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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: SkyRoots
A collection of chambers that may seem impossible at first, but are indeed possible to solve.
Go & Return
Collection by: PrychuRecords
Mr.Dyl's map cellection #1
Collection by: MrDyl
just a bundle of my maps
Portal Redone
Collection by: [OG] Dr Cupkizzle
A series of maps from the original Portal game, re-created for Portal 2 and made more challenging. Sorry it won't link the youtube video so I will: http://youtu.be/tjxmrJxKNMU Just so you know, this is a Showcase/Walkthrough Video so it will spoil t...
The Dawn of a New Era in Personal Computing
Collection by: ModernME
Welcome to the collection... This is a map series used for a movie I'm making called An Infringed Replication: Replication Aftermath (Formerly Portal 2™ : The Replication . Journey through the Aperture Science Joint Jason Farms Computer Aided...
Portal 2 Collection I liked
Collection by: BuzzerMan
No need more description.
Old Style, New Style
Collection by: Innervator
I created a perfectly round sphere map template by hand. Then I filled the bottom with water and created some old-style puzzles!
Collection by: Kinky Banana
Alien base attack
Collection by: ☭Stalin_PainisBREAD☭[ηϾ]
a series of you needing to attack an alien base and a quick run through by Cave Jonson saying a breifing for that area. :)
Collection by: H2KU | Portalpower
Portal 2 Delta Test Chambers
Collection by: ineseri
Dersus Mexus (Broken Science)
Collection by: Sackboy™
Dif. Medium Category: Fabual Characters: Stick man (You), Cave Jonhson Lemons ,Combustible Lemon's, GLaDOS (Deactived}
Collection by: Aidanasha
Peter Testing-Co op
Collection by: Petercov
All PTesting Co-op chambers
Portal 2: Escape
Collection by: Player2wo
5 years ago you were caught stealing technology from Aperture Laboratories to present as your companies own, Black Mesa. It's time that you escape...
Nice n Easy tests
Collection by: Tokoloshe
Nice n Easy tests good fun not to taxing on the brain...
Test Sequence 1- Introduction to Portals
Collection by: DragonBorn926
An easy introduction to Portals. Ideal if you're new to portal. Or stupid.
Easy or hard
Collection by: RobertDavis91
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