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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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Going through Aperture
Collection by: MCHampster
Go through Aperture Laboratories in fun but dangerous levels! - Most test chambers in this collection needs BEE, you can get it at www.portal2backstock.com/BEE
portal2 map pack colosso319
Collection by: Senator319
turrets vs cubes
Nuts !
Collection by: eulbobo
A bunch of easy/medium short maps. Plug your brains, open your eyes, and don't forget your portal gun !
Os mapas mais impossiveis do mundo
Collection by: Evil_orenge
Eu vou estar dedicando esta coleçao aos mapas mais impossiveis do mundo.Para voces resolverem esses mapas vo precisar de: Agilidade,Pensmento rapido,Bastante conhecimento de portal,etc.
GWJ Science Challenge #7: The Song Remains the Same
Collection by: Mantid
Cave Johnson here. I just want to remind everyone that here at Aperture Science we have one goal in mind. I'll give you a hint. It's in our company name. That's right. Science. It's our goal, our mission, our calling. It should be your one thoug...
Portal 2: The Aftermath
Collection by: ๖Stfu_Thomas [TLEC]
You wake up after 10 years, in suspension. You have developed amnesia and don't remember anything, so your main plan is to escape Aperture and get to safety before things could go wrong. But you are not alone, GLaDOS is watching you. That's right, GLaDOS ...
Collection by: CNR-3B
ENG: My Collection is not just another network called, is simply equalizing kotoroya together nothing does not connect, so I do something sremlyus ethoxy. My level is just to relax, they are not complicated but not simple, I will be glad if you want to p...
Aperture Science Enrichment Center Meltaway Industries Funded Pro-Human Rights Testing Chambers
Collection by: slurjkblohm
After a long and extensive trial involving human and zebra rights violations, we at Meltaway Industries have once again begun funding test chambers for Aperture Science. Only this time we're using robots! That's right, cold, lifeless metal tools with no...
I'm Different
Collection by: TheThornZ
5 crazy maps that test your skill not your brain.
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