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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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my first collection
Collection by: masterofdisaster
dieso Kollektion ist ziemlich einfach.
Mevious's puzzles
Collection by: Dekarflamon
Just like the name.
Find Me
Collection by: Xerdox
testы by alexey
Collection by: Tardis
my tests
Portal Test Chambers
Collection by: Ratchet9300
Tests from Portal 1
Ebbzylon - Intimidating
Collection by: Not Nuf Bullets
For the expert or the curious player. I've categorized my maps in 3 collections. This collection contains the maps that I could not put in either my "EasyAverage" or "AverageHard" collections. These maps are either very hard, or look "too hard", or h...
Ebbzylon - Average to Hard
Collection by: Not Nuf Bullets
I've categorized my maps in 3 collections. This is a selection of maps that require either more experience than average or a good deal of logic / thinking to complete. I think any Portal 2 player can solve most of them, but the less experience player ...
Ebbzylon - Kidz
Collection by: Not Nuf Bullets
Maps built around a theme targeted to please kids. Might have some kids-level humour-oriented mechanism, or description text for them. I do not like creating linear maps, but maps in this collection are an exception. The difficulty of those m...
Saturday 7 Part 6: Your Adventure Continues
Collection by: nhenrica
Welcome once again to the Saturday 7. We've got 7 new puzzles for you to try this time. You will be challenged by moving platforms, light bridges, stairs that won't stay up, and more fizzlers to avoid. This sixth installment of the Saturday 7 includes ...
Redemption (1-11)
Collection by: Sage
The collection of 22 test chambers made for the specific reason of testing just one person's skills. You know who you are. Contains chambers 1-11. Yes, this is only half of the gauntlet. Complete it for directions for the second half.
Test Chambers 11-20
Collection by: Sage
The sequel to 1-10.....
Laboratory Rat
Collection by: marcVellve
CAT En aquesta prova seras la rateta que tots els cientifics desitjarien tenir al seu laboratori. ESP En esta prueba seras la ratita que a totdo cientifico le gustaria tener en su laboratorio. GB In this test you will be the rat that every sc...
Aperture Laboratories 2012 Summer Olympics
Collection by: bluesunset127
Hi there, Cave Johnson here. Our marketing department tells me that we need to make science more interesting and appeal to a broader audience. I suggested that we revamp our blue gel recipe and give out free samples of the stuff at malls and sporting ev...
Black-White Chambers: Part 3
Collection by: GameBurger
Third Part Of Black-White Chambers Package. Try To Find Another Hidden Companion Cube. Good Luck!
My Little Puzzle I - III
Collection by: GamesOmatic
first try with the editor I hope you enjoy the maps
Games@Home - Testkammern
Collection by: [G@H]DeAdMaN.PrOxY
In dieser Kollektion findet ihr Maps/Testkammern, die vom Games@Home Team für euch erstellt wurden! Wir versuchen, in regelmäßigen Abständen neue Testkammern hochzuladen! Viel Spaß mit unserer Kollektion
Les Salle D'une Rose
Collection by: Rosalyaa
Plusieurs salle simpatique, facile et même des fois rapides. En tout cas, amuser vous bien =^_^=
Bio-lab Collection
Collection by: Fatalys93
Bio-lab test collection is a collection of test of varying difficulty for novice players. And good fun and good work. This is the science of the future!
4x4 Revolution
Collection by: Jsushi
THIS is the 4x4 Revolution. Each map consists of four chambers. Each chamber is 4x4 in size. You think it's not enough space to put a test in? We'll see.
Skill Chambers
Collection by: Zapperlott
This collection is all about fling techniques, portal physics and a little practice ;) I hope you enjoy! I´ll add more maps as i make them. Please rate/comment/suggest - Thanks for playing!
série impossible ( ou presque )
Collection by: [VrOs]Rods
n'éspérez pas voir la sortie de sitôt
Fear the Reaper - The complete collection
Collection by: Fourth Reaper
This collection contains all Portal 2 maps I have and uploaded to the workshop to make them easier to find and subscribe to. I hope you will enjoy these maps as much as I did making them. I love mapping, and have done so for quite a few years now. Be s...
Trailofundead chambers 1 to 8
Collection by: trailofundead
My early Portal 2 chambers, just trying out some ideas. Feedback welcome for any of these.
Tater Time
Collection by: Fallen One
10 Fun to play tests. Difficulty: Most are Easy, but a couple are Medium. I try to make maps that are fun to play without killing you, however expect a few turrets,lasers and more.
Black-White Chambers Full Pack
Collection by: GameBurger
Package Of All Black-White Chambers. More Coming Soon!
Black-White Chambers: Part 2
Collection by: GameBurger
Second Part Of Black-White Chambers Package. Try To Find 1 More Hidden Companion Cube. Good Luck!
Black-White Chambers: Part 1
Collection by: GameBurger
First Part Of Black-White Chambers Package. Try To Find Hidden Companion Cube. Good Luck!
The Dark [bzzt] Of The [garbled speech].
Collection by: bjokar
This is a collection of my first six levels. Personally, I think I've improved alot in space usage as well as puzzle creation in these few levels. I hope you will think the same, and also give me feedback. Enjoy at your leisure. :) /BjoKar
test test chambers
Collection by: Double Panic Games
A test collection of test chambers.
Pointless Test Chambers
Collection by: TheGodCraftMaster
This is a collection of some absolutly stupidly pointless test chambers. TRY THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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