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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Collection by: PLayZiE
Gelocity 1 vs 1
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel. Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
Gelocity Time Trial
Collection by: Raidix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel and your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time.
Remixed Maps
Collection by: wildgoosespeeder
These are maps I remixed where, most typically, I found an interesting exploit or alternate set of steps in other people's maps and reworked the map to require those alternate steps and remove the originally required steps. The original maps my maps ar...
Portal 2 mods
Collection by: Loknonoke
Familiar Places - Portal Reconstructed
Collection by: MajorWipeout
Familiar Places is a collection of simple recreations of the test chambers from Portal. While 100% accuracy is impossible within the base Portal 2 Chamber Editor, the chambers are as functionally similar as possible.
Basic's of Portal
Collection by: Limited Edition
This collection includes all 24 parts of The Basic's of Portals, and or The Basic's of the Rearranging of Molecules to Achieve Quantum Tunneling. Part 1 is the only part avilable now, but the other 23 parts will be put out over time. Hope you enjoy the ma...
Wheatly's Six Tests
Collection by: Shaded909
6 Tests In portal 2... Ranging from Very easy To Very hard I may Have to say again that the last test is possible. The Tests use Traditional Game mechanics. If you have any Questions Use comments. If you want to Suggest that I Make New Tests, use...
Multiplayer sekoilut
Collection by: Kakkuyksisarvinen
The Friend Maker
Collection by: lolila
I created a single player collection now i will try MULTIPLAYER! well... let's just try it out (gentle laughter)
Collection by: Mushroomluver456
Cool Chambers
Collection by: Soda
All Cool Chambers Will Pop Up Here
N00bcaperture Science
Collection by: CSGO = COD | FoxyFloof
All of my N00bcaperture Science Maps
AluCOOPerature Science
Collection by: CSGO = COD | FoxyFloof
All of my Cooperative Alucaperture Science maps They are unecessarily hard and etc., like my main Alucaperture Science series.
mes salles de test portal 2
Collection by: MisterRedstone10
toutes mes salles de tests sur portal 2
Collection by: Blue
Kids will love to play these chambers with a friend (co-operative) Designed by adults, tested and solved by kids Funny situations occur as often as possible. Start from the easiest (L01 T01) to the most difficult (L99 T99 - hope to get there someday)...
Portal 2 Coop
Collection by: Tralle
Coop maps
The Test Chambers Of Ice
Collection by: Soda
There Are 25 Chamber in Total
Millions Of Cubes
Collection by: Soda
There Are 2 Chambers In Total
The Under Chambers
Collection by: Soda
Its Easy To Solve But The Very Last One Is Very Hard
Mixer Da Tester's Singleplayer maps
Collection by: |YouTuber|Mixer Da Gamer
this is a collection of all the single player maps Mixer Da Tester (Mixer Da Gamer) has made
Collection by: Nnonoonooon
My Lab
Collection by: Kevyson
My Testing Rooms + Others If Really Good
Coop Training Course
Collection by: Jazz63540
This Collection Contains An Old Coop Training Course Which Teaches New Test Subjects About The Different Things Within Portal 2.
Collection by: luisflago
No hagan caso a la colección de Saltitos, era una trola. Esta si que es en realidad la mejor colección de la historia, si no se fian, compruebenlo. (Si no la prueban aparecerá una torreta de verdad en vuestra habitación mientras dormís)
Collection by: luisflago
la mejor colección de la historia pruebenla todos o les corto un dedo a elegir
TT's Portal
Collection by: gestault
Map Solo 1
Collection by: BiZBack
P-body and Alatas Lab Escape
Collection by: Guest3444306 2
For the test chambers of P-body and Alatas Lab Escape (Picture is just ramdon) The file name is Preview.hl3 Wait a second this is not a joke hl Must mean Half-life so that means the 3 is Half-life 3 so YAY hl3 is coming out Wait but its not a pi...
WoO 59
Collection by: Sir Wrexes Fizz
Late night boredom.
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