Portal 2
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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Sums Chambers
Collection by: sumDaddy
Start off very easy, gets more difficult as they go.
Redirection Madness
Collection by: nintendo.erk
the same rooms with minor modifications changing the puzzle :)
Complexity set
Collection by: Yotara
Complexity set of Portal 2 test chambers.
Just One Laser
Collection by: CC | Proρhϵτ
A Laser, some cubes and relays. That's... about it :D A collection of easy test chambers I'm still creating. Same base : a laser. Maybe too easy, maybe not... Subscribe to know ! :P
Advanced Companion Retrieval
Collection by: simoncrown
A set of advanced chambers to put together some of the neat things I've learned through the Portal community.
The P.O.I.N.T.
Collection by: Ale
One day I asked to myself: what would happen if someone took "Narbacular Drop", mixed it with "TAG: The Power of Paint" and then added a couple of mechanichs from "Portal 2"? Few months later, I answered that question with: The Power Of Innovative Nar...
It's All Live
Collection by: Ale
This is basically a complete remake of the Xbox 360's addon for Portal 1 called "Portal: Still Alive", which also contains slightly modified maps from "Portal: The Flash Version MapPack" "So, it's nothing new..." you might think. Well, even though I tr...
Mini Chambers
Collection by: Zhayd
A series of chambers that don't exceed 3x3x3 in size.
Rocket levels
Collection by: EBhero
Hello everybody! I create a collection of levels using: rockets! How to got the rocket launcher: 1. Go in the develloper console 2. Make the command: sv_cheats 1 3. Make the command: bind c fire_rocket_projectile Now, when you gonna press c, y...
Portal 2
Collection by: ccosgrove65
Wolf Vocies Gaming Mappack
Collection by: YNPxGreyxWolf
Collection Of Custom Maps
Collection by: CowerMantis
Collection by: Martini-LoZ
Collection by: ArrowFlint22
I am making the ocrown series in a pack for every part of it that comes out!!! :D enjoy!!!
Stug Collections
Collection by: Stuggernaut
Aperture Science Testing Track 01
Collection by: Timcan2904
test pack
Collection by: ArrowFlint22
This is a pack of test that I made where you have to solve tests that I make!!! ENJOY
What's Co-Op?
Collection by: Wyatt XD
(Description of collection)
Pensando con Portales
Collection by: IronicRoyale
Noob tests #1
Collection by: M4rty
My firts collection of easy test chambers. I hope you'll like it.
Evil:Tests from Hell
Collection by: The Semi-Scottish Haggis
All over again
Collection by: The X-1
We start our science project again. Get ready for hardcore challenges! Also, we recommend play this chgallenges so long as you can and think before you do sth. 12+
Collection by: Prezombie
Next Doors Tiger (NDT)'s Test Chambers 1 - 10 (P0RTAL 2)
Collection by: [ND] Tigerrea18
Well, Well, Well, Well-come to my lair! So, you think that you can take on my test chambers? Bwhahaha You probaly can! But, still in part 1 - 10 of most of my FIRST test chambers you must tackle... - Well err... I've forgotton.... -Cubes! ...
Boot Camp by pupdad
Collection by: pupdad
This Is My Map Series Called Boot Camp.
Big Boys
Collection by: GhostMonk
The collection of my Big Boy levels.
the ten easiest tests in the world
Collection by: Wheatley «ṽ⁞ẅ»
Collection by: Rctl_Pontificator
Trick or Escape (Complete Collection)
Collection by: [CG] SpeedDemon1813
The Ultimate Collection of Chambers That Will Keep You Guessing and Guessing, Want a Challenge that is both FUN and TRICKY, well this Collection is For You, Have Fun and Remember, Play The Game, Don't Let It Play You More Chambers To Come: Part 3 / Pa...
Amazing test
Collection by: extrem
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