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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Kernow Laboratories' Test Chamber's
Collection by: Vesna
The entirety of the test chambers produced by Kernow Laboratories (Vesna).
Important Choices
Collection by: HJOW
There are some switches, or buttons. You can turn on, or press them which make your path correctly. Also, there are some switches (or buttons) you must not touch. So, you should see everything and make a dicision. I uproad testrooms with self-test...
Ultrashadic's Portal Basics
Collection by: Doge Minast, Tryhard Meganerd
6 Lessons to the Basics of Portal 2.
Boing !!
Collection by: StIg
A collection of my puzzles. All are of medium difficulty and all use Blue Gel at some point or another, hence the name Boing! Please provide feedback, they've all been playtested, but anything wrong, let me know. Never stop testing...
The test chamber of the second generation
Collection by: Cha Koibito /S/
This is my second collection in which I decided to devote a lot of time flying in the levitation ray. I hope you enjoy, have fun! With time the collection will be updated, the total number of test chambers 5. Look in my first collection: http://steamcommu...
The Levels
Collection by: Duck Invaders
I'm planning to release a set of maps every week or so until I feel like stopping. I'll probably end up forgetting but oh well.. Eventually I also plan to create a storyline that's completely unrelated to these maps.
Sujet 112
Collection by: TempArea[FR]
Collection by: Magnon | Mainfrezzer
Magnon Chambers
The Power Of Thinking
Collection by: Dt3c...
These are some experiments, test or games created by myself. The most of my chambers are kinda tricky ( I hope so :P ) but none of them is not solvable or really very hard. There is a companian cube hidden in every chamber I made so far....try to find it...
Laser & Cube
Collection by: [RUS 78] Грин ПИС!!!
Saturday 7 Part 5: Flying Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome back to the Saturday 7! This fifth part is entitled "Flying Through the Air With the Greatest of Ease" because all but one level have some part were you fly a great distance through the air. Although it won't always be with great ease as you wi...
Scribble's Chambers
Collection by: [Arm3D] Scribbz
Heres a collection of maps I've made. I spent a huge amount of time making them, so hope you enjoy! Let me know if you find a problem though I've tried to be very thorough. Thanks!
Portal 3
Collection by: Microsoft Powerpoint
This is MY version of portal 3. There is NO space and NO outside levels.
A Great Source of Vitamin C
Collection by: Genki
Maps that I create that try to capture a legitament feel in the Portal 2 universe.
Escape 2
Collection by: High Speed Doubbing
Looks like you're back in prison.
1ter Versuch
Collection by: [MEOW]^5E^0xMani^5aZ
ok erster versuch
Omega Testing
Collection by: (TMS)Makaan the Guard
the Omega Testing track has officially arrived today with 20 dangerous tests Other Testing tracks Alpha Testing-coming soon will have 15 tests Beta Testing-Gonna begin construction after Omega Mad Testing-dont know if this one will come likely after ...
Various tests
Collection by: Agitur
This is a collection of test chambers, I designed by myself. Please give feedback if you liked it or not. And now: Enjoy testing!
Collection by: elfarmerino
A small collection of clean-styled one room, one puzzle maps. They might appear simple, but don't be deceived... #TWP
Collection by: Coldkilla
Collection by: Pear
Decay, a 19-chamber collection of rusted/destroyed test chambers. This was made using the available level editor and Hammer. Made mostly as a test for both editing and my latent mapping skills (?)
Portal 3
Collection by: [00c921]Brandan
**SPOILERS** After wheately was sent up into space and Chell was released from Aperture, something weird happened. Glados was taken over by the one and only ratman, and instead of shutting down Aperture, he tracked down Chell and forced her to start a ...
The New Test Subject
Collection by: Bla87
You are the new test subject, can you survive every chamber?
GLaD's Pack
Collection by: GLaDtoHavApples
Includes all my maps to this current date. At the moment, includes: The Gauntlet, SpeedRun, Now You're Thinking!, and The Hallway.
Burning Fast
Collection by: XpΩwN` ¤ǺŃąЯčħỴ¤
It has turrets that shoot you and you like jump twice to dodge them and them enter the SECRET code of awesomeness after the final explosion you ran into the doorway screaming for help, hoping the potato chips can hear you. And more regular stuff like that...
Collection fo the best portal 2 test chambers.
Collection by: CapcomHatesAmerica
The best portal 2 maps.
proxy's chambers 4-7 the second slice
Collection by: vSkry
the next 4 chambers of proxy's new testing facility
Test subject #5113262 / Sujet de test n°5113262
Collection by: www
You are the 5113262nd test subject and you are trying to escape the Aperture Science center / Vous êtes le 5113262ème sujet de test et vous essayez de vous échapper du centre d'Aperture Science ADVERTISSEMENT : This map pack was created with french ...
Turret Frenzy Saga
Collection by: LCGood
This is a saga of puzzles revolving around destroying and/or disabling rooms full of Turrets. Please be careful!
proxy's chambers 1-3 prologue
Collection by: vSkry
the beginning as you try to escape Proxy in coper labratories 85 yrs. after the end of portal 2
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