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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Greatest Endeavor
Collection by: [WDZ-SA] Technetium-19
"What greater endeavor exists than that of collaboration....we must all collaborate. Willingly, eagerly." -Dr. Wallace Breen
Think ahead - The first 5
Collection by: MeesterRuru
My 5 first Level The Levels get harder with bigger Serial Number They are very different and have different main ideas. Hint: If you like more difficult Levels, start with High Above, not with Above.
Collection by: [ICSR] Aliami Armador
I Wanna Build A Portal Map is a map set of Portal 2 chambers directly from hell. These levels have been crafted by VioletLinked (Not Satan... or was it?) to be near impossible, and to piss you off in every way. Can you complete these hellish chambers? ...
-=ZeroOne=- Joint Test Chambers
Collection by: fox @ pax 2014
A collection of test chambers designed by the independant firm, -=ZeroOne=- Munitions Inc.
Giovan's SP Puzzles
Collection by: Giovan
Collection by: Okami [Pööçh]
GLaDOS throws you in test after deadly test filled with turrets. She thinks testing isn't worthwhile unless it is deadly. She created these deadly tests just for you. I add a new chamber every once in a while, so make sure to check for new ones!
vinc à sam
Collection by: vincentino91
pour sam seulment lol
Time Attack
Collection by: Lord Yu
Carol's Co-op Conundrums
Collection by: carol
A collection of my co-op maps.More will be added as I make them so please sfollow me, ubscribe and make the list a favourite to receive updates. "Cage and Stair" - a simple idea but timers are used to force coordintaed play and there is an awkward (AKA...
Don't kill the Turret, please
Collection by: KolobOKs
Friendship is magic! (Co-op)
Collection by: 14KarraT
I hope you will enjoy this collection and you will feel the power of friendship. Deviantart: http://14karrat.deviantart.com/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/14KarraT Don't forget "Love and tolerate" ! :3
MrFredo - Increasing Difficulty
Collection by: MrFredo
A modest collection of test room that I realized. I will try to increase the difficulty of increasingly Une collection modeste de salle de test que j'ai réalisé. J’essayerai d'augmenter la difficulté de façon croissante.
There's no I in Team collection
Collection by: LPChip
A series of maps that will challenge you to work with your teammate to solve puzzles. I will extensively test it that you cannot solve it alone, but also will not make the puzzles so hard that its just not fun anymore. There's a challenge but nothing frus...
Fox Test Chambers
Collection by: fox1409
Here are my 5 maps to play, test and solve. These are not too hard but I hope you find them challenging enough and enjoy them.
Tuvee Anialexes map pack
Collection by: Gamel0rd1
my collection includes 36 maps with interesting chalenges and a fantastic blockbuster level and from skylanders the darklight cript. this updates all the time. you may find an exclusive map every now and then... enjoy...
Coop Extension Boxes
Collection by: Tobeh
Challenging coop puzzles, without too many elements!
This is a Jailbreak (Companion Cube Rescue)
Collection by: CmdrSlander
Your first and only love, the companion cube, has been locked inside Aperture's Sentient Testing Aid Dentention Center as a punishment for developing feelings for you. You must infiltrate the facility and break it/him/her out... or you both die.
Wasteform 1P
Collection by: Wasteform
My single player Portal 2 chambers.
D S.E.R.I.E.S.
Collection by: Drakulo
The "D S.E.R.I.E.S." is a collection of beginner to medium difficulty test chambers. "S.E.R.I.E.S" is the acronymm of : Short, Extendable and Rapturous Introduction to Experimental Self-improvement. If you want to relax in simple and fun maps, you'r...
Subterranean Government Bunker
Collection by: {-SMAKU-}_D_WAR
Agregate attacks on underground government facilities is what this collection is about. Using portal technology to assist in Military assault and infultration of these fortified structures.
cameron labortories coop
Collection by: thesonicmew
a co-op testing course made by cameron (and veemon)
These tests are different...
Collection by: Pintastico
These 8 tests will take you through various emotions... for science! Puzzles range from deceptively easy through to difficult, ending with the vast Temple of Four Trials. Please rate and comment if you like them!
Test for Men!
Collection by: DJ Voxtell
Collection by: Maka
totoko's World
Collection by: runanonamida
Unfair Testing
Collection by: mikebeza
This collection of levels requires you and your partner to work as a team through the challenging chambers to come. Your partner will have oppertunities to kill you or save you, this is all about Trust and brainpower.
No Cake Here
Collection by: SpiffOne
1st series of making test chambers. Enjoy. should be too easy
10 Reasons for Reassembly
Collection by: Jepp
Difficulty: Medium/Hard Theme: Destruction Estimated Playtime: ~3 hours Hello dear testsubjects! 10 cooperative testchambers signing in, I hope you you'll enjoy and as always try to give me any thought about the maps in return, it makes difference...
Donut World - COOP
Collection by: Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Coop - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
4 cube.
Collection by: [RUS 78] Грин ПИС!!!
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