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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Arcanum Single Maps
Collection by: Arcanum
Welcome to Aperture Science Enrichment Center test subject. Let's test.
Arcanum Co-op Maps
Collection by: Arcanum
Welcome to Aperture Science Enrichment Center test subject. Let's test.
GWJ Science Challenge #8: Grog - May or May Not Contain Kerosene
Collection by: Mantid
Cave here. I continue to be impressed by Greg’s multiple universe theory. He really nailed it. The execution of his theory? Not so great. Apparently the lab boys didn’t figure gel into the equation. Now we have gel leak. From alternate uni...
Uncontrolled Laser Fire
Collection by: Uncontrolled Bush
This is a series of maps I have made, all of them involve lasers in some way, enjoy!
The Trip Of The Trip Cube
Collection by: MrNemoGaming
Help the trip cube to finish 9 tests for found his friend, the stockage cube.Is a series of test where not mistake is alloud ! Good luck !
Fail chambers (My first)
Collection by: Fool of Clubs
This is most likely a fail.
The J Testchambers
Collection by: JohnyCy
A Series of Testchambers that I made for all of you.
Collection by: HazukiNat
Each map stands for one of the three classic starter pokemon. Each map has 3 parts; each part represents a different evolution of the pokemon. The first part is always easy, and the map gets gradually harder. Can you pass the final evolution?
The Yes Chambers
Collection by: relayer90125
A collection of maps inspired by the album titles of pro-rock giants YES. Sometimes it's a stretch, but there's always something that ties in the title :) Most maps will be pretty easy, because I'm still trying to figure out how to design a hard puzzle! A...
Mad Skillz
Collection by: FanMAN
Collection by: SCAR <')++<
This is a Collection of my Test Labs
Collection by: worldoftacos
A collection focusing on the use of momentum in solving puzzles. Middle-lower difficulty. WIP. Please rate and comment. Enjoy! Currently 3 parts
FornaX Air Maps
Collection by: ~Fornax~
A set of maps complete by long aerial time and portal accuracy. These maps are not puzzle type because you will quickly find the way to complete them. The execution of the jumps is the challenge.
Simple collection
Collection by: furniture
Simple but hard? Let me know!
C*be me I'm fabulous
Collection by: Gurdil66
Have Fun, Good Luck ;)
Lost In Transition
Collection by: Baca
Atlas and P-Body get lost in the transition between test chambers and they must find their way back to Glados and her test chamber. There are three different parts to this map and all puzzles would be ranked as hard.
The Amazing Race
Collection by: Baca
Three Head to head races that include quick reaction puzzles, thinking puzzles, and new or different things you haven't seen before. This is so that if one player isn't good at one type of puzzle, then they could catch up in the type of puzzle they are go...
Stoming The Caslte
Collection by: Baca
Personality Cores Bruce and Dalton, are introducing Atlas and P-Body to the simulation room. This room will allow for simulated testing in any environment imaginable. Bruce and Dalton have decided to have Atlas and P-Body storm a castle for the simulation...
Lethal Mazes
Collection by: Tildi1
The Complete Collection of my Lethal Mazes: past, present, and future! Subscribe to get the latest of my devious ideas!
Lemon's Monday Madness Entries
Collection by: Lemonader
This collection contains every Monday Madness Entries I've created.
Riddle Me This
Collection by: SkateJerrySkate
A short collection of single player maps to keep your mind working.
Epicderp's collection of easy levels!
Collection by: Chameleon
5 levels and there all easy.Also my new collection of easy levels is coming out soon.
"Fun With"
Collection by: Shadow
This is a series of levels of various difficulty's from easy to very hard. Each level involves one item or part of the game, and you use that in as many area's in the puzzle that I could think of. So have Fun With Cubes, Crouching and so on!
Collection by: Cold'er
Cinema_playground — Singleplayer and Co-op. Playground map with seven test element specific rooms, main hall and BTS area. You can also watch Portal 2 trailers in some rooms.
The Megaplex chambers
Collection by: Swedish Santa
You are in the Megaplex universe, where various cities have created test chambers to the few unlucky chosen to be thrown into this hell. Beginning with the smallest chamber, you need to make your way through to the last "city" complex. The forgotten Disc...
haslmeierLPs Special Collection
Collection by: haslmeierLP
My Collecton for Portal 2 Maps.
Collection by: Cancelled_
The collection of my new level pack called EZ PZ. (Still W.I.P)
Escalation (1-3)
Collection by: windquake
These tests (code name: Escalation) were developed to test the durability of military grade androids by having them start with a very simple test and quickly escalating to more dangerous and complex tasks. Once GLaDOS took over the facility, she quickly ...
CO-OP Laser Round Complete Collection
Collection by: FritzC95
This is the complete collection of the CO-OP Laser Round maps for Portal 2. Each map consists of several tests that all involve lasers. The tests do not require you to be a very skilled player at the game but are to challenge the mind like any normal Po...
Testing Grounds
Collection by: Doisman
My first (and only so far) Portal 2 maps. I'm bad at making these maps so be gentle with your hate
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