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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Fun House
Collection by usethisonejack
Enter the Fun House... Enjoy the Ball Pit and escape the Bounce House to enter The Maze. Finding your way out only leads to more danger in the Haunted Hall. For those skilled enough to make it through the hall, one last puzzle locks the Slip'n'Slide. Unlo...
easy box
Collection by Twins of Doom
easy easy so easy
Collection by Burixer85
¡La base de todos los puzles!
Oracle Initiative - Chapter One
Collection by Loweboy, The Last Monroe
For this series of tests Aperture Science requests all employees to report to Oracle Testing Lab 87D92C to begin your mandatory testing. When your testing shift begins arrive at the testing center promptly, and well rested. You will be doing great things ...
XxdDany's tests
Collection by Dany_Ways
Test chambers by XxdDany
Chip Plant Gamma
Collection by ZooC0d3
Shut down the chip plant before the corrupted AI is circulated around the Multiverse! A brand new collection of maps - more will be added at a later date. Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Collection by racker92
Wonderland-themed Portal 2 chambers.
The Lost Levels
Collection by UnholyHyverox
First series of my Portal 2 maps.
HackerHead's Portal 2 Maps
Collection by CriticismBadger
A collection of maps I put together on Portal 2 hoping to challenge and engage people in their freetime.
Return Of Test Chambers 1-10
Collection by ExtremeAdventure
Think With Portals. For Science.
Testing Grounds
Collection by Doisman
My first (and only so far) Portal 2 maps. I'm bad at making these maps so be gentle with your hate
Collection by MrFraim
Diese Tests für Portal 2 sind von PortalForumDE(Steamgruppe) erstellt worden.
Portal Maps
Collection by BansheeTK
A folder of portal maps
SlightlyDifferentDuplicates: Which should I keep?
Collection by jbsob
I created the same map twice with a different title and description for each to see what people liked better. One is more of a parody of Cave Johnson's multiverse commentary and helps the player out more as the title itself is a hint to the map's nature. ...
Collection by Enju Senpai
Mapas de portal 2
Portal 2
Collection by БРАЧО
Drowning Cube
Collection by Undies!
Portal Test Chambers: All Tests revolve around a 'Drowning Cube'
Collection by FrozenStriker
This collection shows how portal 2 maps would have looked like in the past
LorddooH's AperturE
Collection by I'm stupide turret
Skill Evalution Chambers
Collection by Vixc
All you have to do is think. Think with portals.
Pastry Pred's Chambers
Collection by pastry
Donut/Pastrypredator/Irc's own levels. WARNING : These levels are in no way good in any way, to be honest. I just wanted a collection of the levels I build ( and like )
Collection by sB3uQ5xR2hN4.._._..._.....__..
Collection by Win-AK47{W.I.N}
: D
ZA6 Limitation
Collection by LOZEMO76
ZA9 Ambiguity
Collection by LOZEMO76
The BTE Pprogram
Collection by Nickvr628
This is the BTE Testing Initiative. This first part focuses on the gel testing elements. More tests coming soon.
Test Chambers PL
Collection by Makonde[PL]
Moje pomieszczenia testowe.Nie jest ich zbyt dużo,ale co z tego :P
Collection by EndLessHippopotamus
This is an Aperture Laboratories Initiative to see how test subjects react to being propelled in the air.
Rescue The Frankens....
Collection by HJustice
The Frankens are prisoned!. They need your help! You must rescue them!
Collection by Shaa
ну тест камеры...
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