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Good Maps I'd recommend
Collection by: .sheridan .vespo
Just some maps I have played and would like to remember. This collection is mainly for myself, but I thought, I would make it public, so everyone can have some quality maps to play.
PTI Cluster
Collection by: vanSulli
These are PTI maps that I created with the intention to be actually played, rather than testing out or prototyping puzzle ideas.
paulorange rooms
Collection by: paulorange
Gradually, I'll create a new test room. Postupně budu vytvářet nové testovací mistnosti.
Collection by: SUSSANE
Portal Tests: The Definitive Collection
Collection by: Harvey Sandiego
Some test chambers I put together
Jump Challenge
Collection by: Akkarin
This collection contains all Jump Challenge chambers. Be prepared to think with portals!
Collection by: ThundeR
A couple of chambers filled with puzzles!
Unfortunate Ideas Made Without Bacon
Collection by: Delta
Things that were made without the use of bacon. Or drool. Which is unfortunate.
Weaver Testing Initiative 1.0
Collection by: 1andonlyWeaver
A group of 7 tests that become progressively more challenging as you continue.
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