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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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MLPG's Maps for Tards
Collection by: Mortron
Poni should poni science.
First Trial
Collection by: Matthew
Not much to describe.
Turtle's Trials
Collection by: Jonny | Heroic Turtle™
Random branding image disregard at your peri- er safety. You should totally try these out, I heard they're the best ever.
Collection by: Andy
Test with deception.
Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery
Collection by: Crichton
Ayoto Corporation is proud to present, Super Puzzle Extreme Challenge - Untranslatable Mystery. Deep in the confines of the Secret Division of Advanced Engineering lab, Ayoto Scientist have been working on what they call the evolution of Japanse televisio...
[Portal 2] Salles de test de Ptilait.
Collection by: Ptilait
Collection by: Stickburner
The One Cube
Collection by: The Cig Smokin' Sniper
You must use the only one Wighted Storage Cube that is in the tests in this collection. Its difficult to pass these tests! (possible ragequit) THE TESTS --------------- One Cube = Published One Cube 2 = Published One Cube 3 = Published One Cub...
No Portal Gun
Collection by: Freemann
This is a collection of Portal 2 test chambers where you do not use your Portal Gun.
Use ur brain, it's getting harder
Collection by: Ev!l P@in
Same maps, different solutions each time. I will expand it in the near future, if u like what u see so far! Guess there will be a third part of each map played.
Saturday Seven Part 1: Easy Beginnings
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome to the Saturday Seven, my weekly (hopefully) series of custom Portal 2 Puzzles. This is Part 1: Easy Beginnings. Keep in mind that some of these are my earliest attempts at creating puzzles, so they are not very complex or elaborate. In thi...
Best of my Test Chambers
Collection by: NinjamanJosh
Best [ And most difficult ] of my Portal 2 Test Chambers.
portal 3 ( beta )
Collection by: Grumpyknicks
this is beta
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
You need to escape from the prison. The level called "Prison" is the first part of the series.
Lucas Science: Test Chambers 1 - 7
Collection by: LucasGodzilla
It's Maps 1 - 7. I try to make it fun, challenging, and very puzzlish. Please try out my collection.
Tishun - Test X
Collection by: .Tishun.
Collection de la salle de Test de Tishun
Testing nightmare
Collection by: Zachary
A series of test I created when one mistake from GLaDos, is all burdened on you.
Cerca Trova ("Seek And You Shall Find").
Collection by: WakeFrog+
"Cerca Trova" (translated: "seek and you shall find") is a collection of maps designed to not only test your problem solving skills, but to exceed them in your pursuit of finding a Companion Cube hidden within each level. While each map's general soluti...
The Cosmic Gauntlet
Collection by: Gunnar0007
An assortment of transdimensional test chambers meant to truly test the wits and grits of the most esteemed intergalactic test subjects.
Crazy chamber collection
Collection by: (xbox team) aleksat
Portal By Numbers
Collection by: Albro Dumblefro
Portal by Numbers. It's like painting by numbers, except better and with science. Hard science. Scratch that, it's impossible science. In fact if there was such a thing as too hard, this science would be too hard. But there isn't, so get started. You'l...
The Gaps
Collection by: Freezy
All gaps must be crossed before any celebratory cake may be dispensed. Additional safety supervision is done by automated supervision live fire turrets.
whestones map series
Collection by: whestone
whestones is my first map series. I hope you like it!
Pord Ralucabran (Work in progress)
Collection by: The SRK
A series of tests that starts easy and ends hard. Play 25 different tests in this series and find out if you have the brains and skills to complete all of the tests. Difficulty: X / XXXXX Tagslist: B Button c Cube D Deadly goo F Fizzl...
The Alpha Set
Collection by: CyberRei
Just me playing around with this new feature
Lazer Pack Beginner-Expert
Collection by: StrykeNexus
This Pack includes the complete basics of lazers: Beginner Lazerer, Advanced Lazerer, Expert Lazerer So to Speak.
Mental Endurance Tests
Collection by: Ovidijus
If you are good with solving tests of Aperture Science, then it's time for you to find out for how long. How long can you see every single detail and hint in the enviroment? Or how long can you endure the frustration of a simple mistake? These maps are de...
First 4
Collection by: trogdor
This is a collection of the first 4 maps I've made, ranging fromeasy to medium. Ive worked pretty hard on these.
Collection by: nΞqq_ɥǝıʌsʞɔǝɹp
Les Salles de Mr.21
Collection by: Charlus
Des salles crée petit a petit pour continuer l'aventure de portal aprés la fin du solo avec un boss de fin.
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