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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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welcome back
Collection by techno
hope you enjoy. thank you for all subscribers
"Thinking with Momentum" Series
Collection by yinhanzhi
This is a series of "Momentum" testing, which include some chambers for testing Aperture Handle Portal Device with "Law of conservation of momentum". There will be 6 tests in this series. Some of which are still make in progress. 1 First Step 2 The Hei...
Aperture Employee Test Training Program
Collection by An Alias
Welcome to Aperture Science! Austronauts, Olympians, War Heros, you're here because we want the best, and you are the best. I'm Cave Johnson, I own the place. Now, who wants to make some money? $60! That's right a cool $60 to add to your funds, as long as...
Time Skip Ver 0.5
Collection by KiNGsOfMe
As Wheatley clumsily leads Chell through the testing facility, they accidentally wake up GLaDOS - which Chell had previously shut down - in its chamber. In doing so, your body is released from your stasis pod; a pod that has been forgotten and left unatte...
Portal 2
Collection by Sir Jugs
the 3x3 tests
Collection by turrets turret
Collection by AKM.Zerg
Collection by Gareth48
My Games
Collection by liam.schembri
A collection for my games made from portal 2 in-game editor,HAVE FUN.The Picture is just my user profile.
Collection by WeiJie
Collection by AKM.Zerg
有意思的单人任务_Custom Story
Collection by AKM.Zerg
Collection by jphimself2002
Portal 2
Collection by Sofiane95
Collection by ZIF
Simple Portal
Collection by eindave23 HUN
Portal 2 map by akman74
Collection by Akman74 PL
CO-OP by Akman74
Gifts of Bacon
Collection by BadWolfSilence
Chambers by Visual Bacon while using BadWolfSilence's laptop.
Cutie Tests Collection
Collection by ✿ Lisɑ™ ✿
Die Kollektion für mein erstes Projekt: "Cutie Tests". The Collection for my first project: "Cutie Tests".
Puzzle In A Box
Collection by occullen
In this set of levels, you do not interact with the puzzles directly. Instead, you push buttons to move the box to the end with various mechanisms.
The Alpha Stage
Collection by SnowDewz
Welcome to The Alpha Stage. This line of chambers will see if players can use multiple test elements at once to solve a test. Enjoy! Made by Lucky
Tavi's Co-op Recommendations
Collection by TaviTwoHooves
A good amount of Co-op maps for you to play! Forever expanding, so check back often!
Many Chambers Collection
Collection by UNconquer
This is a collection of all my Many testing chambers. Each one has had alot of time, effot, and thought put into them. If I think you might need a little help in one I will put a hint in the description. I tested all of them looking for a way to cheat or ...
Some Stuff
Collection by LEL | Terrainer
Portal 2 lolchimprock's Map Pack
Collection by lolchimprock
All of the portal 2 maps i've made for the workshop!
Aidens puzzles: COLLECTION
Collection by Finn Da Hoomin
I have been making a collection of test chambers that get harder as you progress, new chamber every 3 - 2 days! PLZ MESSEGE ME ON STEAM IF YOU FIND BUGS, enjoy ;D
After Portal
Collection by [GNG] CRAZYMINER 2003
An all new prequel to Bendy's Adventure (Play after Portal 1)!
Collection by Mysters-S
CyberBrain's Mega Map Collection
Collection by 'CyberBrain'
This includes every map I've made in Portal 2 separated into individual collections. Includes all solo & coop maps. Try some out and tell me what you think! (I recommend starting with "Just for Fun | Trust-Building Coop Maps" if you are looking to play wi...
CyberBrain's Solo Maps
Collection by 'CyberBrain'
A collection of CyberBrain's Portal 2 Singleplayer Maps.
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