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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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New Mechanics in Portal 2
Collection by: Razor
En esta Colección os hago una recopilación de los mejores mods que aportan nuevas mecánicas al gameplay del Portal 2. Encontraréis mods con novedades como, por ejemplo: -Gravedad cero -Jugar sin el Cañón de Portales -Jugar con un Cañón de...
Collection by: the3rdtwin
A new Day. A new happy End? Or is it just time again to tests your brain :) Please leave a comment and tell me how you´ve like the levels. More chambers coming soon...
Terminal Tecnology- Advanced Termination
Collection by: Dr.Phil
Terminal Tecnology- Terminal Tecnology Starts and ends before Wheatly Saves chell and escapes from GLaDOS, although after Wheatly wakes up GLaDOS. Terminal Tecnology is Advanced Tecnology used by Aperture Science. It uses the Instruments inside the p...
Collection by: асасин
Pяд говоломок,
Collection by: PlayerZERO
My brother's collection of Portal 2 maps, focusing on no particular subject whatsoever.
Riguy2000 Tests Pack 1
Collection by: RiguyX
Pack 1 of Riguy2000 tests. Finished, so future tests will appear in pack 2.
Killing Machine
Collection by: Tmast98
Play as a human found at the end of the Co-op Campaign as Glados attempts to make you into a killing machine..... WARNING: This series contains many spoilers to the end of the Co-op Capaign, and the end of the first DLC, if you do not want these end...
Think Outside the Portal
Collection by: Parastrat
The very first Community Collaboration Collection formed by the Test Chamber Development Union that is almost certain to amaze. This particular collection features the following tests: Portalarity 1- Tanger 2b Water Hazard- Professor Paradox Power I...
Fruits and vegetables. Part 2
Collection by: Superman
new cameras made ​​in the game designer
NW'S TC (Noah Wolfcat's Test Chambers)
Collection by: Noah Wolfcat
Simplemente una colección, intentaré que sea cada vez mas dificil. Simply a collection, i'll try to make ir harder and harder.
Collection by: Burixer85
¡La base de todos los puzles!
Collection by: Burixer85
¡La mejor coleccion de puzles que hayas visto nunca!
Portal 2 - Left4Dead Edition
Collection by: Stagger Lee
A ongoing collection of L4D inspired puzzle chambers. Anyone who has played Left4Dead or Left4Dead2 will tell you that they often have to carry their team. It is no different in here. Work with your teammates in your struggle to make it to the safeho...
Collection by: jc100
Test Chambers with Challenge Modes
Collection by: DogDay
Test chambers designed to be interesting and challenging.
Lost and Found: The Treasure Hunting Saga (Challenging & Deadly)
Collection by: Siu-King**
Lost and Found: The Treasure Hunting Saga ************************************************************** You are one of the best treasure hunter, and you have been inspirated by the unrecovered, legendary treasure all around the world. Somehow, GlaDoS ...
new explorer wants to create organic designs test chambers
Collection by: nick-arlene.tiller
Just started exploring the creativity of other users with a view to creating my own maps one day with an outdoors orgainc feel
My places!
Collection by: Deadeye
All of my places would take about 20 minutes to 30. I have a few, so have fun!
Azul, naranja y blanco.
Collection by: Phyross
Three chambers where you will have to use the properties of the three gels in the game. Tres cámaras en las que tendrás que usar las propiedades de los tres geles del juego.
Portal: Black Mesa's Take
Collection by: Ziggy
Chell has been asked by Black Mesa to be the first test subject for their take to Aperture's Portal experementation. This supposed to take place after Portal 2, Black Mesa asked Chell to be the first subject because Chell was the only person to pass Apert...
The Simples
Collection by: xXEpiXioXx
These are a pile of easy simple test chambers for begginers. They are NOT for skilled thinkers. You can solve these really easily without any frustration.
Frozen Angel Pack #1
Collection by: Frozen Angel
Nothing special, just a collection of my Test Chambers. I will put about 10 in each pack, for anyone that is interested. n.n
Mind The Gap
Collection by: ★ Rockstar Strafe ★
My first Portal 2 "DLC", Mind The Gap is a collection of maps, where the height is your friend and danger your second name. Mind The Gap features 5 maps - "Laserfunnel", "Mind The Gap", "One Cube, Two Pads", "Highrise" and "Plates of Faith". If you want m...
Toad test
Collection by: Toad
Série de test simple crée par Toad1750.
Encountering Turrets
Collection by: The Cake Nazi
Turrets, turrets, turrets. They're everywhere. They won't stop until you've been terminated. Evil robots. We all saw this coming, didn't we? Anyway, each encounter comes with its own fun ways to kill those killing machines. Have fun! :]
Portal 2: Unused and Unkown Test Chambers
Collection by: Big Shep
Before the fallout of Aperture Science, when it was still being developed, four of the many primary test chambers were unused or forgotten about. The tests were ethier too easy and disappointing or too 'unsafe.' Since people are now exploring the magica...
Testsubject Adrian
Collection by: [GER] DeaxterHawk
Alle Maps für das Testsubject namens Adrian!
My Testing Course
Collection by: [Lazy] Waltz
A testing course I created. Still WIP.
NONE Laboratories
Collection by: noneCZ
Moje testovací místnosti. My testing chambers.
wheatley thorugh all of portal 2
Collection by: #CREEPERSUNITE
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