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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: ryuza
Collection by: Solid Jim
These test chambers are a little bit difficult.
Test Chambers
Collection by: blackfox_1109
Flipped Chambers
Collection by: JazzyWazzy64
[Test Subject] O.K, THAT was an easy test! Ok test subjects, this test MAY invole TRACE amounts of deja vu, but don't worry, it's just a flipped version of the room. Gravity still work, though. [Test Subject] What was that?
Whingers custom maps
Collection by: Whinger
It's my collection
Searching and finding
Collection by: schlaglichter
The Taurochambers
Collection by: SuperTauros
All the chambers in the Taurochambers series.
Collection by: Lycaon
Co-op Test Chambers
Collection by: MrLux
This is collection of maps with BEEmod contents: Warm Lights, Mashy Spike Plates, Autoportal Fields (open orange portal), Pneumatic Diversity Vent, High Energy Pallet, doors...
Collection by: crazyal02
Valve said that Pneumatic Diversity Vents don't have enough puzzle applications. I SAY OTHERWISE!
Ineechan's Subscriptions
Collection by: Intigracy - Gone until May/June
All of the stuff I've got subscribed to.
Collection by: Papa Roach
Mission Pack for singleplayer mode. Author Papa Roach
No way out
Collection by: Hoybot
Just using the standard Portal 2 map editor - but exploring the themes of booby traps, switches that control multiple objects, back tracking, and generally trying to take the trapped feeling that Portal creates, to the next level. Hopefully producing enj...
Escape Laboratories
Collection by: Rainbow Power :3
Jest to coś w stylu zwykłej gry, tylko że ma moje komory.Fabuła : Budzimy sie w Laboratorium i chcemy z niego się wydostać.
Mutiple Testing
Collection by: nintendo.erk
Maps with multple rooms with small puzzles
Easy Test Room
Collection by: MegaSchoolNagibator99_mamkuebal
my first test chambers
Collection by: Monimon
My own story
Collection by: uugr
Oh, I don't know. I just want to make my own Portal 2 levels.
Dead Man's Chambers
Collection by: TheWhoDoctor
Explore closed off chambers where many have died trying to solve One man's head exploded when he thought too hard on one of these tests
SP Challenges
Collection by: IDECm
Mała kolekcja moich mapek, ogólnie dość łatwych. A small collection of my maps, generally quite easy.
Collection by: alex.sweitzer
its awsome
Lab Rats
Collection by: Bi0Haz4rd
Lab Rats Series Stage 1 : The Escape (More to come)
Collection by: MEDIC
What Is This I Don't Even...
easy or not
Collection by: sclicer86
you deacde if it is easy or not.
TEST ???
Collection by: Виннихидзе Пуховян
4 TESTS for players
The Levels
Collection by: Duck Invaders
I'm planning to release a set of maps every week or so until I feel like stopping. I'll probably end up forgetting but oh well.. Eventually I also plan to create a storyline that's completely unrelated to these maps.
portal 2
Collection by: Mr.101
Collection by: Phazee
Hoffe es macht euch Spaß ^^
Aperture testing
Collection by: progamer187
testing is important play single player then ecape then play with our 2 favorite bots and save testing in co-op
Portal Test Chamber Recreations
Collection by: Kauko (AndrewNeo)
Recreations of Portal test chambers using only the map editor.
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