Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal 2
Collection by: AceOfSpades0514
This is for Portal 2, trying to download a map
Collection by: dylan10109
MarshalKylen's Levels
Collection by: MarshalKylen
Collection by: Mira...Torta
Burn it, now!
Mah Portal 2
Collection by: Sheep
This is a collection of all my levels. More will come soon.
Portal 2 - Simple Concepts Collection
Collection by: Ranyhyn
This is a small collection of maps, testing fairly simple concepts, in mostly straightforward ways.
Aperture Reboot
Collection by: Twan!
This is a series, it was inspired by Shadow Chaos. Story 'Acheivements' so far: Online: Reboot Aperture (Beat all tests in chapter 1) ERROR IN PROGRAM: That Just Appeared (Beat all tests in chapter 2) Bonus 'Acheivements' so far: Hello again!: Fi...
Aperture Science computer-aided enrichmente center
Collection by: darthvader_naruto
Hello, and again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided enrichment center. I've been working hard to make this test chambers. I hope you like them.
Collection by: mr mouse
Testing Testchamber
Collection by: ~Xotic
An adventure for Portal 2. You are a Aperture Science Worker and you need to make sure that the TestChambers work and can be pass through.
Long Maps
Collection by: Kepler
A collection of my own maps that are long. Usually they are not too hard, but they require steady focus and will keep you that way for a good long while...
Bisqwit's coauthored puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles that I have created in collaboration with other puzzle authors.
Einfach aber schön!
Collection by: Auftragskiller
Locker gelöst, fast zu einfach.
For Robby
Collection by: Darth Andy
I challenge Robby with these chambers.
Collection by: you monster
Portal 2 Custom Collection
Collection by: JaMokey
Contains various Portal 2 Maps [Made for a friend but anyone can try it]
Collection by: ExcitableMisunderstoodGenius
This is just for racing because bite me.
1st Completed Test Chamber
Collection by: FaDE Emperor
This collection contains 2 versions of my first completed test chamber.
The Time Eater Chambers
Collection by: Sir Robo
These are a bunch of tests I made. They are designed to waste your time. Or eat it, that is.I'll be gradually adding more and more. Hope you like them. Feedback is appreciated, but seriously, be constructive and no "please try my chamber posts".
The Omnitests
Collection by: TrueShad0w
A series of maps that contain a number of smaller tests for you to solve
The Double-Chambers
Collection by: Doge
A collection of a series where each level has at least 2 chambers in them.
Collection by: jake.swartzel
Easy Test For New Players
Collection by: ThePsychomind
this is for all easy test for new palyers that I made it!
Joe the Stickfiddler's Portal 2 Levels
Collection by: Stickfiddler
These are all of my maps. Enjoy!
Apature Reboot: Chapter 2, The Reboot
Collection by: Twan!
Apature Reboot, Chapter 1: Testing Again?
Collection by: Twan!
The Way of Izanami
Collection by: DaNiizZ
Izanami is a never ending cycle what absolutly confuses peoples brain, but hopefully you have your friend here so together you can break the never ending cycle, but we promise that it won't be easy!
Conversion fun
Collection by: Deadman
Collection by: Tέđگŧұłﻉ
Aperture Science's Downfall:Test Chamber Story Collection
Collection by: [ThisLD]GINGANINJA323
A Collection of all the current 'Aperture Science's Downfall' Chambers.
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