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Collection by: MechUnit5
10 level game made for Level Design with Prof. Lee Sheldon
The Final Crusade
Collection by: Elynwir
In The Final Crusade, you take on the role of a dying crusader whose soul has entered Limbo. There, you must solve the puzzles of your soul and make your way to heaven.
Collection by: cloutier116
10 level game about emotions
Portal 2: Coleções de Mapas
Collection by: Siewy
The Tests of Teamwork
Collection by: danacan
All of the levels from my "Tests of Teamwork" series.
Swampy and Lucky's Portal 2 Gang Bang, yo!
Collection by: Swampy
Collection by: Fawfulfan
The levels of the Goocrawl mod, which follows the adventures of a fugitive from HappyCo, falsely accused of murdering his boss and attempting to flee through the sewers into a neighboring country.
The Ascent
Collection by: I Am Pandemoniam
It's about going up! Use bounce gel, speed gel, portals, creativity, or blind luck to keep going higher!
Reboot Test Set
Collection by: xSeeker07x
The Reboot Test Set is comprised of 9 test chambers with a variety of elements in each, and... okay, enough big words. These are my first tests, so play them and feel free to comment because I know they're far from perfect. Hope you enjoy them, internet!
Pauls Singleplayer Rooms
Collection by: Paul Berserk
Collection by: CnicK
Les Maps de Portal1
Portal 2 Co-op Maps
Collection by: Reggie Fils-Aimé
Portal 2 Maze 1.1
Collection by: CnicK
Comme sur le jeu avec BEE MOD Telecharger
I'm different
Collection by: aib
Unique maps I've stumbled upon.
The Labyrinth Collection
Collection by: RYNO MAN
This is the complete collection of all the Labyrinth Maps!
Portal 2 Tutorials
Collection by: jbm-99
A tutorial of Portal 2 on everything in the game, from portals, momentum and exploring until all the Aperture Science Testing Elements and cooperative basics. These are my first levels, and I hope you like them and that they teach you some new things and ...
Luca's Levels
Collection by: Comedy of Errors
The first few levels created by Luca, with a little help from Dad
Singular Maps
Collection by: Bill Gates
This is a collection containing all of my "Singular Maps", or maps that don't have a series of their own. More to come soon hopefully!
Epic hard chambers!!
Collection by: BMO
Grand Theft Chambers
Collection by: Ben o0
Destroy the turret machine
Collection by: The Friendly Heavy
All of the turret machine parts.
Superfoo Alphabet Track
Collection by: Superfoo
A collection of test chambers created by Superfoo, with one for each letter of the alphabet. Will add more chambers as I work through the alphabet.
Collection by: Nathanor
I made up a story, a kid get put in a dollhouse and given magic powers to make powers..... you may do the 10 parts with friends or alone. =)
Introductions Are In Order
Collection by: Sir SwizzleStick
A simple introduction to gels and the like, with more coming in the future. I would be more than happy to take any and all recommendations.
Collection by: mmashock
my test chambers
Collection by: LordGuineaPig
my favorite test chambers
Collection by: gifff
portal maps
Collection by: XERYUS1
Lab Z
Collection by: beaverknight
Collection by: Korncussion
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