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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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darkwings1123's Test series A
Collection by: darkwings1123
Some free-form designed puzzle rooms. Starts with a basics refresher, then the second has some more complicated rooms. Nothing too complicated. the third starts and ends with a Rube Goldberg machine like room. (Tested for completability, and to ensure...
Minecraft Portal :D
Collection by: EdibleGazelleLabs
Collection by: Poke-Artist
A mixed range of difficulties In order of created (Not Difficulty) Please provide feedback on all Chambers played, as It will help me improve for future creations. NOTE: I will update this Description at a later date.
Collection by: Zer0n888 [B@T]
Hard chambers
Collection by: Cave Johnson
Have fun and post your feedback! If you find those chambers too hard to solve I can always upload gameplay video.
Minisculosity City
Collection by: Gun Tech.
"By completing this course of tiny puzzles you earn the coveted Dwarvish Hobo Contortionist Diploma. It is a very small diploma. You should not be very proud of yourself in the likely event that you should complete all the maps." (c) Cave Johnson
co-op maps
Collection by: Suprise! im a spy
in this fun testing adventure you'll laugh, cry, fall, jump, fly and die along side your partner you'll try and find out what glados is planning...
Aperture Tag
Collection by: TheCMaxGuy
Aperture Tag Stuff
Soure Engine Glitch Series
Collection by: Sye
Break the system. Fight the machine. Rawr! A series of singleplayer Portal 2 maps built around glitches and quirks in Valve's Source Engine. Climb on walls! Defy gravity! All this and more inside! Every map has a solution video with my audio comm...
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
Collection by: darkwings1123
darkwings1123's puzzles and tests
The Turret War: Co-Op Edition
Collection by: MygingerguyYT
From The Creators Of The Vortex Dropper! 2 Player Tale and Co-Op Tale! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This Tale Tells About The War Of The Dark Demons Of The Universe. This...
Collection by: Zheduu~
Portal 2 Psicologia
Collection by: david_gp_1995
Gefängnisse aus Stahl
Collection by: https-kai.z
Verschiedene Maps aus allen Kategorien von leicht bis schwer! von Kai Zeitner
Freya's Chambers
Collection by: ๖ۣۜLIMITED PIXEL ©
Zsomi8 Testchambers
Collection by: Zsomi8 [HUN]
I just buyed Portal 2 and I saw there is an option of making own maps. (I only maked singleplayer maps but I gonna make coop maps.) I tried it and I think my maps are not bad, please try them and rate! ( I'm hungarian, magyar vagyok :D )
Cosmo's Portal 2 Stuff
Collection by: Shy's Flawless Angel<3 [SGB][SL]
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 workshop items I have worked on.
The Default Trials
Collection by: Synsilon
This collection is a set of Portal 2 maps that I'm designing called the Default Trials. They are all built inside the default room size, so they're small, but that doesn't mean they're simple. Please rate and comment, I love feedback and hearing what wa...
TOP 10
Collection by: Stuntmanmyke
Chambers Of Testing
Collection by: Panydraco
Chambers Of Testing Is A PTI Map Series.
Collection by: Master Yoda
xxdark_terminators's Portal 2 Level
Collection by: xXDark_TerminatorXx
Here are all of my Portal 2 Level combined again.
Collection by: Sigma_97
Just some fun tests to enjoy!
Collection by: King of Portals
Tonn's Tests
Collection by: tonn4203
All Tonn's Tests
Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: discokrakken
I'm only making this so I can check out Portal 2 mods or something. I don't even fully comprehend what this means. HOW DOES IT WORK
Tests by.. ME!
Collection by: Bear118
Some tests that I made. i hope there fun!
Your In jail
Collection by: Portal 2 GLaDOS
Your In space jail You must Excape! but how???
Matt the Brony's Test Chambers
Collection by: Ziggy
I made some Test Chambers, play them
My Coop
Collection by: <NO_NAME>
My cooperative maps to Portal 2.
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