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An Alternate Campaign
Collection by: Dante
DISCLAIMER ::::: The Subscribe to All Button does not work. You must subscribe individually, in order. When I played Portal 2, I felt like the maps were too easy. I could get through the game pretty quickly without much challenge, and s...
Lazy Portal Port
Collection by: fLux
My curious project.
Mission: Impossible
Collection by: Yuuubi
Good morning, Ms. Chell. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break into the Scientific Complex of Aperture Science in order to unplug GLaDOS for the third time. You will need stealth and also physical and mental agility to reach Her chambe...
Cyclopic's Chambers
Collection by: Cyclopic
A collection of all my portal maps.
Joy's Rooms
Collection by: joy_bt
Just all of my rooms so far. no theme.
Countdown to Extinction (Director's cut)
Collection by: jk7201
This is a special version of the Countdown to Extinction collection. It contains the original maps plus some extra stuff. The difficulty increases as you proceed, so following the suggested map order is highly recommended.
P2 dynamics
Collection by: Bonemachine
The 12 Simple Tests
Collection by: Jaydog1032
Chariots, Chariots! Hello test subject, I'm Cave Johnson owner of Aperture Science. If you haven't noticed yet your Aperture's next person to run through this rigorous training program, that I like to call the "Twelve Simple Tests." And yes they were ...
Collection by: TheLittleGnome
Collection by: Redstoncraft [DASH]
Subsribe all !!
TheBeast's Wacky Chambers!
Collection by: TheBeastReborn
A collection of some Portal 2 chambers I make! They start off simple, and get harder as time goes on, so it does have a learning curve. Good Luck, and enjoy!
Portal Golf
Collection by: [CKS] Stef
Here are all the portal golf chambers Enjoy Them :D
Collection by: pizzascience
this is all of my friends best levels (one for each freind) they all can be won hope you like them. I choose by the most liked
Gelocity 1 vs 1
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel. Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
TimeTOdie - Beginner Series
Collection by: TimeTOdie
All my Beginner Series
Abandoned Chambers COOP
Collection by: Hunter-Killer
With everyone testing in other dimensions and GlaDOS occupied with her new little killers, Atlas and P-body were getting pretty bored so with nothing better to do they decided to wander off into the unknown and ended up stumbling across the abandoned cham...
Untitled I
Collection by: echoplex
First part of Untitled.
Dark World
Collection by: Mister Jarate
I wanna be the guy! What? You want a serious description? Okay, this is collection of maps of hell, which are designed to remove your game from the Steam. Or not. Maybe. I dunno. PS: All levels in this collection have been completed by several people. ...
Portal: Revisited (Portal Remake)
Collection by: Synchronex
Portal Revisited: Journey back to the Original Portal and do it all again. Differently. The layouts and items are roughly the same as the Original Portal, but the puzzles have changed. Note: It is recommended to have played the Original "Portal"...
Eight Mappack - Start Again (Part 1)
Collection by: echoplex
The Office Prank Series
Collection by: [PSS] Camßεn
You play as Haley, a simple employee of Aperture Science, simply going to work everyday, working an office job in the main lab area. But today something was wrong. All of your coworkers are nowhere to be found. What could it possibly mean? Venture dee...
Gelocity Grand Prix
Collection by: [FP] Alpha
The Gelocity Race maps, all in one collection. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE MAPS. ALL CREDIT GOES TO RAIDIX. [great map creator!]
Gelocity Time Trial
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel and your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time.
The Chickentests
Collection by: ChickenMobile
Here is the chickentest collection for your enjoyment. Chickentest 3 is very fun. If you don't like the others, make sure you play that one!
Collection by: CosmicD
You are a test subject in the Aperture Science lab who winds up in another "puzzling" situation. You are also in a race against an ever wicked "test dungeon master" trying to make life hard and success a relative term. What's up with GLaDOS anyway ? Ha...
Spare Map Pack
Collection by: That Greek Guy
A small collection of maps is made for a mod that i was so well planned that i decided weren't suitable for the mod. The maps don't have a very cohesive style or dificulty curve but they are still fun to play if you are up for the challenge. They are all ...
Quantum Entanglement
Collection by: rendermouse
This is the official collection for the Quantum Entanglement series of maps for Portal 2. There are only two available right now, but there will be more maps added as they get constructed.
INTO THE MULTIVERSE (an incomplete adventure)
Collection by: Blappeture Executive NO.1
The enrichment centre has worked hard to build the first ever Multiverse Device. However, you are but a mere test subject and are not privy to its sensitive machinery. So it was only natural that when you walked past security and pressed a few buttons whe...
Above Aperture
Collection by: La Petite Magicienne
Stasis Map Pack
Collection by: Dreey
Somewhere in the bowels of Aperture, lies houndreds of test subjects, waiting for their entire life to be awaken to do some science.
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