Portal 2
Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Beginner's Course's
Collection by: Frosté
Here's some maps for those those beginners to get the feel of Portal 2!
Portal: Alive Still
Collection by: PokeJosh
What would it look like if the original Portal title was created entirely within the editor of Portal 2? I'm going to attempt to answer that question, with as much attention to detail as possible. There will be some very interesting substitutes and change...
Literally Saving Science
Collection by: General ApocalypticCheeseburger
Cave Johnson needs your help! He has been poisoned and can't live unless you find the antidote! But, GLaDOS wants to keep you from saving him and using science for her own enjoyment! You must stop her at once! A collection by: General ApocalypticChees...
Portal 2: My maps
Collection by: MonteShot
My first collection of maps for the game. Made without bugs (even if you think so) Have fun: D!
GWJ Science Challenge #4: You Gotta Have Faith
Collection by: Mantid
Here at Aperture Science, we believe in testing everything. Leaving no stone unturned. Literally. But we also understand that many of the greatest discoveries were complete accidents. Dynamite? Accident. Penicillin? Accident. Teflon? Accide...
Very Easy test services (1st collect)
Collection by: The X-1
New collection by AD9719 2012 year. This is1st collection and I create maps for 1 day :D. Each level will be more difficult. (promise) P.S. In theese collection there will be only 10 first easy maps!
Jogga Chamber
Collection by: j0gga
Chambers which will give your brain and gaming skills on a test. Some Chambers are just bad... I can't put a smile on everyone.
fun map pack 2013 (10 parts)
Collection by: BigTJ
they are all the maps can be solved without fail they are not difficult and not too easy they are supposed to make fun So much fun ;) es sind alles maps die man lösen kann ohne fehler ....... sie sind nicht zu schwehr und auch nicht zu leicht .... sie ...
Monstrus Random Puzzles
Collection by: Multisanti
Random collection and random levels, created of random items. My first random Portal 2 map took me 5-6 hours to make it and it is made of random items including: -Light bridges -Faith plates -Turrets -Laser fields - A maze and more. Please ...
Mini and Science SP
Collection by: minsent ♣™
this is my collection of Mini and Science maps that are for singleplayer. enjoy :D
Collection by: vintage phoebe
Here we go. Super custom set of chambers by Nick and Style. Play 'em all. Updated usually.
BoneZ's Levels
Collection by: BoneZ
All of my levels.
ASETeC - Aperture Science Extended Testing Course
Collection by: Sentry Gun (Dispenser)
Additional testing courses, easy to medium difficulty, incorporating the unique element of interaction with portions of previous test chambers. This testing initiative is know as the ASETeC, or Aperture Science Extended Testing Course. (WIP collection...
Revenant Portals
Collection by: revenantgamermusic
A small colestion of potal maps
Aperture Laboratories Test Journal
Collection by: Lord PretzelBread™
You have been taken from your home to test with the Portal Gun for Aperture Laboratories. You are keeping a journal of each day and test you take. Aperture keeps making more tests for you every time you complete one, making it so you never run out of te...
A Black Yoshi's Science Lab
Collection by: Yoshi Noir
Welcome to the Yoshis' Science Lab. Let's have fun by creating portals and not stomping on Goombas.
Collection by: Xsylon
Funny Testing Chambers by Xsylon
Examining the Boundaries
Collection by: JayBlanc
A collection of three experimental, but functional, test chambers that I used to explore the boundaries of what was possible with the Community Test Chambers editor. There may be a secret to uncover. There may be a trick to completing the final map.
the mad house
Collection by: Koala
une série de test qui vous poussera a bout !!!
Semi-Unlogical Science with Random
Collection by: christopher7332
My personal collection, enjoy. Can you understand the (Semi) Unlogicalness!
paulorange rooms
Collection by: paulorange
Gradually, I'll create a new test room. Postupně budu vytvářet nové testovací mistnosti.
Collection by: Urban Fox
maiks mod
Collection by: legomaster00
sie wird toll sein das sage ich jetzt schon viel spaß
Fling 'n Flinch
Collection by: GossieMickie
You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not. That udnerstanding needs to be tested along with usage of other testing elements such as: - Hard Light Bridges - Areal Faith Plates - Propulsion G...
test 100
Collection by: sim-2-1997
salle de test creer pour aperture science
proxy's chambers 8-11 not what it seems
Collection by: vSkry
the 3rd collection of coper laboratories
Collection by: stremfighter
Kernow Laboratories' Test Chamber's
Collection by: Vesna
The entirety of the test chambers produced by Kernow Laboratories (Vesna).
Important Choices
Collection by: HJOW
There are some switches, or buttons. You can turn on, or press them which make your path correctly. Also, there are some switches (or buttons) you must not touch. So, you should see everything and make a dicision. I uproad testrooms with self-test...
Ultrashadic's Portal Basics
Collection by: Lord Minast of the Echoplane
6 Lessons to the Basics of Portal 2.
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