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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Good, Original Puzzle Elements
Collection by: Gunnar0007
A compilation of at least adequately produced original puzzle elements. Not all of them are "original", I mean, gravity flipping, world portals, and pneumatic diversity vents aren't original at all, but they're still good.
The Funhouse collection!
Collection by: this user is spam
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gad, I love bunnies. and bazookas and corrupted bunnies and stuff.
Benny's Story
Collection by: Grubburt
I just decided to do this. Hope I made a good choice!
Collection by: anomalis
A lot of catapults, turrets, gel, etc
Big puzzle
Collection by: KoT-MaTpOcKuH>Lucky man
The Greater locations with ensemble of the brain-twisters. In some places it is necessary be conceived =)
Collection by: Salvador
Buttons, Lasers, Fields, Turets and other
Collection by: Elrizzt
Included the C.U.B.E (v3) room and the bonus stage.
Cut the Test
Collection by: [XiL3] Razor
A colllection of new and fun tests inspired by various of things, I create and upload everyday so check back for new chamber! Can you beat them all? Well its not really a challenge its more of a half challenge half have fun doing them ya' know, So enjoy t...
Companion Cube's Destiny
Collection by: Derfas13
Journey with with one and the same Companion Cube through three tests chambers.
The Lost Chambers: Amnesia
Collection by: Neptune
A Portal 2 collab following the events of a guy who mysteriously was sent into the Aperture Laboratories chambers after drinking with his friends at a bar and passing out. The guy tries to pass through all of the obstacles and have his freedom.
колекция 1 от skelet.x2
Collection by: ^5 PRO100 Nagibator
Первоя колекция тренеровок для Portal 2 от skeleta.x2.Следуещая колекция будет очень скоро! В этой колекии 1 я использовал только Trenerovke 1 и 2! Но во вт...
Collection by: LOZEMO76
When Aperture's Mainframe goes faulty, Aperture's CEO, Cave Johnson gets frustrated. When the mainframe goes faulty, testing elements stop working. Soon Cave Johnson finds out that Black Mesa has been stealing Aperture's Energy. Then Black Mesa wants to s...
Combustionsquirrel's decent into madness
Collection by: combustionsquirrel
All of my latest andup to date maps, have fun :D
Random Chambers
Collection by: adigladi
A collection of my first maps. They do not need to be solved in a certain order, they are just named 01, 02...
Shtraff Laboratories
Collection by: Shtraff
Collection of test chambers from Vladivostok === First Package |:| June 26, 2012 01. "Opening" [May 10, 2012] 02. "Jump and Fly" [May 23, 2012] 03. "Two Lakes" [May 27, 2012] 04. "Islets" [June 15, 2012] 05. "Destroyer of Shield" [June ...
Collection by: Richard Croft
Welcome Friends!!! This is a collection of my maps. Of course I'm not a professional developer, but I think it turned out pretty cool!
The Engineer: An Industrial Voyage
Collection by: Best Milkshake
You are Engineer, a lone subject amongst the largest space airship "VOYAGE". Your ship, in the deep, dead days of your adventure, has been having reoccurring technical fabrications. It is up to you, to solely fix them.
Test chambers
Collection by: Th3 R@g3 1nduc3r
A heap of good test chambers that I have made. Enjoy them.
how to destroy turrets
Collection by: theelvenknight1
I made this collection to celebrate turrets and the many ways to kill them. Also, if you can't stand the way turrets shoot at you it is to take revenge. Or if your bored these levels will take up 10 minuites in total. This next test envolves turret...
Collection by: Kita
Collection by: BrettgoesBAM
My first series including all the available resorces. the first one i think is the hardest of all the test chambers. This series is why i got portal 2 on steam. Steam has made what i hoped for come true.When i first completed Portal 2 i thought "It would ...
Good Maps I'd recommend
Collection by: .sheridan .vespo
Just some maps I have played and would like to remember. This collection is mainly for myself, but I thought, I would make it public, so everyone can have some quality maps to play.
Lab Rat
Collection by: shadow1869
Goo Abound
Collection by: shadow1869
Gel Chambers
Impossible Spaces Series
Collection by: Sergiovan
In this collection you will find all of the puzzles of the "Impossible spaces" series, puzzles with mindblowing asskicking mindfucks and other things
Collection by: Shark
You're not alone in these chambers. Collaborate with your lovely friend to complete the collection.
Thinking with Portals
Collection by: .sheridan .vespo
This is a collection of levels, which use (usually) one gadget per map. They are generally hard to very hard maps, though you might find them easy, if you already know a trick or two. All of these will require you to think with portals, not just to use cu...
Random Collection
Collection by: Riddick
Collection by: Tripan
Dual Cube
Collection by: TheGaet789
Hi everyone, Cave Johnson here. Today were presenting the brand new "Dual Cube" test series. Wait, my assistant Greg just said they are just made to use our many cubes. Aw yeah, when the cube-making factory was overpowered. Anyway, let's test those tes...
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