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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Test Course 01
Collection by: Sandvich18
Eight easy/medium Test Chambers.
Gabriel's own chambers.
Collection by: #bzhk
My own Test Chambers. Be careful and save often! Have fun!
Wheatley Science
Collection by: 24/7 Tonga
A fine collection of tests created by Wheatley, the greatest core ever.
Ball Games
Collection by: JK (Denmark)
This is my "Ball Game"-maps.
RUSSIAN TESTS ( Russian United Society of Scientific Innovators And Notables )
Collection by: [GSX''R]Lynx
This collection is made of 5 tests which are ranged from the easiest to the most hardest. Good luck! Test 1: " That Was Cube Trick! Or Turret Also Can Jump" Test 2: "Deadly Lasers" Test 3:"Pyramid of The Cubes" Test 4:"Turrets are ON FIRE" Test 5:"...
KRx2's chamber
Collection by: kerolu
Collection by: [FG] Улиц@ Рощ
эта камера по сути проста, даже очень, все же моя первая работа
Test Phases
Collection by: V47
Stay alive...
Discover Portal 2
Collection by: Dragiboules (Jaratéka)
Discover Portal 2 ! Funny image xD.
Torasko Science Testing Facility
Collection by: Torasko
Welcome to the Torasko Science Testing Facility, Prisoner/Test Subject! Welcome to the perfect place to test your Portal-placing skills! Of course we are gathering all the test results and have a cup of coffee while we let you listen to pre-recorded messa...
Cube is Key Trilogy
Collection by: Dalaric
There are three chambers, each needing a cube at the end to complete. Sounds pretty simple Right? Well you're right, because it is. That is if you're good at dodging laserfields, momentum, catching cubes in midair, funnel work, avoiding turret fire and go...
Cake Run 1-8
Collection by: Cheesence
This is a series of tests, that will be updated to make them more challenging based on your feedback, that involve searching through the stockpiled tests mentioned during the canon Portal 2 story for cake. Bad test subject. You don't deserve cake. You de...
Aperture Science Companion Movement System - Test Course
Collection by: Robo_Chiz
Introducing the Aperture Science Companion Movement System. This new system will allow you to easily move your new Best Friend between chambers. This test course has been built to demonstrate the new system. Collect your friend and transport him/her to th...
LOLWUT's Revenge
Collection by: Marco Sadowski
Here is my Revenge. HAHAHAHAHA
Is There Another Way?
Collection by: PepperamiGLT
Sometimes life can be easy, or you get a choice of direction. Maybe you can try again? The idea is to allow for new directions in a game to go with the result of different endings. Possible if you can put in more than one exit, just to liven up the game a...
Collection by: wutschagahama
SPHERE MADNESS In this collection, i introduce a new switching mechanism, which is compossed of a tractor beam,a sphere,a button and a faith plate. 1st part, is all about getting to know the switching mechanism. 2nd part comes with some puzzlin...
future interest
Collection by: craizybee
Collection by: Black Mage
Top sets
Convoluted Chamber Collection 1
Collection by: topoftheyear
This collection is a special collection I assembled. Playthroughs of this collection is being done by Icyvexen, his steam account name, and IcyVexen, his youtube account. I built these chambers to confuse and confuddle you completely. The beginning is sim...
Sora's Fun Pack 1
Collection by: Sora Hjort
A collection of Maps I found fun, and had to unsubscribe to due to a limitation on how many maps you could have in the queue.
Sora's OddBall Pack 1
Collection by: Sora Hjort
Some Oddball maps I enjoyed. Not all of them are challenging, but have interesting aspects about them, like the pinball game map "Not another puzzle"
Toon World, Testing!
Collection by: [FeC] MetalClaw6000
Hello i'm new to the Caves new money plans and who isn't i will be making test that use all your thinking power you have for hard test some times with hard extra tasks such is the test is to dark, to many turrets!!!! (are u still thier?) and such for a fe...
4 Colors
Collection by: Delwin
A group of four chambers, using the three colored gels and an extra...
Knibble's First Week on the Job
Collection by: Knibbles
So I jumped back onto Portal and saw the whole Making Test Intiative thing and got excited. Then I saw Mevious's puzzles. I now aspire to be as frustratingly difficult yet awesome as he is. Mevious, if you read this, I'm coming for you :)
Sibbos Chambers
Collection by: Sibbo
All my Chambers I created for Portal 2
Lucas Science
Collection by: LucasGodzilla
My entire collection of my own tests, added together to make a series of tests.
Atlas 23's Easy Tests
Collection by: MasterSword
This is my easy tests. Theres 3 tests in this pack. Make sure you share this pack with your freinds!
Collection by: [:K.P.T:]>~kamoulox
Collection by: Hendoodle
Simple But Quite Annoying
nox man
Collection by: Lol Enderman
its awsome
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