Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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random maps
Collection by: [KMK]WingMan772
Reboot Test Set
Collection by: xSeeker07x
The Reboot Test Set is comprised of 9 test chambers with a variety of elements in each, and... okay, enough big words. These are my first tests, so play them and feel free to comment because I know they're far from perfect. Hope you enjoy them, internet!
Collection by: Fawfulfan
The levels of the Goocrawl mod, which follows the adventures of a fugitive from HappyCo, falsely accused of murdering his boss and attempting to flee through the sewers into a neighboring country.
The Ascent
Collection by: IDK a Sandwitch
It's about going up! Use bounce gel, speed gel, portals, creativity, or blind luck to keep going higher!
Swampy and Lucky's Portal 2 Gang Bang, yo!
Collection by: Swampy
Coop - Maps
Collection by: Nakalian
Friends with Portal 2
Collection by: artikpax
My Maps
Collection by: Mini Xperts
For Armin
Collection by: Arc™
Just a collection so Armin can subscribe instantly to all the maps I already have.
Map and Try
Collection by: Mrdaft
Map and Try Collection.
PowerBlast!'s Enrichment Centre
Collection by: `.+Dawn'.+
Welcome to my Enrichment Centre. In these chambers, you will learn all about Aperture Testing Elements. There are lots of deadly goo too. BE CAREFUL! The Test Chamber Generator will add some test chamber later. Ready to test!
It's About Time
Collection by: IDK a Sandwitch
This is a collection of puzzles designed to make you think quickly and cleverly while finding the solution. Please leave constructive criticism on the puzzles' respective pages. The first level of this collection was uploaded on June 18, 2013. More...
Prepare to Dodge a Bullet
Collection by: IDK a Sandwitch
This is a collection of levels designed to make the test subject deal with turrets in increasingly creative ways. Some levels only need a handful of turrets to be delt with while others require more creativity to deal with more turrets. Please leave an...
Collection by: HIz
This is the game called Vengeance. Story: You have been experimented on without your permissions by the franken cube. While you were dosed the fraken cube turned your arm into a portal gun. You hate it with a passion. Who needs a portal gun for an a...
My Maps
Collection by: MiƵƵet
These are my maps for Portal 2. Please comment and tell me what you are thinking about them.
Jos Chambers
Collection by: jmaynard84
4 Levels, each for your playing pleasure. And by pleasure I mean you'll hate life.
Portal 2 Angry Levels
Collection by: [GOR] Cyanide
Collection by: Bloodspeaker1
Security Archive no.17352 "Right, Jenkins? Winchester? Are you both ready to upload the new AI? Yes? Good." +++AI Uploading 56%+++ "Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a few more minutes all your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. Well done, you have...
Course #1 by lz (Self-made maps)
Collection by: Мякиш
All maps created by LZ
Tommy Trerise's Portal 2 Maps
Collection by: Trerise Ind
A collection Of maps I made myself. Hope you :3
Collection by: _AGy_
Portal 2 #1
Collection by: ͜ʖ ͡°)White_Red_Dragons( ͡° ͜ʖ
DIe Neue Yolo Kollektion!
Mind Warp
Collection by: wind_orbi
10 level Portal 2 Game for Level Design.
Collection by: [KOR]MlamaCow
Portal 2 Community WIP Maps Collection: An Anthology of the Community-made Gems
Collection by: kavalarika
Here are the community chambers that strongly impressed me. I intend this collection as a tribute to the community of Portal mappers, which gave me hours of fun, demonstrating that Portal is more than a game. All of them are a well-crafted mix of design a...
Redmond Labs Tests
Collection by: TheWitheringGizmo448
collection of tests
Easy Target - Coop Chambers
Collection by: MysteriousScaRe
Easy Target - Coop Chambers
n0x TestChamber Collection
Collection by: n0x-f0x
All of my Test Chambers at one place.
Collection by: Makalasya
A collection
Collection by: Gloomy
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