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Welcome to Aperture Laboratories, home of the Perpetual Testing Initiative. Easily create, share and play test chambers authored by and for the Portal 2 community. Do your part! Contribute to Science!
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CO-OP maps. Play enjoying.
Collection by: Mr.Decoy
The small subject line in a mode cooperative
Turret Shock
Collection by: EP
Cave's Crazy Testing Track
Collection by: Ellington Isle
Welcome to Cave's Crazy Testing Track, What would happen if you got sent into parallel universes where GLaDOS wasn't created, the Announcer runs tests, Wheatley was never defeated, or Wheatley never took over the Facility, or Glados is Nice to you. Apertu...
Portal items
Collection by: Fedoraz1
Cool items in Portal 2
Can you do it again?
Collection by: LPChip
This collection features maps that will make you solve a puzzle to press a button. The magic lies in changing the puzzle and let you do it again. Can you solve the same puzzle again once it has changed slightly?
Kolekce dlouhých chodeb
Collection by: [NYPD Clan] KraftmanCZ(SG-ᐰ)
Kolekce chodeb je uděláná, pro lidi bez klaustrofobie :). V prvních chodbách toho moc nebude, ale v dalších toho bude víc a víc (jak jinak).Samozřejmě, čím víc budu mít odběratelů, tím těžší a větší mapy budu dělat. KraftmanCZ
Automatic tests
Collection by: The Secret jas
My Automatic tests
Friendly Logic
Collection by: mitchthe12th
The Friendly Logic Co-op series by Mitchthe12th. PLEASE NOTE: Feel free to give Mitch Co-op Ideas! PM him and tell him where things would go etc. and you might be in the description! Oooh, Description.......
Collection by: Dalesdalesdaledaledaledalesdaled
Well, someone's watching you and giving you advice for the test.
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