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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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My portal 2 first few test chambers
Collection by: The Unknown
Its my first few test chambers
The Art Of Spam: Chambers 01-17
Collection by: Purple
The Fingernail-Biting Begins
Collection by: theChillestThem
A collection of my most horrifying test chambers. Be affraid. Be VERY affraid.
Dimensional Testing Laboratories
Collection by: joshua.lowry
NOTE: This collection of chambers has a story. Please read the workshop description of each chamber as you go along, or the chambers may not make sense. The Dimensional Testing Laboratories is a testing facility, like Aperture. After Chell kills GLaDOS...
Wheatley's Portal testing
Collection by: 0rockstar0
Hello and welcome to MY chamber, now that we've got GLaDOS out, I can finally do everything. -Wheatley
Maksim's&Nikita's Tests
Collection by: [Dead]Shadow Lady
This is a collection of Maksim's and Nikita's test they are fun and I hope you will enjoy them all good luck playing them and be sure to have fun!
Alpha - Test Chambers
Collection by: Utylike
Alpha - Test Chambers New test collection made by me It doesnt have any story. Its just some Tests Chambers.
Portal 2 DLC
Collection by: PSCGOhio
Aperture Advice for Summer Vacation
Collection by: prrg :3
My Hammer-made series made between Nov. 2014-Jan. 2014. There are hard and easy maps, through all of them require some thinking!
Collection by: [EWIS] NerdProGamerDK
above apeture .inc
Collection by: T D Kingmandrew1st
Collection by: Andrzej Skowron
Plastic is Fantastic !
The Return
Collection by: Exudias
The Return is a "chapter" that includes you being forced back in the facility by GLaDOS and trying to escape.
Umar, Larry And Richard Modding Final: Sleepy Hallow themed mod
Collection by: ProofGoose
A 3 phased, sleep hallow themed Potal 2 mod!
Wheatey's Adventures In The Tardis
Collection by: JAZ
A fun Doctor Who themed series of maps, where Wheatley becomes a companion, along with the aptly named Companion Cube. Things go wrong (not a surprise with Wheatley around). Wheatley's enemy "the Caretaker" pursues them across time and space . Visits to t...
Kal's Portal 2 Workshop Collection
Collection by: Aperture Mesa λ³
Above Aperture
Collection by: La Petite Magicienne
JOKRaGE Testing Institute
Collection by: jokrage
After the human's retaking of Aperture Science, GLaDOS was disabled and a new testing institute was created. Due to low staff, they made a new AI to run the tests, JOKRaGE. The new AI is much more calm, but also much less talkative. He creates tests and o...
Just for fun
Collection by: llamasheep
None of these tests are serious. And why should they be? :]
Collection by: noonah
Portal 2 map
Collection by: Sashi
Collection by: Garry :D
Raven's Chambers
Collection by: [HU] Raven
Collection of all of my puzzles made for Portal 2. Enjoy the test series, I try to keep it updated.
Ver easy room collection
Collection by: OFF YOU BRAIN
This is "Ver easy room colection"
Abandoned Chambers COOP
Collection by: Hunter-Killer
With everyone testing in other dimensions and GlaDOS occupied with her new little killers, Atlas and P-body were getting pretty bored so with nothing better to do they decided to wander off into the unknown and ended up stumbling across the abandoned cham...
Collection by: USIN
My Test Chambers
Collection by: rabidworm333
Paintsanity - Can you survive all the tests without a portal gun - utilizing the power of the new paint gun?
Collection by: ncrecc
There are a lot of people out there who think that BEE(MOD)2 is stupid, unnecessary and worthless just because some of the very silly and noobish maps that are made with it. Here's to proving them wrong.
Collection by: inthemanual
Final Project for Game Development: Modding at NYU Game Center Escape from a ruined building after an earthquake and reach out for help.
Kolopo Tests
Collection by: Kolopo★
All of my tests will be added here. Test #000, and #0.5 I made a lot longer ago. The rest will have a series of very descriptive descriptions.... sort of.
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