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Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Bear Cave
Collection by: Grunndle
Chambers for special friends.
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: petrozorkneo
mapsek lesznek, ahogy az időm engedi :D
Collection by: mr mouse
Testing Testchamber
Collection by: Tormunds
An adventure for Portal 2. You are a Aperture Science Worker and you need to make sure that the TestChambers work and can be pass through.
Long Maps
Collection by: Kepler
A collection of my own maps that are long. Usually they are not too hard, but they require steady focus and will keep you that way for a good long while...
Bisqwit's coauthored puzzles
Collection by: Bisqwit
Puzzles that I have created in collaboration with other puzzle authors.
Einfach aber schön!
Collection by: Auftragskiller
Locker gelöst, fast zu einfach.
The Omnitests
Collection by: The Noble Poro
A series of maps that contain a number of smaller tests for you to solve
The Double-Chambers
Collection by: Tyrant Lizard King
A collection of a series where each level has at least 2 chambers in them.
Collection by: jake.swartzel
Easy Test For New Players
Collection by: Scumbag Bonnie
this is for all easy test for new palyers that I made it!
Nightmare Labs Test Chambers
Collection by: Digitalsleep
Welcome to Nightmare Laboratory, a test chamber contractor for Aperture Science.
My chambers and playgrounds.
Collection by: [☾★] Eldsky VIII
I make VERY strange co-op and singleplayer maps. This is a Sort-Of-good map collection made by me. al the maps are made by me too. not very good but might like it.
Portal 2
Collection by: kirst412
Portal 2 Custom maps
Collection by: Ninja
Chambers Of Self-Awareness
Collection by: K40S
This collection consists of my most challenging testing chambers.
For Robby
Collection by: Darth Andy
I challenge Robby with these chambers.
Collection by: you monster
Portal 2 Custom Collection
Collection by: Scoot-A-Butt
Contains various Portal 2 Maps [Made for a friend but anyone can try it]
Collection by: PlaysWithSquirrels
This is just for racing because bite me.
1st Completed Test Chamber
Collection by: FaDE Emperor
This collection contains 2 versions of my first completed test chamber.
Aperture Testing 2.0
Collection by: Yumi
GLaDos has been upgraded, now she can produce tests at a rapid pace....
Collection by: bassgrid
CJ's Maps
Collection by: The_CJ
Only a little collektion of my maps
Collection by: HRNSHN
4 Parcour Maps.
The Remembered Chambers (Co-Op)
Collection by: ka_boom_bomb
Portal 2 Co-operative chambers... back from the dead!!! (or maybe I just forgot to publish them)
Purtal 2
Collection by: CorruptComputer
Joe the Stickfiddler's Portal 2 Levels
Collection by: Stickfiddler
These are all of my maps. Enjoy!
Apature Reboot: Chapter 2, The Reboot
Collection by: Twan!
Apature Reboot, Chapter 1: Testing Again?
Collection by: Twan!
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