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Collection by: OldGreg
A colection of the best coustome CO-OP levels.
Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by: Steven
Portal 2 - Steven's Custom Chambers
Collection by: Zombak45rus™
Collection by: Miimaster
Hurricane Chell(HAhahahaha) left milliond of Companion cubes without a home. GLaDOS now want's to get rid of them. Help save The Companion Cubes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before it's to late. Part 1 Finished Part 2 Finished Parrt 3 Being Tested By YOU!!...
The COMPACT Series.
Collection by: BasRIN
These are confusing outside the box thinkin maps. I like to call the COMPACT maps anyways good luck on your journey!
Collection by: tomoyodai
Fun House (Co-op)
Collection by: Basking_Boomer.LS
Puzzles with a fun-house theme, medium difficulty, and usually dangerous. Design: My first round of co-op maps, second round overall; playing with button and switch mechanisms.
Collection by: Joglova
Used program Style changer. Использовна программа Style Changer. Style Changer:http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/882953189045851829/?appid=620
Portal 2 Co-op Maps
Collection by: The Secret Imbecile
Some Co-op Maps for Portal 2.
Aperture Sewers
Collection by: JJD
Escape Aperture Sewers
Cashus Wrinkle Sack's Boner Palooza
Collection by: So German It Hertz
random lasers
Collection by: dani wolf
en estas pruebas uno o varios laseres letales estaran tocandote las narices para que no resuelvas la prueba... pero aleatoriamente pueden ayudarte
Jump, jump, jump!
Collection by: kao4416
The Best
Collection by: cykazone
A selection of the best test chambers.
Bong Test
Collection by: [BONG] Suk I Am Hello
raccolta di test bongosi
Manoet Maps
Collection by: mikado85
Le mappe di merda di Marco
portal2 pack of maps
Collection by: Mr.NuKE 1000
this is awesome
The Portal 2 EPICNESS
Collection by: Dialglex
Its EPICNESS will overpower you!
Team 1396 Pt. IV
Collection by: captn_g
Imagine HairyHagrid trying to play this collection, cause ya know, he cant even speak a sentence without screaming like a girl or shitting on James.
Grandpa Testing
Collection by: WaterLemon
In Stupid Laboratiories they use Grandpas as test subjects and you are one of them. Complete all the test chambers and die because you are too old. I will make more maps if people play and rate them (P-body and Atlas are not grandpas. They come to ...
Camera Portal 2
Collection by: Keksik
Camera Portal 2 - Very interesting and attractive. Play =)
Collection by: Ruo
Collection by: ryuza
Collection by: Solid Jim
These test chambers are a little bit difficult.
Test Chambers
Collection by: blackfox_1109
Flipped Chambers
Collection by: JazzyWazzy64
[Test Subject] O.K, THAT was an easy test! Ok test subjects, this test MAY invole TRACE amounts of deja vu, but don't worry, it's just a flipped version of the room. Gravity still work, though. [Test Subject] What was that?
Whingers custom maps
Collection by: Whinger
It's my collection
Searching and finding
Collection by: schlaglichter
The Taurochambers
Collection by: SuperTauros
All the chambers in the Taurochambers series.
Collection by: Lycaon
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