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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Dr. Frankencube's Laboratory
Collection by: CคﻱŦleҳ
Your objective is to create Frankencube's monster (the only cube that you can complete the collection with) from 6 other cubes (each obtained from 6 different test chambers) and your beloved weighted companion cube (which is unlocked by obtaining all six ...
The Horrible Series
Collection by: Rathnaga
My beautiful creations will tear your brain to shreds. I hope you have fun.
The Philosophical Test Chambers
Collection by: Driklir
These Test Chambers require you to philosophical think and might take a while to solve.
Panzer's Poetic Puzzle Pack
Collection by: panzeяxiii »◢ ◤
Inside this collection you'll find a wond'rous grouping of tests. The tricks needed are all kinds. 'Til you finish you won't get much rest. From the acrobatics required for the Circus, yet I digress. Many skills are needed ,no lie! Er- Including ...
Meow Inc. Test Chambers
Collection by: MrMeows
A collection of all of the test chambers that Meow Inc. test subjects must complete.
Collection by: The DRF Legacy
In this parallel world, we always include a chance of death to keep testing interesting. So we present to you a collection of mazes with a chance of death included. Try not to die, but if you do, science will remember you... we won't but science will. Goo...
my first map pack
Collection by: DJ Hellray
a simple map pack of my maps
Almost imposable
Collection by: [=PGTT-Σ=] Catman
the name
The Lemon Collection
Collection by: lemonzap
A collection of portal 2 tests.
The Lucky 7
Collection by: Xephyrian
Seven immensely difficult test chambers. Don't get discouraged as they are all possible. There may be something else for you to find in each chamber ;)
OMG! Where's the Cake?!
Collection by: TREES
A collection of Portal 2 Maps created with the new Level Editor part of the Perpetual Testing Initiative
Bleak Lack of Emotion... (Chapter 1)
Collection by: Assassin187
You just woke up from your relaxation vault. You're hungry, tired and very thirsty. Your mouth is like a desert, dry.. Oh so dry... Might as well push on to complete these tests.. The tests seem easy. Most you can just breeze threw... But something...
biscuit levels
Collection by: saltywaffuls
play levels and have lots of fun with all the cool biscuit levels www.youtube.com/user/tabanpl
House of Lyth
Collection by: TC Lythiium
Starting off relatively simple tests. Re-introducing test subjects to the elements. And as time goes by (or when I make and add them), tests will slowly become increasinly challenging. Also, Try finding all the compantion cubes hidden in each map.
Fun With Gels
Collection by: Comfort Eagle
A collection of Portal 2 maps focused around the manipulation of gels.
koerschgen's collection 1
Collection by: koerschgen
koerschgen's collection I some might be easy, some harder, some crazy, some experimental, some weird, some stupid, and some could be brainkilling extreme... to be continued: this collection will grow from time to time... maplist: koerschgen's ...
Compainion Cube Adventures
Collection by: Toxic Greg
Lost in the Fluffy Cloud's Back to Basics
Collection by: The Fluffinator
In the Portal 2, the lack of portalable surfaces was quite depressing. In Portal 1, the portalability made the game quite fun, and allowed for far more creativity in puzzle solving. This collection of mine will be an attempt at reviving the most openended...
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