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Course #1 by lz (Self-made maps)
Collection by: JWonderchild
All maps created by LZ
Mind Warp
Collection by: wind_orbi
10 level Portal 2 Game for Level Design.
Collection by: [KOR]MlamaCow
Redmond Labs Tests
Collection by: TheWitheringGizmo448
collection of tests
Collection by: _AGy_
Portal 2 #1
Collection by: ͜ʖ ͡°)White_Red_Dragons( ͡° ͜ʖ
DIe Neue Yolo Kollektion!
Tommy Trerise's Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Trerise Ind
A collection Of maps I made myself. Hope you :3
Collection by: HIz
This is the game called Vengeance. Story: You have been experimented on without your permissions by the franken cube. While you were dosed the fraken cube turned your arm into a portal gun. You hate it with a passion. Who needs a portal gun for an a...
Portal 2 Angry Levels
Collection by: [GOR] Cyanide
Jos Chambers
Collection by: jmaynard84
4 Levels, each for your playing pleasure. And by pleasure I mean you'll hate life.
My Maps
Collection by: MiƵƵet
These are my maps for Portal 2. Please comment and tell me what you are thinking about them.
Portal 2 Community WIP Maps Collection: An Anthology of the Community-made Gems
Collection by: kavalarika
Here are the community chambers that strongly impressed me. I intend this collection as a tribute to the community of Portal mappers, which gave me hours of fun, demonstrating that Portal is more than a game. All of them are a well-crafted mix of design a...
Portal 2 Co-op Maps
Collection by: Reggie Fils-Aimé
Pauls Singleplayer Rooms
Collection by: Paul Berserk
Luca's Levels
Collection by: Comedy of Errors
The first few levels created by Luca, with a little help from Dad
The Labyrinth Collection
Collection by: RYNO MAN
This is the complete collection of all the Labyrinth Maps!
fagmaps voor nubs
Collection by: Carpi
Cake for Mickey Sky
Collection by: Twlyth
There will be cake.
Test Chambers 4 Newbies
Collection by: DatPortalKid
This is a collection of simple timple test chambers for people who are new to Portal 2, or Portal. This idea was inspired by nobody, I made it up myself. So anyways, have fun you new guys/girls!
My Portal 2 collection
Collection by: firestorm348
This collection contans map with differnt styles from BEE 2.
Click here for maps
Collection by: Tsunamills
Collection by: Mannulus
T.E.A.R. (Transdimensional Engineering and Rescue) is a missionary agency that travels from dimension to dimension helping the less fortunate. This group of levels follows a T.E.A.R. agent on the first chapter of his journey as he answers a distress sig...
Easy Target - Coop Chambers
Collection by: Atomic' MysteriousScaRe™
Easy Target - Coop Chambers
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
A former Aperture Employee, Simon has now become the unwilling subject of Apertures deranged AI, GLaDoS.
TC with a Guide
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
Test Chambers I couldn't think of a name or description for.
Jailbreak Final
Collection by: akruchkow
Franky and I aren't like the other cubes... ...we have to get out of here.
Collection by: MechUnit5
10 level game made for Level Design with Prof. Lee Sheldon
The Final Crusade
Collection by: Elynwir
In The Final Crusade, you take on the role of a dying crusader whose soul has entered Limbo. There, you must solve the puzzles of your soul and make your way to heaven.
Collection by: cloutier116
10 level game about emotions
Portal 2: Coleções de Mapas
Collection by: Siewy
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