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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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SDC - Woox Collection
Collection by WooX
Series of Test chambers Created under the name SDC ( Shin Doctor Chamber )
the ten easiest tests in the world
Collection by Wheatley «ṽ⁞ẅ»
Primary Colour: New
Collection by MrLux
New Edition of Primary Colour starts! With new custom TEXTURES by Reepblue and Colossal!!! It have 18 test chambers. Maybe sequel of Primary Colour will be in style of Blue Portals (New), but I need them agree.
Were Still doing science sir.. Pack 1
Collection by [SS][AA][TGK]Game Breaker
Think or Die.....Your choice... Contributors liamdudas1 H.rustyfest
Portal2 Maps
Collection by Shadow X
My Test Chambers
Collection by hitbox.tv/DeathWhitch
Test Chambers published by me
Collection by Euge
Collection by Euge
Collection by KirkBerkley
These puzzles require you to use some special tactics to get cubes where you want them. Designed for people who have played through Portal 2 and are looking for a bit more of a challenge.
Singleplayer Games
Collection by Gage Plays
This is my Portal 2 Maps i made there awesome
Test Test
Collection by Axis Angles
Test Test
My Editings
Collection by GLaDOS
These Maps are ether edited by me (for other user/subscribers/whosoever) or simply made by me! Check them out. They look nice!
Portal 1 tests in Portal 2
Collection by Hexsonic (Xavier B)
{{ PLEASE READ! }} You can now play the normal PORTAL 1 levels in PORTAL 2 ! Other people did it, but my version may be interesting for you. I first tried to make it the most accurate possible, but then I realized "Hey! This is Portal 2. Objects are di...
Collection by SkyRoots
A collection of chambers that may seem impossible at first, but are indeed possible to solve.
Go & Return
Collection by PrychuRecords
Mr.Dyl's map cellection #1
Collection by Kiilgore
just a bundle of my maps
Portal Redone
Collection by [OG] Dr Cupkizzle
A series of maps from the original Portal game, re-created for Portal 2 and made more challenging. Sorry it won't link the youtube video so I will: http://youtu.be/tjxmrJxKNMU Just so you know, this is a Showcase/Walkthrough Video so it will spoil t...
Portal 2 карты
Collection by ^5CSS ^0|^7'^4'^1' ^0Vir
Пользовательские карты для Портал 2
Sky's Glitch Collection
Collection by SkyRoots
These puzzles involve exploiting various Portal 2 "glitches".
my first collection
Collection by Alpha_Bag
Hello World!
Hard...ish puzzles
Collection by phipboy
Basically what the title says. Lots of different puzzles. There's some precision jumps and in some places it's pretty easy to fail, so be careful :L
Portal 2
Collection by elgamer3333
Day P
Collection by LoLViX
The serial Day P It's been a long time of cooperative actions.
Test chambers
Collection by Matt1221
This the collection of all the test chambers in my workshop enjoy
Collection by Kung Führer
Different gamemodes to be played in co-op like the classic board game of checkers or a dangerous game of deathrun. Hope you like them!
Subject 907
Collection by teddyinpain
Subject seems to be ready. Let's test its abilities, before sending it into the deep.
Henrys sexy beast
Collection by Depressed Pepe
Widget's Chambers
Collection by JamesUrlJones
the cube
Collection by The Ultimate Cyborg
the cube collection and I forgot the story
BuffaloLabs Test Chambers
Collection by Cowrus
In a alternate universe, you play as Bendy, a lost figure trapped inside BuffaloLabs, a Testing Area inside Aperture. You are guided by the pre-recorded messages of Cave Johnson. Playing level-by-level, you learn more about the physics of Portal 2.
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