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Psanic Puzzlers
Collection by Psanule
The Psanic Puzzlers are my main puzzles in my workshop. Enjoy!
portal 2
Collection by Arex
Collection by PocKitMonster
Haven't you ever wanted to kill everthing with lazers then this is for you P.S lazer 1 is the hardest so watch out
Portal 2 creations I made.
Collection by Marduk
I made this.
Portal 2 Collections
Collection by ImTheHeadBitch
Portal 2 Collections
Leap of Faith
Collection by SkyRoots
Each chamber requires a Leap of Faith (No faith plates involved.)
DarkMatt's Portal 2 Selects
Collection by DarkMatt
This is all the maps I have created so far, arranged in no particular order, (but the order occasionally changes) and no particular curve of difficulty. Think of it as a publisher's catalog of test chambers. Most of these will probably be pretty short,...
Hacker (Intro to Game Design Project 3)
Collection by PepperTitan
Levels created for our Intro to Game Design class. Based around the mechanic of using the Portal gun as a way to digitize yourself into computers so you can hack them and manipulate the real world. You play as Hacker who is breaking into a corporate offic...
Lock's rucksack
Collection by TheDevilOfFallujah
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