Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Cave Johnson's Picks
Collection by: [-ER-] mavhuntrx
"A collection of maps made from gnomish slaves. Now no need to panic, Caroline assured me the slaves, which we will now refer as 'test chamber smiths', are farm raised and get lots of fresh air. Now these little guys are finicky... and to keep them from...
V12 Series - Oswald Nurmenguur
Collection by: veoviscool12
A series of test chambers designed by Aperture employee Oswald Nurmengurr. What sort of a madman is he, I wonder...?
Alias Laboratories
Collection by: Psoeter
This is really just a place for me to put all my experiments. These tests are not meant to be massive puzzlers, just me releasing what i have screwed with.
Who Needs Portal Guns When You Have Science:
Collection by: Terry Crews
This is a Collection of test chambers that do not require the use of a portal gun, just pyshics and gravity. this is my first map making project for portal. i do not want trolls to leave bad reviews, so if your a troll... back off imediatly or i will floo...
Portal 2 Trailer Map Remakes
Collection by: ΡÖIЙ† βLΛЙK
A collection of maps made to replicate the levels demonstrated in the trailers for Portal 2, include Aerial Faith Plates, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Excusion Funnels, and Repulsion Gel. Those maps never made it into the final game, whether completely (...
Collection by: Disqord
Simpl is simply that: a collection of simpler, 5 minute puzzles made only for a quick run through, and not the intensive, long-winded campaign maps.
Gorlah's Test Chamber Pack
Collection by: Gorlah
Test chambers created by Gorlah.
Original Portal: Still Alive
Collection by: [TB} Fat Ninja Walrus
The first Portal is still alive! This collection contains all twenty courses from the first Portal, remade for Portal 2. I started working on this project the very first day they released the PETI, my goal being to recreat the original courses to the best...
DEUCE - World 1
Collection by: -AOD-SoulUnison
The Delta Environmental Unit of Configuration Engineers welcome you to a series of serieses of sequences of puzzles; with an intermission featuring live music and catered finger foods, and a liberal interspersing of unfortunate events.
Turret Terror Collection
Collection by: Pan Gato
Turret Terror! A set of chambers revolving around the loving turrets. New chamber every week!
Test Time!
Collection by: Buce
"Test Time!" Is a map pack by me that tries to take everything in Portal 2 and mash them together! Each map will have 3+ tests that will either revolve around a theme of something, or just be at random. If they do not have 3+ chambers then it will be one ...
The Thinkingwithportals.com maps!
Collection by: LpGoat90
This is a list of some of the maps made by the mappers of the community at www.thinkingwithportals.com using the easy map maker. Have fun!
Portal Reboot
Collection by: Smokinhotpickles
Rosendoom Map Pack
Collection by: Rosendoom
A collection of maps me and my friends have made
Random maps
Collection by: irule81
i just made random levels
My Chambers
Collection by: DethKnite27
Just a collection of my first chambers. Feel free to give me advice!
My Tests
Collection by: Jackson
These are the test chambers of my personal effort. Now I have organized them into one little pack.
My stupid chelenge
Collection by: [TG]kaboyashy
Tahu's Chambers
Collection by: Solas an scrios
Bibbyboy123s custom mappack
Collection by: Bibbyboy123
just a collection of maps that i have made using the portal map creator
can u beet it??
Collection by: Generic Username
can u??
Made2build's Test Masterpeices
Collection by: Thyther
This collection contains ten tests that build off eachother, teaching the vitals similar to the main game, then branches off to difficult puzzles.
Dersome Gaming Map Collection
Collection by: BunnyBot 5000
This collection is for all maps produced by the Dersome Gaming Community! Should you be a member and want a map added, contact Schwagz or myself.
Branching Chambers.
Collection by: po-po434
A series of Branching Chambers with many solutions. Great replayability.
Aganature Innovation
Collection by: Agan Naga
Innovating the way Aperature goes about science!
Try Try Again
Collection by: Atomic Waffles
Versions of a single map
The Gauntlet of Darth Yoda
Collection by: DarthYoda81
A collection of levels that I'm slowly accumulating as I learn the editor.
kiwiman's portal levels
Collection by: Lugig
Collection by: Nate601
A small collection that is semi-hard... Nothing much else.
no way
Collection by: coolman21473
i want robots turrents all over the room
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