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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Portal2 coop 基友撸起来
Collection by: Lilo
for friends
Collection by: Night4dead
WheatLeys Crazy Test Chambers
Collection by: Platinkid
You must be crazy to believe you can test it !
Collection by: Master Jiggywiggy
Random Shiat
Collection by: Andrew
Collection by: portal2fsu
Folder B
Collection by: portal2fsu
Folder A
Good maps
Collection by: SilverCircle
Excellent Puzzle Levels
Collection by: Parchment Scroll
Some have stories, some don't. Most were made in Hammer, but that's not necessarily what makes these levels shine. What all these custom levels have in common is that they have SUPER excellent puzzles in them. Super. Excellent. Puzzles.
Test Campaign 1
Collection by: Armin Arlert
Aperture Chronicles
Collection by: Neutron Star
Alternate Portal 2 storyline, no story I can think of, read the description of the first map!
Collection by: candy800419
The Growing Chamber has 10 levels, and it it not directly linear. The game starts off with 1 tutorial level and 1 semi-tutorial (level 1 & 2), then it branched out into 4 (level 3-1 to 3-4), then comes back (start at level 7). The test chamber grows big...
Superfast Speed Skater 2013
Collection by: anniecurruts
(I know I can't really say this, but I recommend Level 10 for playtesting because it best encompasses what the game is kinda about.) You are an athlete in training to win the upcoming intergalactic speed skating competition. Your coach wants you to win...
Collection by: Otny
Portal 2 workshop
Collection by: iansuperninja
These are all the test chambers I have Built in Portal 2.
A collection of SkeeTls
Collection by: SkeeTls
Буду выкладывать свои тестовые камеры сюда =)
Simple Test
Collection by: NickThe5th
A Collection Of Simple Tests That Focus On One Item Or Idea At A Time
Chaddcl0ps's Creations
Collection by: [KG] Chaddcl0ps
This is a collection of all portal 2 maps I have created 1 co-op 3 Single player maps
Wait, A Second?
Collection by: SkyRoots
Two almost identical rooms, except that the second room is missing something that made the first one easy to solve.
Test Chambers
Collection by: Syjhyl (OuttaTown)
Test chambers 001 onwards. It starts out fairly complex, so be careful!
Meine Maps
Collection by: Freakbobby
Funnel Cake
Collection by: ((LS)) Basking Boomer
A short sequence of tractor beam puzzles by Basking Boomer.
Linkuss's Chambers
Collection by: Linkuss
These are my test chambers. Not the more awesomes you'll ever seen, not the hardest either. But I think they are quite good anyways.
Pinkie Pie's Opening Number
Collection by: starlynx4
First 4 of my maps, and Pinkie Pie's opening number. The mane 6 will each have their own collection, and Pinkie Pie is going to open up the series. Come Bronies, Come all. These chambers are relatively easy.
A Day Trip In The Lab
Collection by: Tetrahedral
Testing from 9:00 - 17:00 Dont be late!
Tests to test
Collection by: Chrix
Test Looking Good
Collection by: Jitza
These few tests are designed to see if every human really does have a brain. They may not sometimes be too difficult but they are there to get your brain warmed up for the more challenging tests you may encounter. They will be made every so often so we ma...
MOF Chambers
Collection by: Moerrrb
A Collection of my Chambers. work in progress. have fun testing!
M1L's Portal 2 Puzzle Pack
Collection by: M1L
An interesting collection of fun, challenging, and over the top indie levels for Portal 2.
My Work
Collection by: Hyperion: Titan of Light
Just the chambers I have created. Enjoy.
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