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First Steps
Collection by: Dan Kaiser
Beta!!! NOT EASY!!!
The Salty Remains Collection
Collection by: mochisushi
A series of medium difficulty maps meant to be fun and easy, but not obvious. I try to incorporate ninja flying portal moves in my maps in the style of portal 1's maps. There is no storyline to this collection, just tests. Comments appreciated.
JD Tests
Collection by: The Kingish One
High flying Test more for fun than brain busting
most of my tests
Collection by: arderboy
первые опыты (ознакомление)
Collection by: True Druid
Это первые и пока простые мои испытания. Пишите насколько сложно или наоборот и что лучше изменить.
Test #0409
Collection by: Kaihatsu
Little collection by Kaihatsu de Dragon
NeoRetro10K's Test Chambers
Collection by: NeoRetro10K
These are maps created by me. I intended to make them challenging.
Turret Hunter
Collection by: Radient Apocalypse
Hunt turrets to escape.
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
In these four test chambers, you will be going downhill. Simple enough. Have fun! :]
Reflex Testing [WIP]
Collection by: actual gril
Madman Midnight
Collection by: egroth32
Collection by: mikfig
The levels collection
the rock
Collection by: Jack The Ripper
portal maps
Collection by: Bravo
this is good :)
Collection by: ILLUMINATI
4 TEST for players
A series of trials
Collection by: Firestorm185
A series of trials. Use cunning and skill to pass these tests. Also, were a good pair of long fall boots. You'll be falling a lot.
Collection by: Bill
Buttons, Lasers, Fields, Turets and other
"Secrets of Apature"Story Chambers
Collection by: Soul-Eating Sergeant
All of the chambers for my series so far! NOTE:Series under construction Next chambers:Steel Gauntlet(FIXED) and 1 other Hope you liek these
The Cosmic Gauntlet
Collection by: Gunnar Clovis
An assortment of transdimensional test chambers meant to truly test the wits and grits of the most esteemed intergalactic test subjects.
Sevatar's Portal 2 Tests
Collection by: Ritsu Tainaka
My Portal 2 testc chambers./Мои тесты в игре Portal 2.
Chambers of Mong
Collection by: Psymong
Because, sometimes, you want to play maps made by an idiot...
Eazy levels
Collection by: ILLUMINATI
For starter
Collection by: hax0r
very easy lavels)
Collection by: Leon
Несколько легких карт для Portal 2 сделаные лично мной.. P.S: Возможно люди скажут что некоторые карты я спроэктировал так, что их невозможно пр...
Collection by: icemeisters
Lucas Science: Test Chambers 1 - 7
Collection by: LucasGodzilla
It's Maps 1 - 7. I try to make it fun, challenging, and very puzzlish. Please try out my collection.
Cerebral Training
Collection by: Max La Menace
A short text will come soon.
totoko's World
Collection by: runanonamida
portal maps
Collection by: RickyDanni
co-op test
Collection by: ☆Pacifist☭☮
только начал заниматься.....
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