Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Vakoru FEG
Collection by: Sir Apple Martini
Voids Chambers
Collection by: chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
The Stockpiled Test rooms
Collection by: Jigglypuff1357
map débuten
Collection by: le xénomorphe n 6
une pettite collection trés facile pour les débutants a portal 2
P2 Race Maps
Collection by: Diewer
Portal 2 race maps
My Maps
Collection by: KekzKlauer ヽ( ≧ω≦)ノ
My maps are really funny :)
anexos de Aperture Science
Collection by: SquallPPF
Aquí se encuentran distintas cámaras ocultas de pruebas inéditas en el juego.
Mess Hall
Collection by: [SMF] Endangered CDs [R|p]
Looking for a new set of puzzles to run through? This should help solve your problem here! Don't say that I didn't warn you: becasue these tests aren't necessarily a walk in the park. Tread through the tough chambers with caution.
GLaDoS Returns
Collection by: Wheatley Laberatories
GLaDoS has taken over the facility once again and is forcing you to test can you survive ? ps: when you enter the test chambers and cave johnson talks PoTatOS' lines play
Heia Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: Heia Samahi
Collection by: luk szein
this is new colecion from polish
My Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: tiftzor
(Got that picture from the internet because I'm lazy when it comes to pictures) Anwyays, here are my test chambers that I created just for the fun. Play 'em in any order you wish, there's no specific order! :D Thanks for playing 'em and have fun!
Collection by: ORC-Mechanic
3 maps....No more
Dark Purpose
Collection by: Suspressor
Play !!! Is Fun :)
Other worlds
Collection by: Tile
A collection of maps by me, Tile. These are the maps i create when i'm not motivated to work on my other project(s).
Collection by: Il D3mon Kebbabaro Dovahkiin
One of the biggest collections ever made.. HEYEAH
The N-Tests
Collection by: BUSHIDONick
My test chamber series.
Turret Demise Circus
Collection by: alucard
Welcome to the flying turret circus... Nothing is like killing those annoying turrets....untill now You thought taking out was fun.... try hundreds of them
Good Maps
Collection by: {[Doge]} Solo
Good maps from portal 2
Collection #1
Collection by: brandon.bmx
Collection by: minique
Pneumatic Diversity Vent Puzzles
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Lost potential that fans found other uses for! Good maps, not just any map that features them.
Focus Project
Collection by: The Mad King [⇌]
The "Focus" Project was created when some of our Aperature employees felt that there weren't enough testing chambers that caused test subjects to go insane, so we called to our top engineers to build these chambers and this is what they came up with. Aper...
Escape From Aperture
Collection by: space928
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run, Think, and Hide; wilst you are escaping Aperture Laboritories. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made b...
Collection by: skywalker-10
this collection wil just be a random string-together of my testing chambers
El Panda (Portal 2)
Collection by: =DT.EL PANDA PR
PVP ARENAS for portal
Collection by: DragonFood
Rosa Laboratory
Collection by: Willhelm Elanor Gustavus
Rosa Laboratory, die neue Forschungseinrichtung von Willhelm Gustavus. Hier warten schwere und gefährliche Teststrecken auf Sie.
224 Test from the mad scientist
Collection by: (☜☆☞) LIKTOR 224
[ЗАПИСЬ] - Работа идет? Сколько камер осталось? Уточните наличие камер 22.4 42.2 и т.д. Не забудте, скоро они придут. - ... - Эм. запись, что, уже идет...
Cube Drop
Collection by: [RiP]TheMaster9595
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