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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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My Portal II Map Collection
Collection by: pettycameron
My Portal 2 Map collection. Play it.
Collection by: SoundMaelstrom
Thinking Puzzles
Collection by: ✪ Bachno ✪
Collection of the Thinking Puzzles chamber series. Designed to be difficult and confusing.
Collection by: Ryastar
My maps/ Favourites
Collection by: Aladeen The Great
This is collection of my Favourites/ my maps in Portal 2
Beginner's Course
Collection by: The_Rockers
Hello there, new employee! Welcome to Aperture! You're gonna have to solve these six simple tests before you can do pretty much anything here. That includes the drinking fountain. And the bathrooms. And if you pass out, we're not supplying any oxygen. Too...
Portal 2 collection
Collection by: Kadam
Darkness Series
Collection by: Baxstar
A unique series that can be both frustrating and easy.
Collection by: Flyenemu
Randome maps
Collection by: Nathanator
really awsome
Cow-orkers en Aperture
Collection by: noquierouser
A veces, a quienes jugamos Portal 2, nos pica un poco el bicho de la creatividad... o el de la curiosidad. O ambos. Es en esas ocasiones donde crees que puedes hacer algo digno de GLaDOS y sientes la imperiosa necesidad de tener sujetos de prueba. O no. ...
Collection by: Tennpa
It`s awesome!
Collection by: jHoon
Portal Collection
The Default Trials
Collection by: Synsilon
This collection is a set of Portal 2 maps that I'm designing called the Default Trials. They are all built inside the default room size, so they're small, but that doesn't mean they're simple. Please rate and comment, I love feedback and hearing what wa...
Collection by: Sigma_97
Just some fun tests to enjoy!
Collection by: MEGA MAN
Tests by.. ME!
Collection by: Pman
Some tests that I made. i hope there fun!
Tonn's Tests
Collection by: WLS.tonn-falsedawn
All Tonn's Tests
Portal 2 Collection
Collection by: discokrakken
I'm only making this so I can check out Portal 2 mods or something. I don't even fully comprehend what this means. HOW DOES IT WORK
Fun 'n' stuff
Collection by: Thunder
Maps that I've made out of boredom, for fun or for any other reason :)
Collection by: hazardous materials
Collection by: Ailinium
Im Zuge der Entwicklung von GLaDOS ersannen sich die Wisschenschaftler Testkammern um die Leistungsfähikeit der KI testen und verbessern zu koennen. Die Kammern der SX-Reihe waren dazu gedacht die Kooperations- und Problemlösefähigkeit von GLaDOS's KI-...
Salles Lumières
Collection by: Ofufe [BE]
C'est une série de salles coopératives.
Collection by: Zheddian
Portal 2 Psicologia
Collection by: david_gp_1995
awesome maps
Collection by: Meta Knight
This is a collection of my maps, and I hope you like them
Mapas portal 2
Collection by: Serret
Collection by: [Derp7]Proto
Jason and Chris
Collection by: captn_g
Portal 2 collection
Collection by: 〜(≧ω≦〜)≡≡≡= ♪
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