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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Simple Test
Collection by: NickThe5th
A Collection Of Simple Tests That Focus On One Item Or Idea At A Time
Chaddcl0ps's Creations
Collection by: Chaddcl0ps
This is a collection of all portal 2 maps I have created 1 co-op 3 Single player maps
Aperture Chronicles
Collection by: SatDOS's muddy boot cousin
Alternate Portal 2 storyline, no story I can think of, read the description of the first map!
Collection by: candy800419
The Growing Chamber has 10 levels, and it it not directly linear. The game starts off with 1 tutorial level and 1 semi-tutorial (level 1 & 2), then it branched out into 4 (level 3-1 to 3-4), then comes back (start at level 7). The test chamber grows big...
Superfast Speed Skater 2013
Collection by: anniecurruts
(I know I can't really say this, but I recommend Level 10 for playtesting because it best encompasses what the game is kinda about.) You are an athlete in training to win the upcoming intergalactic speed skating competition. Your coach wants you to win...
Dunk Patrol
Collection by: Pepperpwni
"Dunk Patrol" is a series of competitive multiplayer levels. Each level challenges you to be the first one to launch your cube on a faith plate at a button to exit the level.
The Claustrophobic Chambers
Collection by: The Jester
A few short chambers I built using the In-Game editor.
Portal: A second Look
Collection by: LawlTrev
My first basic collection of a few test chambers I made that I like. Hope you enjoy.
Hacker (Intro to Game Design Project 3)
Collection by: Dr. John Zoidberg
Levels created for our Intro to Game Design class. Based around the mechanic of using the Portal gun as a way to digitize yourself into computers so you can hack them and manipulate the real world. You play as Hacker who is breaking into a corporate offic...
Lock's rucksack
Collection by: TheDevilOfFallujah
Outdoor Testing Levels (and my Levels)
Collection by: smccluney_new
This is a collection of all outdoor test chambers from some of you players (and my levels). Credit to DaMaGepy, Idolon, Philly, and Dr.hismario123 Portal 2 fan for making such awesome maps!
Collection by: Otny
Wait, A Second?
Collection by: SkyRoots
Two almost identical rooms, except that the second room is missing something that made the first one easy to solve.
Portal 2 Custom Test Chambers
Collection by: Druark
This is a collection of all my Portal 2 Test Chambers I have created using the ingame editor, remember any and all comments are welcome as long as their constructive and not just "argh this sucks" or something similar, make your comments helpful for me to...
Aperture Gel-Laboratories
Collection by: Schnipfl
A testing campaign about gel... and lemons.. no wait.. just gel actually.
Just One Laser
Collection by: CC | Pʀøρʜϵτ
A Laser, some cubes and relays. That's... about it :D A collection of easy test chambers I'm still creating. Same base : a laser. Maybe too easy, maybe not... Subscribe to know ! :P
Advanced Companion Retrieval
Collection by: simoncrown
A set of advanced chambers to put together some of the neat things I've learned through the Portal community.
Test Chambers
Collection by: [Murtle] Syjhyl (Out of town)
Test chambers 001 onwards. It starts out fairly complex, so be careful!
Meine Maps
Collection by: Freakbobby
Funnel Cake
Collection by: Basking_Boomer.LS
A short sequence of tractor beam puzzles by Basking Boomer.
Portal 2 workshop
Collection by: iansuperninja
These are all the test chambers I have Built in Portal 2.
Cooperative Building Initiative
Collection by: Deli73
This is a set of levels me and my friend Ian have worked on together. Note that "cooperative buliding initiative" refers to the fact that we are MAKING the tests together, not all of these tests are cooperative levels.
Easy test chamber.
Collection by: artyomovg
Very easy/
Collection by: [G-Pro] Retalyx
Toues les cartes RetaRoom
For Lack of A Better Name: The Negative Chambers
Collection by: ƒɼɪɔɫɪοɳ
The For Lack of A Better Name Negative Collective which Holds the Pre-Hammer playable maps
RayPals | Chaos Series
Collection by: RayPals
This Series is a co-op based Collection. is you want a challange we'll you got one, so play some of the first stuff i made!
The Aperture Science Probation Assignment
Collection by: Mr. Nice Guy
TO: employee69000@aperturescience.com RE: INDEFINITE IMPRISONMENT Due to your escape of the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber, the Aperture Science Laser Imprisonment & Contemplation Chamber has been deemed to be a test chamb...
Spaß mit Türmen
Collection by: craniel
Immer die Geschütztürme.
proxy's chambers 8-11 not what it seems
Collection by: vSkry
the 3rd collection of coper laboratories
Spinster's Test
Collection by: Avaruusmanteli / Nanofus
You find yourself in a dangerous series of test chambers. You've only heard strange rumors about this place... the place called the Spinster's Test. Are you still alive when you reach the exit?
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