Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Unconventional Series
Collection by: SODaLG
A collection of 20 unconventional tests for solving made by me. Some are easy, some are hard, some are just plain wierd and down right pointless. One thing is clear: They will test your metal... and your ability to sexually reproduce. Wait... thats not ri...
my collection
Collection by: lepestok1987
Water Temple
Collection by: {---[]٠} Malik
Water Temple maps
tacos stuff
Collection by: thetacotaster
super cool stuff inside
Top Rated Co-Op Maps
Collection by: Colt
Top rated Portal 2 Co-Op maps
my chambers
Collection by: mikesandison
Cooperation is sacrifice
Collection by: XDinky
Collection by: sofis.youtybe
My co-op tests Full Pack
Collection by: jmarshal
All of the co-op tests are here.
[SZW Team]
Collection by: _$K1F_
Коллекция работ команды SZW Team (в частности, _$K1F_).
P2 Race Maps
Collection by: Diewer
Portal 2 race maps
Collection by: Il D3mon Kebbabaro Dovahkiin
One of the biggest collections ever made.. HEYEAH
Collection by: Txomas
Ten Tragic tests
Collection by: dannyconnors100
Jus some tests can be hard easy simple or medeium but require some logical thinking.
// Dark Matters of Science
Collection by: mr. Göran
// D.M. of S. is my vision about tests, science and dark. This test chambers is not one whole. This is a parts, pieces of one infinite thought, and my thoughts can create newest ideas, time to time... without the end. Is this maps good or not? I d...
Collection by: bigbanannabro
it is there
Vakoru FEG
Collection by: Sir Apple Martini
Voids Chambers
Collection by: chris (void)
A collection of maps I made. Will add new maps every now and then. Hope you enjoy playing.
Collection by: ivandrey
Portal 2
Collection by: blyzr
The Floor is Lava
Collection by: "8"
A small series of levels with water being the main hazard. The aperture laboratory has been hit by a strong flood, and it's your time to test out chambers, and they aren't letting you out until you complete them.
Collection by: sk8r-bek
Complexity CO-OP Chamber Series
Collection by: Bobafettkickbut
If you wanted complex chambers, you came to the right place. Complexity is designed to be one of the most complex series of coop chambers that i can possibly create, just for those who think other chambers are just too easy for them. If you dont like cham...
The Batch
Collection by: TheGamer101
The First batch of Tests.
12 Angry Tests
Collection by: SIMOMEGA
12 Angry Tests
Collection by: Vantaj
Big Empty Room
Collection by: RexTheCapt
Big Empty Room
Коллекция - "Природы порталов"
Collection by: SvYaToGoR
Коллекция - "Природы порталов" Включает в себя все мои тестовые камеры
Portal 2
Collection by: Alemetalsio
Collection by: [LB]Mr.BIQAA
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