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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Chamber Showcase
Collection by: ad_skip
A collection of my favorite maps.
Zerss's Test
Collection by: Zerss
Il y a tout les tests de Zerss ici, des tests plus ou moins dur, qui sont là pour vous amuser/passer vôtre temps, je (Zerss) va essayer d'en faire le plus que je peux pour vous satisfaire
Feel Free To Pass Out
Collection by: A-Bomb
Series of 100% completed and carefully pre-tested test chambers whose key to completion soley depends on the test subject's ability to analyze important test material and use all possible assets to their advantage even if it seems either too obvious or to...
King Doom's Pack Of Doom
Collection by: Captain Doomface
10 very unique maps, each with it's own very unique character. All maps have been tested and beaten by myself several times to make sure they are all beat-able. Some are somewhat easy, and some are frusturating and hard. Some are pretty straight forwar...
Aperture Laboratories2
Collection by: ChewieR2
A collection of levels I created. There are many more in the works.
Nelg's Testing 1..2..3..
Collection by: nelglin
Closure test initiative
Collection by: Floppy
Test chambers from Closure Laboratories.
Tomb Raider
Collection by: {ZA L-General} Manosx52
A collection of my tomb raider maps.
The Rishi Maze
Collection by: Schweitzer
You are acomponied by your Companion Cube in this series of maze-like levels.
2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Maping Super-Contest Entries
Collection by: ChickenMobile
A collection which holds all the 2012 Heavy-Duty Super-Maping Super-Contest Entries. Good luck to everyone who entered! #supercontest2012
Portal: Rethought
Collection by: 天使Lynus' Kouhai天使
This is a collection of remade maps from Portal but made using only what can be used in the Portal 2 Level Editor. There are also several "Easter Eggs" related to what happens "behind the scenes" in Portal.
Dracken Corp. Test Chambers
Collection by: Michael P01
Here are the top 5 Dracken Corp. Test Chambers.
Collection by: JePPa
just my maps that I created some time ago....
Teststrecke 01
Collection by: Timogerbkb
Meine Test Kolektion 01 Wenn du die 7 Tests schafst bist du ein großer Gewinn für die Wissenschaft.
Preschool Portal
Collection by: Mag Roader
Portal 2 levels beatable by my daughter (ages 3-5) using a gamepad.
Teststrecke 01
Collection by: Timogerbkb
Es ist noch einfache Tests
Ebbzylon - Easy to Average
Collection by: Ebbzylon
I've categorized my maps in 3 collections. This is a selection of my easiest puzzles. "Easy" in my book, is not "Automatic". To me "Easy" means that these maps should be solvable by any portal-2 player. They are listed from (what I think is) easies...
The Calibration
Collection by: Gtarmetro
These twin test chambers have but one thing alike; they calibrate something big.
The Shepherd Company Presents
Collection by: Ross
The Shepherd Company would like to remind you to stay within the confines of these chambers. Those caught violating this rule will be put to sleep.
The Shogun Testing Initiative.
Collection by: Sentinelᅚ
This is the testing grounds for those experienced with portals.
Epic Maps
Collection by: INCEPTION
The Missing Tests (1-5)
Collection by: windquake
These chamber designs were pulled from the recovery of the GLaDOS memory cores and recreated for your lesuire. These testing chambers were used before, what became known as the Chell Incident, and were some of the more advanced tests. The fate of the ...
Collection by: MeatBag
Mostly hard brainfuck puzzles maybe with small action.
Emerging Science
Collection by: grate_oracle_lewot
Emerging Science is a subsidiary of Aperture Science from Earth 6480740698. Our testing track consists of 11 chambers, plus some additional assessment in the Entrance and Exit to our facility. We have even converted a dysfunctional test chamber into a Bre...
CZECH MAP : Anthology -hovad
Collection by: hovad11
Complete collection czech map plus hovad chamber test,HOVAD tests chambers,Jump jump jump! and button death.
Collection by: Skinny_Chef
A few tests that get longer and progressively more difficult. These are very tedious with several steps, but do not get discouraged. Just work your way through it, step by step. Photo credits go to: (http://www.weightymatters.ca/2012/04/it-doesnt-need-...
Collection by: AgentQRulez
Test for level switching in Portal 2
GWJ Science Challenge #5: Companion Cube Adventures
Collection by: Mantid
Cave Johnson here. A recent survey from former volunteers has stated that most volunteers have not returned for more testing because we, and I quote, “do not care”. I'm sure it's just coincidence that surveys on potential volunteers say they decline...
Lumina Rose Thermal Discouragement Testing
Collection by: Prof.Zark
A series of 6 single player test chambers, and one co-operative test chamber built around the Thermal Discouragement Beam. Advanced chambers that are best played in sequence. There is a Companion Cube hidden in one of the chambers.
The Portal 2 Chambers.
Collection by: Albus Swaggledore
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