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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Gellin' Portals
Collection by: SteemStream
A series that will consist of only gel, usually no other elements but expect a button or a fizzler every once in a while, as I try to keep the use of other things besides gel to a minimum, I still try to make each map interesting.
Catchstorm Science And Shotgun Taste Testing
Collection by: Catchstorm
My Collection of My maps Have fun
Drama's Doubles
Collection by: Barack O'Drama
This collection contains Portal 2 co-op maps, designed and created by me, where you both have to go in a seperate section. However, you both need eachother to go to the exit. Also I like to say "D".
Collection by: GBMusicMaster
Each title refers to the number of rooms in the puzzle. Some maps are potentially lethal, so quick saves are probably a good idea. And, of course, each map contains my good friend, Frankie. He wants to play, too, but that's not always possible. This...
Eight Mappack - Start Again (Part 1)
Collection by: echoplex
P-body VS Atlas v 0.5-0.9
Collection by: РуСсКиЙ ПаПоЧкА(SAS)
Here are all the original versions!
Portal 2 NoobSeries (Solo)
Collection by: DjEatTheNoise
NoobSeries Maps
Big Rooms 1 to 5
Collection by: ozchamp.wgt
Big Rooms to give feeling of space with some great puzzles
1000 Cases of Severe Brain Damage
Collection by: Mr. Wang
my collection of singleplayer chambers
Portal add ons
Collection by: desk jockey
Long Rooms 1 to 5
Collection by: ozchamp.wgt
These are all the long room series maps, basically the default chamber streached to 3 times default length.
Brede gamu
Collection by: Narga
Pro Portality
Collection by: prrg :3
That's my try at remaking Portal Pro chambers, it will probably not have the BTS chambers, but still, I will try to take most of the game to peoples who only have Portal 2. If you are having some problems with textures try to download : BEEmod 2 BEEm...
Artistic Testing Initiative
Collection by: MrLux
I want to experiment with something new! Plus i recently installed new BEE2 and found out that it has Art Therapy style. That's why i named the collection Artistic Testing Initiative.
Wrong floor Series
Collection by: firestorm348
This is a series of maps of where GLaDOS screws up the floors you are suppose to go to somewhere else. Also this mappack is NOT going to be really hard. It is more of a atmosphere mappack with it changeing from the 80s or what ever.
escape game
Collection by: matriX
będzie zabawa!!!!!!!! ;)
Maps by cyptor
Collection by: cyptor
Collection by: λ
All my maps that i've made.
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