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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by RecNeT
BLU Laboratories
Collection by Test Subject #0936
A testing track series only using the Blue portal gun. the BLU is not a typo, its a little reference to TF2's BLU team. Have fun!
dadiko39's Chambers
Collection by 6Ɛoʞᴉpǝp
Here it is! All of my newly created chambers ready-to-subscribe in just one click! Enjoy!
Collection by Blackout549
my test chambers
Sam's lab collection
Collection by Sam
Team work is always the key.Some chambers can be very tricky. More than one way to solve the puzzle. A lot FUN to play.Enjoy!!
N6's portal 2 tafe assignment levels
Collection by Nova6
A collection of all the levels I made for my tafe assignment.
Collection by FLU
Hard maps!
A-MAZE-ing Collection
Collection by nockscitney
Collection of portal puzzles where you need to navigate the maze and bring your cube / sphere safely to the end
Portal 2 Time Adventure (Episode 1 and other ones)
Collection by zmateusz
Gel-Cube Series
Collection by Sam
This contains the series of the Gel-Cube Demonstration.
Collection by crepinou
Original and fun room for all level.
The Talos Principle - Testchambers
Collection by FLooper
This collection contains all sorts of my testchambers, which are inspired by the puzzle game "The Talos Principle". It features Lasers, Cube-Button-Basics, Turrets and more, to let the puzzles from TTP leak into Portal 2! I may add maps created with t...
Collection by Fatso
portal 2 workshop
Collection by Aesthet1c
Flinging series
Collection by YλGICH
All the test chambers from "Flinging" series. Includes "For how long can you fling?" and "Thermal Discouragement Beam and Excursion Funnel Testing" To be continued.
Rubis Solo Adventure
Collection by Rubis_et_cie
Rubis Solo Adventure is a simple serie of maps without particular story. All these maps are created in Hammer World Editor. Note that I am not really the designer of these maps. All of them are based on the maps created by the beta-testers of the Po...
Collection by Yolo Swaggins
Small Claustrophobic Spaces
Collection by Radioactive0wl
Little air, and little space. 7 maps, 6 which are unique, one a smaller version of another. They all have one thing in common, they use 3 or less blocks. Some puzzles are simple, some not. Enjoy. 0wl
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