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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: LoneWolf2056
A 7 part series of maps in the destroyed/overgrown style, explore and puzzle in the ruins of the Aperture Laboratories as you try to escape. Puzzles will be of mostly Medium/Hard difficulty, no ninja moves required. It should take around 2-3 hours to comp...
Moth's Maps
Collection by: Mothalius
A collection of my test chambers.
RayPals | Jump for Failure Series
Collection by: RayPals
From the maker of the chaos series brings you RayPals | Jump for failure. with the challenging single play version also theres the Co-op version so you and your bud can be a Epic Fail. also Join RayPals | Unity group on steam!
RayPals | Chaos Series
Collection by: RayPals
This Series is a co-op based Collection. is you want a challange we'll you got one, so play some of the first stuff i made!
Collection by: Ebola-chan
FastTrack is an Idea that me and the team had for about 2 years now! We just never had the time to make it! So, On a sunday Afternoon, I got the boys into the office and we had a meeting on what we would incude in this map serries. We decided it would Inc...
Hinote's Testing Track
Collection by: Foxy The Pirate
Recently opened up by Hinote, a worker of the Aperture Perpetual Multiverse Testing Initiative, a few weeks and Hinote will officially open for business. (Currently under heavy work)
Portal 2: The Aftermath
Collection by: Spamfan
Portal 2: The Aftermath, is a Portal 2 workshop collection which introduces to the player events that might occur after the singleplayer campaign ends. Offering at least one entire hour of mind-boggling gameplay, challenging you to use Portal...
Medium difficulty maps with great design
Collection by: cyron43
This collection fills the gap between my "easy, entertaining and relaxing" collection and my "Design award" collection.
ML2's Testing Track
Collection by: MarioLuigi2
This is a collection of all my Tests. Try to find all the hidden Companion Cubes! (HINT! There are 7!) These tests were made with BEEMOD
Greedo Shot First
Collection by: (IC) Greedo 2
Difficulty level : Easy, with a few moments of intermediete level difficulty. Play these maps in numerical order and you should notice how my map-making skills have increased over time. Each map tries to focus on a specific theme (goo, lasers, turret...
Dejavu tests
Collection by: CHƦISƬMɅLIƬE
This is the new past enjoy
Aperture Physics Lab
Collection by: Positron
This is a series of unique puzzles I created using actual concepts in physics. They are designed to be fun, and not overly challenging. I have ideas for more chambers to come...
Cube's Voyage
Collection by: YoCraft
The Voyage of the Cube on 1 room
SeptimusApis, mpsarge, and Espunerismo: A Portal Adventure
Collection by: Huggermugger
This is a list of maps created by SeptimusApis, mpsarge, and Espunerismo These maps were created using the Perpetual Testing Initiative and our minds We all apreciate feedback, so please rate, comment and enjoy! P.S....
Puggle Science!
Collection by: OriginalSnips
Puggle Science, The creator? Rocco Johnson of course! Puzzles, and more! OMG. Cave's dog is AWESOME!
Collection by: Shadow
This collection involves various tests that involve bhopping, some are harder than others. If you dont know what bhopping is you shouldnt try this. If you do know what it is but cant do it I would still suggust not trying this.
Dimensio's Chambers [ Coop Version ]
Collection by: Dimensio
This is the edition of my collection for coop player. Enjoy !
Walk On The Water
Collection by: CC | Pʀøρʜϵτ
You will walk on the water ! R.I.P Jon Lord.
Bleeding Edge
Collection by: kshegzyaj
You're going to bleed.
Zero Cool
Collection by: Zero Cool
The suit
Collection by: Kaito Key Yamdai Werkey
Coop Spiral Madness
Collection by: Obito
Spiral Madness collection, not suitable for rushers, you're gonna hate these maps reaaaaaally bad xD.
CERN S01 Testchamber
Collection by: Rewad
CERN - the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva Switzerland - needs your help! Complet this puzzle! We use your results to improve our AI, named GOOVOB - Guard of our very own blackhole! - Don't forget to thumbs up and Subscribe, Thanks...
Fun-L Fun
Collection by: Cow Q L8 or
A collectiion of my two first levels, both mainly dealing with excursion funnels: The first one is a fairly simple but fun level. The second is a challenging puzzle with many complex steps.
GWJ Science Challenge 9: Black & White
Collection by: Mantid
Cave Johnson here. Lately it has been on my mine how the universe is defined by opposites. Positive and negative. Light and dark. Matter and anti-matter. Companies that work tirelessly, testing hard science day in and day out across multiple dimens...
Series 1 - Test Chambers by Jetronic
Collection by: Jetronic
Hi, this is my first official collection: Series 1. It will have a total of 5 (FIVE, NOT FOUR) tests, and it will be ready soon Don't forget to check my Page on Steam, and most importantly, don't forget to send any comments you want.
Test Week
Collection by: Dr. Cranium
A handful of tests I'm currently working on. There are just two tests in the collection right now, but eventually there's going to be a level for every day of the week.
Cube Tricks
Collection by: Shadow
This collection has a series of levels involving skilled cube tricks all the way from cube throwing to cube jumping. This collection is only for the best and for all those cube ninja's out there. So test your skills with the cube!
The Fort
Collection by: Zinkto
This is a collection named The Fort, here you are trapped in a fort with no escape, you need to pass through chambers until you reach the final boss, each level more difficult then the previous one.
The Project
Collection by: BetterThanYou
This collection represents our first two maps. Please try them out and give us some feedback for creating some more awesome maps.
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