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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Lumina Rose Thermal Discouragement Testing
Collection by: Lumina Rose
A series of 6 single player test chambers, and one co-operative test chamber built around the Thermal Discouragement Beam. Advanced chambers that are best played in sequence. There is a Companion Cube hidden in one of the chambers.
The Portal 2 Chambers.
Collection by: Albus Swaggledore
the Escalator of Difficulty
Collection by: Casey
A series of tests from simple to the most difficult. Can you reach the top?
Collection by: Nathanael Victor Grey
For now my collection is just an intro, more exciting things will happen later, after the experimenting stage is over.
Buffalo House
Collection by: Kemipo
Buffalo (buhf-uh-loh): verb. to puzzle or baffle; confuse; mystify. House (hous): noun. a building for any purpose. The Buffalo House has been established as a secure environment for society's logical outcasts to exercise their otherwise wasted minds...
Escape Aperture
Collection by: Carl123
Escape Aperture is a long running Portal 2 serries that I am currrently working on. But I cant take all the credit- I have a team of coders, Texture designers and mapping desiners helping me. Escape Aperture isnt only meant to be exiting, Interesting,...
100 Testchambers
Collection by: Zulphyrr
It was inspired by the free app "100 Floors".
Broken World
Collection by: narkfestmojo
The Broken World visual style is a slight modification to the Wheatley visual theme using bts fog and my custom designed elevators. The chambers use a single visleaf which also contains the open elevators. Large chambers are difficult with this style so t...
Collection by: MegaLeka
Collection by: Asymmetry
IDC Industries test maps
Collection by: chocogamba tropical
Here is my first job: 5 simple maps where I test the mechanics of the mapmaker. I hope you enjoy them. I'm working on something more complex and fun.
Strange puzzles
Collection by: MeatBag
Maps with weird solutions.
Collection by: SpeedyVelcro
The purpose of "REAL BOSS BATTLES" is that they're just that. Real boss battles. None of this giant face you have to run into through a parkour course with a bunch of pre-placed turrets, because that's boring. Instead, there'll be tons of this giant face ...
Collection by: Whitz
Chambers designed by WHITZ
Collection by: mikfig
The levels collection
Tests with stuff
Collection by: mikfig
Tests with gels, turrets and lasers.
Collection by: mikfig
The two levels tests I put together
Think faster.
Collection by: 14KarraT
Pneumatic Diversity Tests
Collection by: Nobi-Knobi
In Pneumatic Diversity Tests you start in a brand new Testing-Track just finished and partly under construction. While you are the first testsubject that is exploring the new chambers, you have to make your way through the Pneumatic Diversity Tests, a ...
Collection by: lacrimosa1982
This is the story of SynDoS, my own parody on GlaDoS . . . while she will never be put in a game as far as I know, I'll give you a few details. She's GLaDoS' "assistant". She was dragged into Aperture Laboratories by Cave Johnson originally as an unwill...
mes cartes
Collection by: precision
Smooth Chambers
Collection by: Penguini1126
My Smooth Chambers
Evil:Tests from Hell
Collection by: DJ0NT 0S F0CK
Another Day of Testing
Collection by: soccerpenguin
It's day 62349023, just another dcay of testing! Thank you for looking at this collection of tests! PLEASE NOTE: Some doors, on these tests, need to have a cube or ball or etc. and a button to open. PLEASE move through doorways quickly (for instance: wh...
Lasers and Lightbridges
Collection by: Reck-It Ralph
This is a collection of test chambers I have made that all involve lasers and lightbridges in every chamber. It is my first collection, so I hope you enjoy! <3
Portal: Still Still Alive
Collection by: Jerald Doorbell
Aperture is back up and running and ready for more testing. As GLaDOS supervises her co-operative testing initiative the pre-recorded messages of Cave Johnson accompany you as you make your way through 13 test chambers. The thing is human testing was mean...
S'Workshop soluces : Portal 2
Collection by: opino72
FRANÇAIS : S'Workshop soluces : Portal 2 est une de mes émissions sur YouTube. Dans cette émission, comme son nom l'indique je fais des soluces vidéo pour des salles du Steam Workshop. Je fais des soluces vidéo pour mes salles du Steam Worksh...
Olympia 2012
Collection by: BöserOnkel
Verschiedene olympische Disziplinen und ihre Interpretation in Portal 2. Several olympic events and their interpretation in Portal 2.
Charybdis' attempt to enrich Aperture Science
Collection by: Charybdis
Welcome to Charybdis' attempt to enrich Aperture Science. The following collection consists of some maps I really worked hard for to make them solvable on the one hand and challenging on the other hand. I appreciate constructive comments and feedback beca...
my first collection
Collection by: masterofdisaster
dieso Kollektion ist ziemlich einfach.
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