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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Dark Chambers
Collection by: [MONGO] LightnigKiller™
All Dark Chambers
Collection by: SmokE
y esta mamada para que es???
Boxed In
Collection by: bonesiii
Trapped in a narrow cage, in a giant featureless cube, with no way to get out. Yet, you CAN finish the level. How? Play and find out!
Portal 2 Map Creations (COOP)
Collection by: ☼ Saikarino »»
The Portal 2 maps I've created for multiplayer.
For Mauler
Collection by: Zsoki
Maps for collab
Scientific Laboratory: S.A.A.T
Collection by: Космо Киса
Scientific laboratory explores the nature of portals and logic of the human mind. In this folder will be collected calibration tests. Soon the group of scientific companies.
Collection by: BK.Zhang(你们的"猪"队友)
Portal 2 maps
Collection by: King Websters
Portal 2 maps for playing.
Collection by: [EE]Noob
Testing Initiative: Alpha Overdrive
Collection by: BaneSheep
Begin Evaluation: This is a series of 5 tests that are perfect for someone who is trying to get back into portal, or just a casual gamer. The tests invcrease with difficulty, and follows a loose storyline of start -> finish. A test will be published ...
Collection by: [EWIS] Bender
Collection by: Ovipa_Apivo
This is the Story about what happen to Bendy before Creating Portals, Good Times with Cave. 1950 is back, and you need to escape (Again??). Yes again. Good luck :)
COOP [Hard] #MyMapsHatsuneMiku
Collection by: Hatsune Miku
All of my maps, in one collection. Only Portal 2 COOP maps. !> Only for peolpe, who love complicate riddles. <! Have fun > w < .. i like feedback :3 .. either you liked the maps or not .. please don't downvote the maps because you couldn't so...
XD labs
Collection by: Captain foxy
XD tests.
dctc collection
Collection by: DomCie
Collection by: Mushroomluver456
my stuff
Collection by: elviscera
my stuff
RectorRocks' Logical Tests
Collection by: RectorRocks
Logical tests are maps with easy execution but have the solution hidden in plain sight, giving the players a sense of achievement/accomplishment after figuring it out. Does NOT include standard "maze"/"rollercoaster"/"main chamber + side chambers"/sup...
Rebound Getaway
Collection by: Test Chamber Junkie
Test Subject of the 80's
Collection by: Helloderp
Play as one of the test subjects present at Aperture Science in the 80's! Test the many of the Aperture Science testing apperatus before they get released on store shelves! Get paid sixty bucks! All these qualities and more are present when you s...
stuff for 2 player
Collection by: Parano.Oya
This collection contents maps for cooperation.
Jump plate madness
Collection by: :3
That collection have all 15 maps jump plate madness!
Collection by: jakeflame98
It gets harder new chambers added every week
Portal 1 - Chambers Recreated
Collection by: Helloderp
A collection of recreated chambers from the Original Portal.
The Changed Tests.
Collection by: KOVER228*
It is a collection of the changed tests from 1 portal. Это - коллекция измененных тестов от 1 портала
12 angry tests
Collection by: GameMaster455
This collection is made up of levels by caret caret.face obstacles! Shoot portals! Have fun! Credits given to Caret Caret
Wheatley battle redux
Collection by: robert5
A collection of all the wheatley battle reduxes
Challenge Chambers
Collection by: BobbyB
Collection by: tlranf7
Gazzoboys Mini Series Collection
Collection by: GazzoBoys
A collection of my mini series
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