnalley
This collection has 3 chambers with the gels and 1 chamber using gravity and volocity
The One in Control
Collection by: Nero The Lime
These next tests require the collaboration of an overseer to confirm your victory, it's a shame GLaDOS killed everyone...
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