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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Aperture Science SP Facility
Collection by: Kenji-kun
This is my first collection of maps made by me. Hope you enjoy them.
The Cognitive Gauntlet
Collection by: Jane Addison Shepherd
I proudly present to you a series of tests which I call: "The Cognitive Gauntlet". Some of these tests were designed to be an extreme challenge, while others were designed for fun, or even for a slight challenge. A helpful hint I can give you in these tes...
Beautiful Lasers
Collection by: Zapperlott
This collection is all about tricky laser puzzles - I will add more maps as i make them Enjoy! Rate&Comment Thanks for playing
Flight Of Fancy
Collection by: Le_Serenite
I introduce my works of Portal 2 chambers. This works i done because of most boring maps in workshop. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to Subscribe and i bring to this collection more interesting chambers. Thanks to Valve for this tool that i can rea...
Mini test collection
Collection by: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Stubbsy The Wise
This is a collection with no story, so you could call it independent. It is made for those who get bored and want a little something something! The tests aren't perfect and glamorus, so don't hatw on that! In fact don't hate at all! :D Remember - if...
Running Trials: A Series of Infuriating Timed Jumping Puzzles with an Edgeless Safety Cube
Collection by: Crinja
So you think you're all so high and mighty, being able to defeat my other test chambers so effortlessly. All I wanted was to create a sustained testing environment that took more than half an hour to get through. Well ol' crazy scientist Crinja hasn't sto...
Epiphanies of Madness - SP
Collection by: artao
Here-in you shall find my contributions to the Perpetual Testing Initiative. This collection is all single-player. Regarding difficulty, it's very hard to say; some people may find them easy, others impossible. I try to observe people during beta testing ...
Collection by: Australium GLaDOS
Well, someone's watching you and giving you advice for the test.
Mine baner
Collection by: ANTONY KLOPP
Mine baner
Portal Co-op
Collection by: AshRock
Portal Co-op
Portal 2 Single Player
Collection by: AshRock
Portal 2 Single Player Maps
Woop portal
Collection by: vsprieto
Testing Labs
Collection by: Lunar Nightpaw
all of my downloaded testing labs for Portal 2
Kingsizedmidget's Test Chambers
Collection by: andrewstecher
Have fun :D
Collection by: cartabuny95
Tutorial de portal 2 per gamers que no hi han jugat mai. Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSOW6GicHkI
Collection by: krat0s-
Nivells de Portal 2 del treball de Psicologia.
Gel Test
Collection by: TurretMaster97
All four maps in the Gel Test series by Bill.All four focus on gels ,obviously, with other things. Might add more at some point. Have fun.
Portal 2
Collection by: BACON MAN
Portal 2
Death's Dungeon
Collection by: rjyukich
Cash's Tests
Collection by: Ca$h The Wolf
Automated Detection
Collection by: Mr Mackey
All of my maps that fall into the series of Automated Detection, a series of single player, single portal tests. You play the last of the test subjects that were woken up at the end of the co-op mode, and have to do your best to survive the t...
The Masasui series
Collection by: Masasui
A series of testing chambers for your entertainment!
Apeture Science Alpha Testing Initiative
Collection by: TheNoob
Apeture has recruited you to test things such as light bridges, gravity doo-hickeys, and white capsules of bullets.
custom stories (singleplayer)
Collection by: Vladimir Lenin ☭
Easy Tests
Collection by: ♫♫ƮƦ☉ᏝᏝƎƊ♫♫
All of these tests are easy in my opinion. You may find some that are not easy. Feel free to be trapped in those chambers forever and starve to death. - GLaDOS
Collection by: joshfjossie
Fleischrequiem´s maps
Collection by: Fleischrequiem
Mix56's Testchambers I.
Collection by: Mix56
This collection is about easy testchambers (01_easier-22_harder) by Mix56. It is first collection.
The Gelympic Games
Collection by: SP458
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