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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by BumDiBum
Alles Co-op
The Darkness (co-op)
Collection by epic luke 4
Collection by Anal_Catfish
Monoportal Collection
Collection by MrLux
This is collection of maps by Gig, his chambers have content from BEEmod. His first and exellent map named as Monoportal: Rescind. Download and play his chambers.
Portal 2: Custom TestChambers
Collection by JSGamePlayer
My own TestChambers in Portal 2.
The Jumper
Collection by OWL
My collection for everyone :D
Kiddies Playground
Collection by Leafett Silverwolf
This is a map pack I am working on for my 7yo.
Collection by zoomer d. duck
A3600 Testing League
Collection by [EqDI] CEO Tempered Steel
Welcome to A3600 Testing League! Slate Johnson, the Grandson of original founder of Aperture Psygnosis (AKA Aperture Liverpool), is holding a contest to all test subjects willing to match their wit and speed. The goal, reach the exit in the shortest amoun...
Some fine maps
Collection by Mr Fraggle (UK)
Legacy one
Collection by colinob77
just starting let me know what you think
Xydium Industries
Collection by God hates Bags
This is a short collection of maps I will be putting together over the next few days. Your primary objective is to complete the tests and escape the facility! Play this set of maps Hardcore Mode (Death = End of map playthrough)
New Testing Initiative
Collection by Ichinii-san
I'm trying to make something that's a little challenging as far as a new way of thinking, but easy if your comfortable with portals. May require a few technicalities, and a way to two to make things easier, but nothing terribly difficult. For those that a...
For Lack of A Better Name: Purity
Collection by ҐⱪɑƦσS
All The Pureitys of For Lack of A Better Name
Checkboard puzzle
Collection by Tyty
This set of puzzle is made from the chess's idea, so you'll see a checkboard on floors and walls of every rooms. Maybe you could be the king and defeat all turrets to solve the checkboard's puzzle!
Portal: Black Mesa's Take
Collection by Prob
Chell has been asked by Black Mesa to be the first test subject for their take to Aperture's Portal experementation. This supposed to take place after Portal 2, Black Mesa asked Chell to be the first subject because Chell was the only person to pass Apert...
Collection by Phantom
The M.A.P.S. collection is a series of chambers with no real theme except the "the" prefix. I will be reorganising these in order of difficulty in another collection.
Micvention Tests
Collection by マイケル・ヴィト 愛
The 15 Tests
Collection by Endjinn
The 15 Tests are 15 tests i put together to make this seres of nice tests for you to play
Stairway to Freedom
Collection by Mambo Steve
Some random maps I've made.
Auto Maps
Collection by Droplet (Elevendy/Methos)
This is a group of autos made by me, Methos. The whole thing probably took 15 minutes per map. xD So I don't blame you if you don't like it. x3 I do hope you like it though! :D ~Methos
K12T6's Laser Based Chambers
Collection by K12T6
This collection contains all of my Portal 2 test chambers that have lasers as the main puzzle element.
Elasticity Projection
Collection by Animator
Fling yourself, Fling yourself with Gel FFZzzffZFFfzz.
Ellinggton's breakfast
Collection by dj_in_k
Voici les salles d'Ellinggton. Ne soyez pas surpris, les apparences sont trompeuses. Bienvenue dans mon modeste esprit dérangé !
lDionis Testing Collection
Collection by [ExtremistUA] GodRage
Здесь будет коллекция моих работ с пиксел-артовыми рисунками на стенах.
The Test A Day Project
Collection by TechDragon
This contains all the maps I have made for my Test A Day Project
Ingenior Science
Collection by Omiganox
Vous êtes un nouvel employé d'Aperture Science, et votre rôle au sein de l'entreprise est de vérifier l'état des systèmes principaux de la structure porteuse des salles de test. Le seul problème, chez Aperture Science, c'est que tout le monde est t...
Gib work collection
Collection by Mr. Gib
Portal 2 Maps
Experimental Science
Collection by Domino Eleven
Imaginative Chambers
Collection by Backgrounds'
Six insane test chambers filled with lasers. I bet you you won't be able to beat this in less than an hour. I have found tons of different ways to use the laser making this siries. (Don't worry you won't have to use the portal gun.)
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