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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by Randomlaser45
Collection by MeepMu
Pelles Collection
Collection by rhaelene
My Maps
Collection by Powerlated
My Collection
Collection by Bink
Collection of my personal custom and favorite maps.
Collection by fuzzydyche
MFC Series
Collection by Kikss4400
This Is My MFC Series So Yeah Nothing More To Say.
les salle de test de yannakin68 - toute les partie
Collection by VA yannakin68
voila un pack qui vous permetra d'avoir toute le map "les salle de test de yannakin68"
Portals and Puzzles
Collection by pseudonymouskid
ALLOS Map Pack
Collection by (ƦAWƦaRFS) Catches07
This is the map pack (made by ALLOS' Friend) recomended for V3Ryan.
The Se7en Deadly Chambers
Collection by Ascension
Envy Greed Gluttony Lust Pride Sloth and Wrath. Good luck.
Portal 2 maps
Collection by DildorTheDecent
Course for Sleepy Test Subjects
Collection by NightVoid
Collection of my random chambers. Red eyes and sleepy mood is required.
Collection by [Onions] ベースの神
Collection by batslug
Collection by jeremy.llewellyn
Collection by pauleykr
Collection by burikiller200
Portal 2 Maps
Collection by Kitten10897
Here i have a collection of cool test chambers i have found on the community. Do not give me the credit for these maps, give credit to the owners.
Collection by Ronathan
Cake or Death
Collection by littlemissfreaky
This is a wonderful (if not crazy) selection of tests designed to test singleplayers. Let the best man/woman/child/grandparent/cat/flying monkey/etc. win!
Collection by josephjones23
a quick list of basic test puzzles
Noclip around
Collection by Wheatley «ṽ⁞ẅ»
I hope you enjoy this 2 map mappack
Collection by Hailstorm
A collection of maps for me and sharpshooter to play.
journey through demon corporations
Collection by speaking
make your way through the vanilla test chambers of demon corporations, eventually you may find the secrets of demon corporations if you can survive the tests... (i dont own that photo up above, it belongs to the final fantasy series so on and so fo...
Igor's Chambers
Collection by Igor
Das ist die Igor's Chambers Kollektion. Es handelt sich hierbei um Testkammern die ich in meiner Freizeit erstelle. Diese Kollektion erweitert sich stetig.
turret, yay collection
Collection by Ziggasaur!
34ziggy1s turret chamber collection
DRaKOS Testkammernpack
Collection by Drakolyr
Herzlich willkommen und danke das sie sich für das DRaKOS Einzelspieler Testkammernpacket entschieden haben. Bitte lesen sie die Beschreibungen genau durch, denn sie enthalten Tipps und Erfolge. Richtig gehört... Erfolge: Bei den DRaKOS Testkammer...
Collection by Alioth
A collection of all my cooperative chambers.
Escape from Aperture
Collection by J_WiP
A collection of test chambers designed to replicate the feel of the Portal games.......but with a twist. WARNING Chamber 2 is incredibly hard and may be skipped.
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