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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: wnsgks8
junehan map
Co-Op Challenges (1-5)
Collection by: demoman w/ demopan and demospam
It will take a long time. Have fun on these Co-Op Challenges that I worked very hard on.
Jack be Nimble Chambers
Collection by: Kaede Ishimora
This is my Jack be Nimble chamber series enjoy!
31 октября
Collection by: 31 октября
Карты для совместного прохождения.
Laser Logic
Collection by: version2_1
Test your understanding of logic with lasers in Portal.
Portal 2 - Co-op collection
Collection by: NADudgeon
It's just my collection for co-op chambers, I have yet to see if they are bad or not though.
creation #1
Collection by: michaelbw99
some creations by me. dont judge them, i am just starting.
My Stuff
Collection by: [ZURIS Development] 刃狼
Basically whatever I build and release for the Portal 2 mapmakers (Singleplayer AND Co-op maps)
Collection by: pwdyson
first collection
Zero Cool
Collection by: Zero Cool
A Story of the First 365 Tests
Collection by: ThreeRoneC
From the creator of 999 Chambers, comes an all new story set years before you and your companion cube. You were not the first to try to complete all 999 test chambers. Unlike you, they did not have an awesome companion cube...they had eachother. See ho...
Croc Laboratorie, die neuen kammern
Collection by: Atomic Dash
mir werden nach und nach mehr test-kammern einfallen die auch nach der reihe immer grösser,umfangreicher und schwerer werden. für den coop wird das nicht anders, evtl werden sogar aus der solo player reihe welche vorkommen. ich wünsche angenehmes tes...
Test Dump
Collection by: [gbx] mountainRyan
My collection of test maps! ... or a dump of them.
The Melted Collection
Collection by: Festive Terminal 2.0
In The Melted Collection contains every chamber made my Melting Terminal, that ISN'T part of The Testing Pack.
The Testing Pack
Collection by: Festive Terminal 2.0
The Testing Pack consists of chambers made by Melting Terminal - both Singleplayer and Co-Op. In it are chambers all in the same series, which doesn't really matter which order you play them in.
Collection by: tuhvatullin92
bla bla bla
COOP Maps & Collections
Collection by: p4ik
Portal 2 Co-op
Collection by: SetØ
Aperture Science Testing Program
Collection by: [GER] Sir Louis von Schnitzel
This is my Portal 2 Map-Pack "Aperture Science Testing Program". It contains Singleplayer and Co-Op-Chambers. More chambers are coming soon!
Madness Coop
Collection by: New Year Fluffy
A series of tests that get harder as the creator seems to go mad. (COOP)
Soul-Eating Machine Of Doom
Collection by: =Harders=
Soul-Eating Machine Of Doom, is a mappack in which your soul gets eaten by a machine which sends you to the doom dimension. You have to find your way out of the complex, completing a number of test chambers and stuff. PLEASE NOTE THE GAME ISN'T ...
Present from the sky
Collection by: blefffff
Do you love to fly? Come!
série impossible ( ou presque )
Collection by: Rods
n'éspérez pas voir la sortie de sitôt
better together, coop levels by fletcher
Collection by: Felixfeb the Skull Kid
Fun, hard awesome, just right colection.
Portal items
Collection by: Fedoraz1
Cool items in Portal 2
Cyberwolf pack
Collection by: Rocket the Dandiest racoon
Its co-op and single player fun
Friendly Logic
Collection by: mitchthe12th
The Friendly Logic Co-op series by Mitchthe12th. PLEASE NOTE: Feel free to give Mitch Co-op Ideas! PM him and tell him where things would go etc. and you might be in the description! Oooh, Description.......
Death Is Suicide
Collection by: MCA
Death Is Suicide is a co-op five-map collection but it's a work in progress. At the beginning of each map, it has DIS, which is Death Is Suicide. The tests are: DISmantle, DISlocation, DISclaim, DISpute, and DISarray. Have fun with your co-op bud...
Collection by: xX_Xanthos_Xx
Randy makes love
Collection by: ♚♛I see you♛♚
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