Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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portal 2 coop maps
Collection by: NO FUTURE NO RICH
Just trying to find some coop maps to try with friends. Also: Feces.
Collection by: Aleksandr ice
Set of cameras from Alexander Pugachev. Test yourself on the strength!
Alice's Aperture Adventure
Collection by: NEON_Hack90
Follow the mind of Alice as she enters Aperture Science Testing All Puzzles are are novice- to- intermidiate leved for this collection)
The Tiny Testing Initiative
Collection by: Bat
Hello and welcome to Aperture's Tiny Testing Initiative. This collection contains test chambers that are small in every way: tiny space, tiny completion time, even tiny names! WARNING Do not play these maps if you have claustrophobia.
Pro Patria Portals
Collection by: TwentyFiveAlpha
My favorite homebrew Portal maps.
Course Correction
Collection by: CHJunior
The first two maps prepare the player to the third and hardest of them all.
Collection by: Ditox
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: electricmastery
KK Chambers
Collection by: TheFlipper
A collection of thinking puzzles.
Mix56's Testchambers CO-OP - Team building
Collection by: Mix56
Team bilding collection with 6 easy testchambers. Good job, robots!
This Is A Collection
Collection by: Autumn
Theraputic Arts
Collection by: Aperture Laboratories
Hi there! This is collection of "art therapy" singleplayer maps built for your pleasure. The puzzles will increase in difficulty and complextity as each map is completed (hopefully!). Have fun, and don't forget to rate!
Collection by: Samyu L. Johnson
Collection by: jfarrell50
The Escape
Collection by: Arie2002
All my escape maps will be here!
Nathans chambers
Collection by: Ghillie Monster
Cool natenate suff
Tatsuto's Testing Sequence
Collection by: Tatsuto
Stuff I look forward to play.
Relax Tests
Collection by: Stuntmanmyke
Easy tests
Strong tests
Collection by: Stuntmanmyke
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: Pokenub/Invghost
Doing for badge thing
Tlin's Rechearch
Collection by: Tlin
B for the B
Collection by: smartsoldier
All the Brother for the Brother maps.
Collection by: SSG - Quarrels
geiler shit
Portal 2 Level - Eigene & Favoriten
Collection by: fbMarcel
Level die ich selbst erstellt habe oder Level von anderen Spielern die ich mal spielen will.
Trust & Traps
Collection by: Salariel
A set of five puzzles, rated from medium to hard, with a bunch of traps. Feel free to comment and give me your impressions so I can make best puzzles in the future. Enjoy !
Coop Chapters {Beta Chapters}
Collection by: David :D
Here are all my Coop Chapters! This is my firt Chapter Section: Beta Chapters _________________________________________ Write a comment if you like it or not
Portal Collection
Collection by: mark
Just testing
Collection by: rinie
Aperture Science's Downfall:Test Chamber Story Collection
Collection by: [ThisLD]GINGANINJA323
A Collection of all the current 'Aperture Science's Downfall' Chambers.
My stuff
Collection by: Reiyd
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