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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Aperture Laboratories2
Collection by: ChewieR2
A collection of levels I created. There are many more in the works.
колекция 1 от skelet.x2
Collection by: SlowPok
Первоя колекция тренеровок для Portal 2 от skeleta.x2.Следуещая колекция будет очень скоро! В этой колекии 1 я использовал только Trenerovke 1 и 2! Но во вт...
Collection by: CORN!
Collection by: James "Zakkite" And Answers!
A series of chambers with the intention of getting progressivly difficult over each part.
3 Big Rooms
Collection by: JoCarter
This is my 1st try building test chambers. I think these are fun and a bit challenging. Let me know what you think of these or tips for my next efforts.
Collection by: Neko601 [Nate601]
A small collection that is semi-hard... Nothing much else.
Collection by: RabidLitchi
Not too hard
Sometimes Deceptive
Collection by: bigrickcook
Generally straightforward, with the occasional fun twist of logic made more difficult to figure out by the deceptively simple scheme of the puzzles.
Test box collection 1
Collection by: Terry
Collection by: IMF_|Святой Александр|Team
First 4
Collection by: trogdor
This is a collection of the first 4 maps I've made, ranging fromeasy to medium. Ive worked pretty hard on these.
Tracking The Cake
Collection by: Rawwbraiinnss
First set of test chambers I made.
Collection by: Riggs
Mini Kampagne von Fox32
Collection by: Fox32
BBAngol Laboratories
Collection by: Lord BBAngol
Collection of ridiculous
Collection by: DrProfSgtMrJ
Filled with really stupid and ridiculous stuff
Mad Lab
Collection by: Fartfly
are you mad enough
The Dark Chambers
Collection by: ModernME
What happens when the power goes out...
Starters collection
Collection by: ハンター
A series of simple puzzles to start with
The hidden chambers
Collection by: mafn
The hidden chambers contain 3 of my very first chambers made
Collection by: SerGUN
Интересные и головоломные тестовые камеры =)))
[SP] Laser Collection
Collection by: Nexus
Hi YES. It´s a collection about lasers. Enjoy. Laser Funnel Laser Bridge Laser Catapult Laser Fizzler Laser Conversion Gel Laser Bridge 2 ★Laser Turret Laser Intro
Sujet 112
Collection by: TempArea[FR]
Collection by: Maring Song
Test in the test! choice is test!
The Cosmic Gauntlet
Collection by: Gunnar Clovis
An assortment of transdimensional test chambers meant to truly test the wits and grits of the most esteemed intergalactic test subjects.
Sevatar's Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: Mario
My Portal 2 testc chambers./Мои тесты в игре Portal 2.
Chambers of Mong
Collection by: Psymong
Because, sometimes, you want to play maps made by an idiot...
Eazy levels
Collection by: Ezip
For starter
Collection by: hax0r
very easy lavels)
Collection by: Leon
Несколько легких карт для Portal 2 сделаные лично мной.. P.S: Возможно люди скажут что некоторые карты я спроэктировал так, что их невозможно пр...
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