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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Eight Mappack - Part 0
Collection by: echoplex
Eight Mappack - Part 0
Co op maps
Collection by: George6120
Tjpm's maps
Collection by: TheJetPackMoves
This is TheJetPackMoves's maps for portal 2
Testy Pana Radzia!
Collection by: _NG_
Są to testy, które tworze co kilka dni. Nie są one zbyt trudne bo dopiero zaczynam "karierę" w tworzeniu map. Jest to seria testów o nieznanej tematyce. Oficjalny tester: Michcio704 --------------------------------------------------------------...
Abit's best Portal 2 maps
Collection by: あびた
Collection of my best Portal 2 maps.
ALLOS Aperture - Short Maps
Collection by: Twilight Freepone
A collection of my shorter maps, just to have them organized into one place.
A Portal 2 Map's
Collection by: LokyPirate(BR)
Small But Effective!
Collection by: Nic
This collection contains my first three custom test chambers... Symmetry Cubes, Chamber of Method & Caged. Each map is small in size & quick to play yet offer fun & effective puzzles/mechanics. These maps should be ideal for players looking for an easy-is...
Collection by: Pomeran
My maps that are based on retro games, gameplay styles or genres
The Non-Employee
Collection by: WickedWheatley
This is The Non-Employee series. There are more episodes to come. I am not sure how many but it will be no more than 5. Enjoy NOTE: This is still a work in progress.
The Great Tests
Collection by: Crichton Sheep
Testing might of been simple, but it's time for complex chambers! If you can complete this in order, you're a pro!
Nyskrte's Co-operative Nightmares
Collection by: Nyskrte
Title is self-explanatory.
Afternoon Testing Initiative
Collection by: srs bsnss
This is a collection of maps that I am gradually adding to. It features my custom style, which I have been working on. I'm trying to improve each successive map based on feedback from the earlier ones.
Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
Collection by: Demon Arisen
Are you tired of all the terrible maps on the workshop? Of course you are! Do you long for brain-bending test chambers with excellent design? Of course you do! Do you like fun stuff? Of course you do! Well, guess what? You've come to the right place! I am...
Stoming The Caslte
Collection by: Baca
Personality Cores Bruce and Dalton, are introducing Atlas and P-Body to the simulation room. This room will allow for simulated testing in any environment imaginable. Bruce and Dalton have decided to have Atlas and P-Body storm a castle for the simulation...
Sendificate series
Collection by: HMW
There are lots of puzzles where you need to use cubes to redirect lasers. How about switching it around for a while and use lasers to redirect cubes instead? A custom gameplay mechanism called the "sendificator" does exactly that. In this series of map...
Broken World
Collection by: narkfestmojo
The Broken World visual style is a slight modification to the Wheatley visual theme using bts fog and my custom designed elevators. The chambers use a single visleaf which also contains the open elevators. Large chambers are difficult with this style so t...
Into the Opera
Collection by: Krowi
Into the Opera is a work in progress map serie about 3 people getting stuck in the opera lead by the turrets. Started in the PTI editor and continued with enhancements made in Hammer. Current PTI maps are being converted and enhanced to and with Hammer. T...
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