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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Pack Peak ended maps
Collection by: PackSciences
What I've done and which was a success. A real peak.
PackSciences likes
Collection by: PackSciences
What I really liked as a French Portal 2 player.
Goonrace - Robust Laser
Collection by: Robust Laser
This probably has nothing to do with you. It's five maps meant to be raced by other people over Skype. It'll make sense later. Or maybe it won't.
Test's for CLIFFY
Collection by: kaled971
These are a tests I made for cliffy, but anyone can go on then i couldn't give a monkeys.
[WIP] The Red Cube - A Series of Interesting (Weird) Test Chambers
Collection by: [HBGMRZ] Zedrox
The Red Cube - A Series of Interesting (Weird) Test Chambers Allow me to drop you a quote from myself to explain this (wow, that was complicated). "This is designed to be a set of test chambers that are completely random and may-or-may-not work depend...
Fly Of The Future
Collection by: Purple Butterfly
Creative Futures presents new single testing course! You'll have so much fun in 30 momentum and flings chambers!!!!! You'll have journey in 21 regular chambers and 9 Sixense Bonus chambers (required also Rszer Hydra and Sixense MotionPack DLC). ATTENTION...
Collection by: Dr. Fernando
Thomas' Test Chambers
Collection by: Silas O'Brian
This collection contains all the maps I have done using the portal 2 editor.
The Test Chambers
Collection by: Plzwork1122
Collections of Test Chambers
Traps Traps
Collection by: lingtau99
The title pretty much says it all.
Complexity set
Collection by: Yotara
Complexity set of Portal 2 test chambers.
Test Chambers
Collection by: The Ultimate Quack
Super Test Room
Collection by: lukasz84
Super Test Room
Collection by: Firehawk9000
Collection by: batslug
My Portal 2 Test Chambers
Collection by: Natman
This collection contains every test chamber I have made for Portal 2.
portal 2 maps for my frenids
Collection by: [SA]Soul12
12 Angry tests
Collection by: Larthienn
mapki CaretCaret
Boop boop
Collection by: Phill
stuff for thing
Collection by: mmanestar13
Collection by: Ronathan
Cake or Death
Collection by: littlemissfreaky
This is a wonderful (if not crazy) selection of tests designed to test singleplayers. Let the best man/woman/child/grandparent/cat/flying monkey/etc. win!
.BASiC Collection
Collection by: SamXt
A series of small chambers going from Basic to Extream (more maps will be made in the future)
Collection by: jeremy.llewellyn
Collection by: pauleykr
Blargs test chambers
Collection by: Lord Recon™
Welcome to Blargs test Chambers. Tips to don´t disappoint GLaDOS 1.Complete the test chambers 2.Don´t Rage or Fail 3. Eat Cake And well thats all :3 Good luck!
Save Companion Cube!
Collection by: The_Rockers
Story: GLaDOS has placed Companion Cube in dangerous tests and to save it you must solve them!
Collection by: rboughner
коллекция, проба
Collection by: 1[RUS]
Collection by: burikiller200
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