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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: Galindoc07
the Final day (beta pack)
Collection by: unkown soldier
The final day of a fort , the final day of life . Combat the sentries whit friends (coop maps ) and the army of sentries in singeplayer FOR NOW the created levels are : the first assault and the escape (coop 1 the first assault 2 the escape (coop) 2...
Escape From Aperture
Collection by: ⌛Raincloud⌛
A custom mini story very easy i made . . . . i ran outta ideas so dont tell its bad :c
portal 2 favorie
Collection by: basttron
c'est des course
Basic Chambers
Collection by: robot5431
Basic Portal 2 Test Chambers I create to test basic concepts. Have fun!
Collection by: PowerBlast!
Hi everyone! I am PowerBlast! The founder of PowerLabs! We create tests which are not fully sealed yet! But we discovered a method to solve this problem: Using constructing panels to seal'em! This is one of our features too! Hope you can rate, share and f...
Combo Labs
Collection by: xtremealu [NTA Trainer]
Custom Portal 2 Chambers created with the in-game puzzle maker by xtremealu Subscribe already today!
The 12 Simple Tests
Collection by: Jaydog1032
Chariots, Chariots! Hello test subject, I'm Cave Johnson owner of Aperture Science. If you haven't noticed yet your Aperture's next person to run through this rigorous training program, that I like to call the "Twelve Simple Tests." And yes they were ...
Collection by: reiga222
Nergalic's Chambers -- Complete Series
Collection by: Nergalic
A collection of all Portal 2 test chambers I've made, small, large, easy, hard.
My Single Player Favorites
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Original Location of My Favorites These maps are so good,...
Non-Exploitive White Gel Puzzles
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
Time and time again I see people try to create white gel puzzles only for me to exploit them in so many different ways. This collection is aimed to showcase good ways to make a white gel puzzle.
The best work
Collection by: jokmaster
Stay into for life
Collection by: jokmaster
Chambers which still waiting THE test subject !
Double Duty
Collection by: jokmaster
Do it 1 time... do it 2 times ! Without gun then with gun. It's my concept :)
Awesome Weegee Co-ops
Collection by: Awesome Weegee
A collection of Test Chambers (created by me) that had the best reception.
Collection by: xenoid1
My items
DCS Series
Collection by: Discussor
DCS (short for Discussor, my nickname) is just a collection of levels of all kinds and styles. Difficulty: -Easy; -Medium; -Advanced; -Hardcore.
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