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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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D S.E.R.I.E.S.
Collection by: Drakulo
The "D S.E.R.I.E.S." is a collection of beginner to medium difficulty test chambers. "S.E.R.I.E.S" is the acronymm of : Short, Extendable and Rapturous Introduction to Experimental Self-improvement. If you want to relax in simple and fun maps, you'r...
Subterranean Government Bunker
Collection by: {-SMAKU-}_D_WAR
Agregate attacks on underground government facilities is what this collection is about. Using portal technology to assist in Military assault and infultration of these fortified structures.
cameron labortories coop
Collection by: thesonicmew
a co-op testing course made by cameron (and veemon)
These tests are different...
Collection by: Pintastico
These 8 tests will take you through various emotions... for science! Puzzles range from deceptively easy through to difficult, ending with the vast Temple of Four Trials. Please rate and comment if you like them!
Test for Men!
Collection by: DJ Voxtell
Collection by: Makalasya
totoko's World
Collection by: runanonamida
Unfair Testing
Collection by: mikebeza
This collection of levels requires you and your partner to work as a team through the challenging chambers to come. Your partner will have oppertunities to kill you or save you, this is all about Trust and brainpower.
No Cake Here
Collection by: SpiffOne
1st series of making test chambers. Enjoy. should be too easy
10 Reasons for Reassembly
Collection by: Jepp
Difficulty: Medium/Hard Theme: Destruction Estimated Playtime: ~3 hours Hello dear testsubjects! 10 cooperative testchambers signing in, I hope you you'll enjoy and as always try to give me any thought about the maps in return, it makes difference...
Donut World - COOP
Collection by: Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Coop - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
4 cube.
Collection by: [RUS 78] Грин ПИС!!!
Lemon's co-op chambers
Collection by: Lemonader
It contains every co-op chambers i've created.
blue-orange (fun maps for two players)
Collection by: [ิ‿ิ]
maps with gels and fun (I hope) vote for the collection please ! thanks for testing guys and girls !
Round 1 Multiplayer
Collection by: Inouye
Multiplayer Maps will be updating with maps played by me and Hyperice on my youtube channel soon™ http://www.youtube.com/user/Inouye921
Igzee [COOP]
Collection by: Igzee
Igzee does not use death as an extra challenge, but to deter. If you die, is that you have chosen the wrong path! have a good time! ;) K_az https://www.facebook.com/IgzeeKut
Scientific collaboration
Collection by: potemkinhr
A series of maps which require close 2-player cooperation to solve. The maps will feature several challenges which get progressively harder to the end, and every map will require the use of all 4 portals at some point.
Summer Gaming #10
Collection by: Roro
A collection of summery member shaped maps
The Broken House (single + co-op)
Collection by: The X-1
So, you found a magical broken house. Here there are a full of cash, and you or you (single) must complete all floors (10) and find a "Love cube" - this is in 6 and in 10 floor. This cube can give to you a way (exit). Good luck for completing maps!
The Doom Files
Collection by: Nexo
The Doom Files are a collection of test chambers Aperture Labs did not dare to put into operation. Act 01 This test chamber (including a precedent showroom displaying the most common test devices used in The Doom Files) was not put into operation be...
COOP cool
Collection by: Mr.Isaac
Tu as toujours révé de joué en coop avec des salles créer par quelq'un? alors tu peux faire confiance avec COOP cool qui pouras te donner du fil a retordre et aussi t'amusé avec ton pote bien sur.
co-op test
Collection by: ☆Pacifist☭☮[CP₂]
только начал заниматься.....
Coop Crowd
Collection by: WARDOGSK93
part 5 can be found here: http://forums.thinkingwithportals.com/downloads.php?view=detail&df_id=2325 the video is how i made the maps i dont know much about hammer so it might sound like i dont know what im doing just a few maps i put together for f...
The Conundrum Chronicles
Collection by: BluePhire
To solve The Conundrum Chronicles, you must prove yourself worthy of three traits, one for each level. You must show reflex, the ability to make quick decisions based on occurring events. You must show bravery, the ability to face death among other proble...
Collection by: Mevious
Three medium to very difficult co-op testing spheres focusing on fizzlers and how they are the bane of your robot existence. No strict timing or advanced/ninja techniques are required. This was made for the 2011 Thinking With Portals Summer Mapping Compe...
The Grey Box Collection
Collection by: Almeire
When the division between white and black is frayed, it leaves behind only grey. The main challenge is perfecting speedrunning techniques and getting as much portalable area as possible.
Portal Testing Forever
Collection by: Fierceshadow
Help Aperture Laboratories Test New Products! (We Are Not Responsible For Any Injuries You Get)
Collection by: nicklonium
A series of concept test chambers centered around the periodic table of elements. Each room themed, in title, description and design, on a chemical element. Don't forget your goggles and lab coat, and remember, safety first!
APERTURE Before Collapse
Collection by: 凸(•̪●)凸
These maps are remakes of the single player maps, accept that they look a bit diffrent and they are created to be heavier than the original. But if you played single player, or sp challenge you should recognize these levels. Have fun!
Two Bots
Collection by: Brigade Flame™
"Two Bots" is a collection of Portal 2 cooperative test chamers starring everyone's favorite robots, Atlas and P-Body! See the crazy adventures that they will experience in the test chambers!
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