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Community maps. For science.
Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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The Cave Johnson Pack
Collection by: Salsander
Enjoy custom maps designed to replicate the maps from the Chapters The Fall through The Reunion. From painting through levels with the new propulsion gun to trying to solve the insane co-op maps, this action packed map pack will deliver you puzzles that w...
Donut World
Collection by: Miphois
Test chambers made on Donut World - 19-part campaign. - Tricky maps and good ideas. - Absolutely not for beginners.
Greedo Shot First
Collection by: (IC) Greedo 2
Difficulty level : Easy, with a few moments of intermediete level difficulty. Play these maps in numerical order and you should notice how my map-making skills have increased over time. Each map tries to focus on a specific theme (goo, lasers, turret...
Специальная коллекция
Collection by: FRIMEN_64RUS
Здесь все камеры созданые мной!Наслождайтесь! Ставте лайки коментируйте!
Collection by: Idolon
A series of short experimental puzzles that do not use a portal gun.
Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
Collection by: Demon Arisen
Are you tired of all the terrible maps on the workshop? Of course you are! Do you long for brain-bending test chambers with excellent design? Of course you do! Do you like fun stuff? Of course you do! Well, guess what? You've come to the right place! I am...
Stochastic Series.
Collection by: Marshall Banana
Only experienced test subjects should continue. Abillities in logic, cognition and out of the box thinking are required. Please proceed and test at own risk.... Continue testing. ... ... ... ?
Scientific collaboration
Collection by: potemkinhr
A series of maps which require close 2-player cooperation to solve. The maps will feature several challenges which get progressively harder to the end, and every map will require the use of all 4 portals at some point.
Portal: Revisited (Portal Remake)
Collection by: Synchronex
Portal Revisited: Journey back to the Original Portal and do it all again. Differently. The layouts and items are roughly the same as the Original Portal, but the puzzles have changed. Note: It is recommended to have played the Original "Portal"...
Pretty Entertaining Courses
Collection by: Faacto99
Its actually not bad
Bim's Blueprints
Collection by: Bim
A collection of chambers designed by the mind Bim the not-so-great.
Laser Love
Collection by: Black Lodge Games
These are tests that I designed and throughly tested for intermediate and above players, all involving lasers. Lots of lasers. Sexy, beautiful, sweet lasers. Taste the lasers, with the Laser Love collection.
RubyCarbuncle's Test Chambers For Science!
Collection by: RubyCarbuncle ≠SG-1≠
Here are all of the test chambers I have created so far. Whether it was made in Hammer or Portal 2 itself all of my creations will be in here. Keep a close eye on this, because I will edit the amount of chambers often. ;)
MapCore Perpetual Testing Challenge
Collection by: KungFuSquirrel
The release of the new Portal 2 editor seemed like a great chance to rally the MapCore community together for some science in a simple Challenge. The goal? Make test chambers using ONLY the new editor with NO Hammer touch-up. We came, we saw, we tested, a...
The Book of Moosepants, Chapter 1: The Journey
Collection by: Foshar
The tales of Moosepants depicting his journey to achieve stasis...for science.
New Concepts
Collection by: cyron43
New game concepts like gravity vectoring, non-euklidian design and the like.
The Mayan Calendar
Collection by: Ouatte de Phoque
Some are easy, some are medium, some are complicated maps Have Fun
The Amazing Race
Collection by: Baca
Three Head to head races that include quick reaction puzzles, thinking puzzles, and new or different things you haven't seen before. This is so that if one player isn't good at one type of puzzle, then they could catch up in the type of puzzle they are go...
Blue & Bluer - Map Pack
Collection by: Ciirulean
A collection of maps created by a few guys with the Portal 2 Authoring Tools, from when they first started mapping, to where they are now.
Subject X Act 5 (Generator Wing 4 Security Chambers 1 to 12)
Collection by: GamerXD54
Subject X Group Page http://steamcommunity.com/groups/subjectx This is the long awaited Subject X Act 5 Complete Collection This Collection Includes -The next HUB level for Act 5 -Generator Wing 4's Security Chambers 1 to 12, Thats right 12 Se...
Back To Back Campaign
Collection by: Moysey89
Hi test subject's! Moysey89 here and back with a all new CO-OP adventure, in this campaign you will need each other every step of the way! so grab a partner and begin this epic adventure deep in the lab's of Aperture. i would rate this as easy/medium, obv...
Killing GLaDOS lab!
Collection by: Sheep in wolf's clothing
Collection by: Bulska
Focus is a collection which aims to tackle each puzzle element of Portal 2 one by one. Each test chamber is focussed on one puzzle element, basing all the puzzles within off that element. It starts of extremely easy with minimal puzzle elements, yet build...
GLaDOS's Factory
Collection by: Default
After Atlas going haywire he reinsates GLaDOS as the central AI, when GLaDOS finds out that wheatly is helping chell, Wheatly is destroyed, GLaDOS quotes "It has been a long time." So she sends Chell through the worst tests possible, which GLaDOS calls, h...
Only Best COOP Maps
Collection by: Avaray
Are you lookin for really good CO-OP maps? Yes? Ok then :)
Collection by: |hc| P-JAY
The Land of Nod
Collection by: Adam^2
A series of maps created by Adam^2... I don't know where we're going yet, but we're making good time! Maps include: death at almost every corner, skill based leaps-of-faith, companion cubes and puzzles that aren't puzzles until you make them puzzles...
Rescue the Companion Cube Series
Collection by: shane7218
A series of chambers where the objective is to rescue the companion cube from each chamber. The last episode which is under construction using the Hammer Editor so their will be a custom ending so stay tuned
FuZiii's Co-op Test Chamber
Collection by: Le FuZiii
Collection of all Co-op maps i will make.
Portal 1 remakes
Collection by: Wheatley
These are all levels from portal 1 made to work on the portal 2 engine minus the origional glados lines and +other glados lines from portal 2. orijional maps by VALVE. i just made them Portal 2 PTI compatable
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