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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Eight Mappack - Part 0
Collection by: echoplex
Eight Mappack - Part 0
The Great Tests
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Testing might of been simple, but it's time for complex chambers! If you can complete this in order, you're a pro!
Co op maps
Collection by: George6120
Tjpm's maps
Collection by: TheJetPackMoves
This is TheJetPackMoves's maps for portal 2
Testy Pana Radzia!
Collection by: _NG_
Są to testy, które tworze co kilka dni. Nie są one zbyt trudne bo dopiero zaczynam "karierę" w tworzeniu map. Jest to seria testów o nieznanej tematyce. Oficjalny tester: Michcio704 --------------------------------------------------------------...
Abit's best Portal 2 maps
Collection by: あびた
Collection of my best Portal 2 maps.
ALLOS Aperture - Short Maps
Collection by: Twilight Freepone
A collection of my shorter maps, just to have them organized into one place.
A Portal 2 Map's
Collection by: LokyPirate(BR)
Small But Effective!
Collection by: Nic
This collection contains my first three custom test chambers... Symmetry Cubes, Chamber of Method & Caged. Each map is small in size & quick to play yet offer fun & effective puzzles/mechanics. These maps should be ideal for players looking for an easy-is...
Collection by: Pomeran
My maps that are based on retro games, gameplay styles or genres
The Non-Employee
Collection by: WickedWheatley
This is The Non-Employee series. There are more episodes to come. I am not sure how many but it will be no more than 5. Enjoy NOTE: This is still a work in progress.
Modding (Fall 2014) @ NYU Game Center
Collection by: Radiatoryang
This is a collection of work done by students while taking the "Game Development Studio: Modding" course, Fall 2014, at the NYU Game Center. For more information, visit us at http://gamecenter.nyu.edu/
Nyskrte's Co-operative Nightmares
Collection by: Nyskrte
Title is self-explanatory.
Afternoon Testing Initiative
Collection by: srs bsnss
This is a collection of maps that I am gradually adding to. It features my custom style, which I have been working on. I'm trying to improve each successive map based on feedback from the earlier ones.
Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
Collection by: Demon Arisen
Are you tired of all the terrible maps on the workshop? Of course you are! Do you long for brain-bending test chambers with excellent design? Of course you do! Do you like fun stuff? Of course you do! Well, guess what? You've come to the right place! I am...
Stoming The Caslte
Collection by: Baca
Personality Cores Bruce and Dalton, are introducing Atlas and P-Body to the simulation room. This room will allow for simulated testing in any environment imaginable. Bruce and Dalton have decided to have Atlas and P-Body storm a castle for the simulation...
Sendificate series
Collection by: HMW
There are lots of puzzles where you need to use cubes to redirect lasers. How about switching it around for a while and use lasers to redirect cubes instead? A custom gameplay mechanism called the "sendificator" does exactly that. In this series of map...
Escapology of Diseases
Collection by: RectorRocks
Maps with dangerous diseases in which you must escape in order to avoid contracting it.
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