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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Test Chambers Of Ice
Collection by: Soda
There Are 25 Chamber in Total
Millions Of Cubes
Collection by: Soda
There Are 2 Chambers In Total
The Under Chambers
Collection by: Soda
Its Easy To Solve But The Very Last One Is Very Hard
Mixer Da Tester's Singleplayer maps
Collection by: |YouTuber|Mixer Da Gamer
this is a collection of all the single player maps Mixer Da Tester (Mixer Da Gamer) has made
Collection by: Nnonoonooon
My Lab
Collection by: Kevyson
My Testing Rooms + Others If Really Good
Coop Training Course
Collection by: Jazz63540
This Collection Contains An Old Coop Training Course Which Teaches New Test Subjects About The Different Things Within Portal 2.
Collection by: luisflago
No hagan caso a la colección de Saltitos, era una trola. Esta si que es en realidad la mejor colección de la historia, si no se fian, compruebenlo. (Si no la prueban aparecerá una torreta de verdad en vuestra habitación mientras dormís)
Collection by: luisflago
la mejor colección de la historia pruebenla todos o les corto un dedo a elegir
TT's Portal
Collection by: gestault
Map Solo 1
Collection by: BiZBack
P-body and Alatas Lab Escape
Collection by: Guest3444306 2
For the test chambers of P-body and Alatas Lab Escape (Picture is just ramdon) The file name is Preview.hl3 Wait a second this is not a joke hl Must mean Half-life so that means the 3 is Half-life 3 so YAY hl3 is coming out Wait but its not a pi...
The Central Core
Collection by: Samton
Working your way through the central core to get to the Lambda labs.
My Portal 2 Creations
Collection by: [EN/FR] Shipwreck
The 12 Days of Aperture
Collection by: Ezekel
The FCR team proudly presents 'The 12 Days of Aperture'. Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXdKiqJP5Dc Pomeran's Trailer: http://youtu.be/GCd9b68eRbg With Maps From: Pomeran - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085942034/my...
portal 2 maps
Collection by: arnolchr16
Aperture Revived
Collection by: Sir. Gameboy
An authentic and puzzling series of tests based in the overgrown sub-terrainian rooms of Aperture Laboratories. These tests range in difficulty from easy to hard, and invlove many different test elements making each test as individual as the last. Mad...
Fix It
Collection by: Richie
Every Fix It map.
Trev's Collection
Collection by: cooltrevor007
Beast stuff.
Aperture: I.N.T.E.L - Season 1
Collection by: TheGamingRack
A Collection of Maps created by Me, about the Aperture Space Training Institute. To learn the requirments, you work hours in chambers, seeing your equipment in action, including the newly founded: Portal Gun. This series is set in 1968, the year of "th...
Test Chambers For Test Subjects Bundle
Collection by: [[FF]] Festive Batman
Since I cannot access my 1st collection. I have to make another one, some from the first collection. Also the new ones I am now making. NOTICE: I might make more collections so please be prompt! I made these Test Chambers for all people. Also in fact if y...
12 Angry Tests Collection
Collection by: WaspSting
Collection of the 12 Angry Tests Series
Мои камеры
Collection by: Actor
Камеры, созданные мною в мастерской
Maps by endrust
Collection by: endrust
The maps I've made
Collection by: Mr Spock
Let's portal it is my series of tests of various difficulties. Many new puzzle solving mechanics are used, so you will learn something new aswell. I will add new test gradually, so there will be always something new! Now, grab your portal gun and Let'...
My Portal 2 Custom Maps
Collection by: ®© »GER« Zocker Basti ©®
This is a collection of my portal 2 workshop maps. Have fun :)
Eight Mappack - Sober (Part 2)
Collection by: echoplex
Collection by: dansku
A collection of co-op maps because Gabe broke the workshop. Thanks Gabe.
Mis mejores puzles.
Collection by: hectometrocuadrado
FairFire_ Laboratories
Collection by: FairFire_
A selection of Portal 2 maps designed by me.
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